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  1. I've got a feeling we're going to see A LOT of that this season. We aren't going to be a fluid, freescoring outfit, but neither can I see us leaking too many if big Sondre settles in well alongside Ojala. I can see a lot of our games being settled by just the one goal, and if it's us sitting 1-0 up midway through the 2nd half, then THE WALL will be deployed. It makes for grim viewing, but can't argue about its success so far. This season definitely ain't gonna be McGhee Mk1 style, edge of your seat stuff that's for sure.
  2. Young yins nowadays that complain about plastic parks don't know they're born. Bring back the old 'blaize' parks, there was even an old black ash one I remember used to be in Blantyre. Going to school the next day with your trousers stuck to the seeping wounds on your leg. That'll show them how real men learned the game !!
  3. Christy Manzinga scoring with aplomb for Linfield in their conference league qualifier. Bring him back !!! On second thoughts.....
  4. He's home..... Ricki Lamie returns to the Tony Mac for the 2021/22 season. Welcome back Ricki. Those were my first thoughts when it appeared on my timeline. It was a nice dream while it lasted. !! Not a fan at all. Disappointing effort.
  5. Was backshift today, so missed the game and can't comment on any specific individuals or incidents as I can't bring myself to watch the 'highlights'. As much as it is a shocking result, a big set back and boot in the baws after the recent good run, there are still 3 teams who would gladly swap places with us, and if we can still say that at the end of the season I'll be happy. There may be slim hopes of snatching the last top 6 place for some, but from here on it's all about amassing enough points to survive. If that's to be achieved there can be no more displays like today. The honeymoon period is well and truly over, time for Alexander to kick some arses and find out who is truly up for the fight.
  6. The never return/not good enough the first time chat is a mile off imo. At the time he was a young lad trying to break through in a team vying for 3rd place, and the rewards that would bring, and which featured some very good, established senior players in his position. No manager would unsettle their starting 11 unnecessarily in that position to blood a youngster. Game time for him was always going to be limited in that scenario, so he rightly moved elsewhere that he would be a first pick. I'm not saying for a minute that he's as good now as those players he was playing second fiddle to back then, but our team and the league in general has regressed in quality over the intervening years. At our level, at this moment in time it is a decent, and I would assume low cost deal.
  7. Watt, although he's never been prolific, and Cole will get us more goals if played centrally. Neither currently get the opportunity as they're being played out wide due to the fact that our current wingers are absolutely pish. Lawless is a decent player at the low to mid table end of the league, which is exactly where we're at. I can see him coming in and doing a job to help us out of trouble, and then being a bench option after Alexander gets a summer window and a chance to really put his own stamp on the squad. Perhaps not a marquee signing, but a pragmatic one which we know for definite is an improvement on what we currently have. Tbh, another couple of a similar nature, with a proven record of competence and workrate at this level to dig us out of the shit we're currently in, rather than gambling on the unknown would do me fine. This window is simply about steadying the ship and staying up. No glitz or glamour required, just guys who you know will dig in and fight, not sand dancers with multi coloured boots who will disappear when the going gets tough. Lawless fits that bill.
  8. Bit of a big ask to come up with a side when you want to omit half the playing squad, no matter how shite they may be, but I'll give it a go .!! Of those listed, I think you could field a 'functional' side by using only one of them (Crawford, whom I think hasn't been that bad at times), for the St Mirren game until Alexander has a chance to get some new bodies in. Every single one of them need to get their fingers out of their holes and up it to the levels they are capable of, but the following should be capable of competing with the teams around us including St Mirren, who have really impressed me in recent weeks. A draw tomorrow would be no bad thing to build from. Assuming that O'Hara is back and that, as reported, Alexander favors a 4-4-2, then - Kelly S.O.D. O'Hara Gallagher Carroll Crawford Campbell Polworth Maguire Watt Cole Should be enough to at least compete by upping their levels to either impress the new man, or help in their pursuit of the moves they are looking for during the window.
  9. Most of their goals today came on counter attacks , from general slack play and poor decision making from us , aided and abetted by some very questionable refereeing . Normally under the cosh for large periods in these fixtures , but possession was 50/50 , we just made far too many rash and naive decisions throughout the whole match and were punished accordingly . We were the better team in the first half and really had them on the back foot with lots of energy and pushing high up the park . To take the lead and then throw it away within a minute was criminal , they should have been chopped down in the middle of the park long before the ball made its way to Ajer . Gillespie never exactly covered himself in glory at the free kick either , every single person in the Cooper knew exactly where it was going before Griffiths had even placed the ball , and it wasn't even well struck . I'm sure we will go on to have a fairly solid mid-table season , and even dish out a few shoeing's to the team's around us along the way , but against the top 3 or 4 sides we need to be much , much better . Oh , and the terrorist glorifying really is horrible and sickening to listen to . Vile mob .
  10. Any joy we get today is going to be down Celtic's left hand side , if the new boy Bolingoli plays . It sounded like he had an absolute howler in their midweek game , and could be the weak link in their defence that we need to expose . There's no point in going gung-ho against them , but setting up positively and utilising our wide men down that side when chances arise could be our best bet . If we're up for it from the off I can see this being a close and entertaining encounter , and have a feeling we will take something from it . MTW
  11. mfcdez

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Just popped in for my periodical visit to enjoy the usual unbridled joy and optimism at our latest signing and , as ever , I've not been disappointed . Obviously Manzinga's pedigree and track record to date is somewhat questionable and uninspiring , but before him we have had Moult , Johnson and Kipre , from Wrexham , Kidderminster and Leicester u23's respectively and none of them worked out too badly . Sometimes a player just needs the right environment and coaching to find their spark and begin to fulfill their potential . I doubt very much that the coaching staff in any way have him pencilled in as our first pick number 9 and main goalscoring threat , more likely a low cost punt who may , just may , click in our setup ( both on and off the pitch ) and kick on to fulfill the early promise seen in him by a very prestigious European club . Moult , remember , was originally behind Wes Fletcher in the pecking order to start with , but grabbed his chance with both hands and became our most prolific striker in a long time and landed us a sizeable transfer fee , whilst Fletcher faded back to anonymity in the Welsh leagues . For the moment I will trust the judgement of the management and scouting team , and hope that his signing works out well and he is a valuable addition to the squad . Welcome young man , and best of luck .
  12. We move on . " It's magic you know , Aaaaaaaaaaaaalan Campbell " . It's all about the Lanarkshire Kante anyway .
  13. Oh Super Joe. Why did we let you go ? The bearded assassin.!!
  14. mfcdez

    retro kits

    Was recently gifted this immaculate 89/90 home shirt. Don't know much about its history, but think it's a genuine official squad shirt. Mate who gave it to me is from Hamilton and says his old man and Davie Coopers were friends, so likely from that connection, but don't think there's any real way of authenticating. Either way, I'm fkn delighted with it.

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