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  1. Most of their goals today came on counter attacks , from general slack play and poor decision making from us , aided and abetted by some very questionable refereeing . Normally under the cosh for large periods in these fixtures , but possession was 50/50 , we just made far too many rash and naive decisions throughout the whole match and were punished accordingly . We were the better team in the first half and really had them on the back foot with lots of energy and pushing high up the park . To take the lead and then throw it away within a minute was criminal , they should have been chopped down in the middle of the park long before the ball made its way to Ajer . Gillespie never exactly covered himself in glory at the free kick either , every single person in the Cooper knew exactly where it was going before Griffiths had even placed the ball , and it wasn't even well struck . I'm sure we will go on to have a fairly solid mid-table season , and even dish out a few shoeing's to the team's around us along the way , but against the top 3 or 4 sides we need to be much , much better . Oh , and the terrorist glorifying really is horrible and sickening to listen to . Vile mob .
  2. Any joy we get today is going to be down Celtic's left hand side , if the new boy Bolingoli plays . It sounded like he had an absolute howler in their midweek game , and could be the weak link in their defence that we need to expose . There's no point in going gung-ho against them , but setting up positively and utilising our wide men down that side when chances arise could be our best bet . If we're up for it from the off I can see this being a close and entertaining encounter , and have a feeling we will take something from it . MTW
  3. mfcdez

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Just popped in for my periodical visit to enjoy the usual unbridled joy and optimism at our latest signing and , as ever , I've not been disappointed . Obviously Manzinga's pedigree and track record to date is somewhat questionable and uninspiring , but before him we have had Moult , Johnson and Kipre , from Wrexham , Kidderminster and Leicester u23's respectively and none of them worked out too badly . Sometimes a player just needs the right environment and coaching to find their spark and begin to fulfill their potential . I doubt very much that the coaching staff in any way have him pencilled in as our first pick number 9 and main goalscoring threat , more likely a low cost punt who may , just may , click in our setup ( both on and off the pitch ) and kick on to fulfill the early promise seen in him by a very prestigious European club . Moult , remember , was originally behind Wes Fletcher in the pecking order to start with , but grabbed his chance with both hands and became our most prolific striker in a long time and landed us a sizeable transfer fee , whilst Fletcher faded back to anonymity in the Welsh leagues . For the moment I will trust the judgement of the management and scouting team , and hope that his signing works out well and he is a valuable addition to the squad . Welcome young man , and best of luck .
  4. We move on . " It's magic you know , Aaaaaaaaaaaaalan Campbell " . It's all about the Lanarkshire Kante anyway .
  5. Oh Super Joe. Why did we let you go ? The bearded assassin.!!
  6. mfcdez

    retro kits

    Was recently gifted this immaculate 89/90 home shirt. Don't know much about its history, but think it's a genuine official squad shirt. Mate who gave it to me is from Hamilton and says his old man and Davie Coopers were friends, so likely from that connection, but don't think there's any real way of authenticating. Either way, I'm fkn delighted with it.
  7. Great 3pts that should have us looking up for the remainder of the season, rather than down. A couple of weeks ago Hibs and Livi looked out of sight, but the former are in meltdown just now with the Lennon situation, and the latter have levelled off a bit now after their early season run. Would love to see us chase them down to give a bit of interest, after the whole season looking a dead rubber following the Scottish Cup exit last week. Not a pretty 3pts, but a massive 3pts in terms of safety. The job is almost done, get it over the line in the next couple of games then I would be delighted to see some of our youngsters get decent game time in the remaining fixtures.
  8. Decent boost to our goal difference vs those around us tonight too, with Dundee and Accies both being soundly pumped as it stands. Win on Saturday a must to take full advantage.
  9. Ridiculously bad again today. Absolutely nothing going forward at all, no creative spark from midfield and forwards who couldn't score in the proverbial barrel of fannies. Robinsons' signings have to a man been poorer than what we already had, and along with the loss of Moult and Kipré have left us with a very low quality squad. One or two shrewd additions in the summer could have kicked us on, but instead the ridiculous 'strengthening' of 12-18 has absolutely fucked us. The managers refusal to admit his system isn't working is killing us. Anything less than, 2 wins in our next two outings could rightly see the end of his time with us. I will always be grateful for the two finals, but no man can live on past glories for ever.
  10. Delighted Turnbull is in and the return of Dunne is very welcome. Certainly changing things up a bit as he hinted at in his pre-match interview, and interested to see if we line up with the usual 352 or if Robinson has seen its not really been working and opted for 442.
  11. Would imagine this will be a tight affair lacking in any real quality , but hoping it's at least some way more entertaining than the shitfest that was the Livi game. Two teams on a poor run of form and don't see how the bookies can have us at evens and Saints at almost 3/1. The way we're going , no-one is a 3/1 shot against us. A great price that I'm sure many of their fans will be lumping on. We couldn't keep hens out a close, so a clean sheet seems unlikely , but will be glad to see Dunne return if he's back in, although it will take him time to get back match sharp and to the levels of last season. I'll have a punt on the even money, and a narrow 2-1 win would do for me.
  12. Predictability rating 10/10 . Chance to go two up and give ourselves something to defend passed up and , as sure as night follows day , we leak a couple of soft as shit goals straight after . Robinson is responsible for signing utter dross in the summer , and in turn they will be responsible for his inevitable emptying before December if there's not a miraculous turn in fortune very , very soon . Dundee ahead at Hamilton too compounding a poor day at the office .
  13. Using his limited resources to add a couple of quality additions to the starting 11 would by default have strengthened the 12-18 positions, and along with giving the youngsters knocking on the door more of a chance, should have been the way to go. Losing a few key players through transfers and long term injury has further proved his recruitment policy to be badly flawed. I actually like Robinson and want him to succeed, but his dealings this summer could ultimately be his own undoing if we can't string a few wins together very soon.
  14. Dear oh fucking dear. Hamilton are abysmal and came looking for a point from the off. We were chronically bad and let them waltz off with all three. So if Accies are abysmal, what does that say about us ? We amassed the bulk of our points early last season with our 'robust' style and by bodying teams all over the place. As the season went on, everyone else sussed us out pretty easily and the cup runs covered what was in fact an absolutely dire points return in the league from December on. Fast forward to now and Robinson has just tried to assemble another squad of exactly the same type of personnel, but without a little bit of class a la Moult to bail us out in shitfests like today. Danny Johnson did more in the last 20 mins against Hibs last week than Main and Sammon had done in the entire match, yet found himself back on the bench today. Speaks volumes of the managers bland hoofball shite. He keeps coming out with this 'Earn the right to play football' bollocks. - If you can't set up to be positive at home against a bottom 3-4 side at the very start of the season, when can you.? An awful lot of deficiencies to be remedied before last seasons good will quickly runs out for Mr Robinson.
  15. Johnson did more in the last 20 mins than the rest had done in the preceeding 70, so would be straight in my starting line up next week, one of the few positives to take from today. Not too disheartened as Hibs are a good side, and we're not the only team who will lose by a few at Easter Road this season. Early, early days and I'm sure when key players come back from injuries and suspensions we will be fine. Not yet convinced we've added enough quality to progress from last season, but time yet for a couple of signings that could kick us on.

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