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  1. Now that the league is done and dusted , McCall has a week to instill a belief into the players that this game CAN be won . Although the post split results have been poor , I don't think they will have any bearing on the final . The occasion itself should be all the motivation the players need to perform . A lot of our boys have good reason to be at the top of their game . For some , like Craigan , it could be the only appearance they will realistically make in a final at this point of their careers , and for others , like Murphy and Sutton it is a platform to furthering themselves in their careers , wether it be a move to the championship or whatever . As long as they BELIEVE they are a match for Celtic on the day , and play offensively rather than sit deep and give them too much respect and time on the ball , I honestly think we are more than capable of getting the result that we are all hoping and praying for . Good backing from the fans will also be key . So even if things are a bit tetchty at the start , everyone in the crowd wearing claret and amber MUST back the boys and be as vocal as possible . IT CAN BE DONE ! MON THE ' WELL !
  2. Would've loved one of these again myself . Remember havin one on at '91 final , and still havin it on in that fine establishment Faces that night , watchin a re-run of the game on the big screen bouncin about oot ma nut !
  3. Maybe a wee bit late makin my suggestion , but agree with Special AKA and some others that it needs to be something that can be picked up quickly by what will be a mixed bag of supporters on the day . Lots of clubs have went with 60s and 70s numbers that all generations instantly recognise , and I think Take Me Home Country Roads , adapted to Take Me Home Fir Park Road , wi the West Virginia mountain mamma ( I think ) bit changed to We hate Celtic , dirty bas*ards , or something more appropriate , would be one that the masses would catch onto with ease . Might be shite , just one that a few teams down south have used in years gone by .
  4. Just had a chance to look at renewal letter , and dont know if I'm missing something . On the letter it states at request of fans interest free monthly standing order option has been introduced , whereas all the accompanying jargon points to zebra finance at 19.9% apr . Am I missing something ?
  5. Caley have proved tonight how vulnerable Celtic are if you get your tactics and formation right , then have a go at them . Only seen last 30 mins but in that time , although Celtic had a few decent chances to score , Caley could also have increased their lead . Start with attack minded team with 2 wide men running at them as we did in the league game at F/P , and 21st May 2011 could be to a new generation of Well fans what 18th May 1991 was to us old timers , the best day of ur life bar none , Mon The Well !
  6. mfcdez

    Cup Final Tickets

    Hadn't checked seat numbers on my tickets closely , but after reading ur post had a wee look , and 4 are in EEE , with the other 2 further along in FFF , although all the tickets are joined together ! wtf
  7. mfcdez

    Ins & Outs

    Tbh , I think its inevitable that the cup final will be the swansong of a few of our players . Although I would love to see Sutts and Jenno staying , it must come into their thinking from an ambition point of view that with a club of our stature , getting to a national semi final , final , and top six finish could probably be the limit of success they could hope to achieve . If they hope to achieve more in their careers , finances etc. they couldn't be faulted and will hopefully leave wi a nice shiny winners in their back pocket as a memento of their time at the ark .!
  8. Outstanding fight and commitment to battle back today . Great attitude McCall has built into the boys that might , just might lead us to glory in the final .As long as we go for it there is plenty of goals in this team .Majstorovic , Loovens etc. will struggle to cope with Murphy and Sutts if we are direct and attack minded . Feels great to be a 'Well fan just now . Mon ra Dossers !
  9. Was on BBC website earlier , and although I would assume there will be crowd shots at the start of the game , I sent an e-mail to Sportscene about the display , so hopefully the nation will get to see the fruits of your labour ! Good work lads .
  10. would make an initial donation of say £10m , to allow for immediate investment in training facilities , stadium upgrade , and to secure Jenno on a new 10 yr contract . Then I would give the club the annual interest off the rest of the money , so that there was a steady flow of funds , rather than give a lump sum , which would probably end up pissed up against a wall , or spent on the new Shaun McSkimming .
  11. " Yir a wanker Mensing ! " . Only applies 3 or 4 games a season , but the one and only reason any man could look forward to playin' that turgid shower a' shite fae across the water .
  12. Voted Yes . Head says naw , but heart says aye , just got to keep the faith and hope for the best . After having top 6 finishes a few seasons on the bounce , the thought of meaningless , mind numbing bottom half games for the rest of the season is horrible . It wouldn't do our chances of holding onto the out of contract guys like Sutton and Jennings any good either , as the club are probably relying on the extra revenue from top 6 to offer them deals . With free week for internationals , just got to hope injuries clear up , and boys come back with a bit more energy and determination for the few games that are going to shape the rest of our season .
  13. Agree with the majority on here that kick off times like this are killing the game . T.v. for me as well . On the game itself , Killie have been the surprise team of the season for me , and were very unlucky to leave Ibrox with nothing on Sunday . Would be happy with a point down there , 1-1 with Sutty to keep his scoring streak going .
  14. The big man was different class today again , but I have to agree with Haggischomper that if he plays as well for the remainder of the season , I fear he will be destined for a top championship team at the least . He's contracted for a couple of years though , so we should be looking for a very decent offer to let him go . Definitely one of the finds of the season in Scottish football .
  15. mfcdez


    Whole team outstanding to a man today , went for Las though . Even after his ridiculous booking he wasn't afraid to put in some meaty challenges and won everything . Still buzzing hours after the game , love beatin that mob , I just can't get enough !
  16. Expecting another hard fought affair like yesterdays , with the 'Well running out winners 2-0 this time . The Midden will use similar tactics to Accies because they are equally gash and aren't capable of anything else , so anyone expecting any fancy free flowing fitba will be sadly disappointed . 3 points are the main thing to keep some momentum going so we hopefully make a game of it wi the Smellic next weekend .
  17. mfcdez


    Hutch for me . Craggs was a lot more composed looking than he has been lately too . Good performances in the middle again from Jenno and Las , and a decent showing up front from Jeffers , whose movement was good before he tired 2nd half .All round decent team performance , was never going to be a classic against a side who just put 11 men behind the ball and kick the shite oot ye .
  18. I fear a pumping . 4 - 1 , especially if they give Weiss a start , he ran riot at F.P. on Boxing Day , and against what looks like being an unfamiliar back line for us , theres every chance he could do so again .
  19. Standing at the cage when the East was still terracing , exchanging pleasantries wi the away fans on the other side . That wis atmosphere right there . Bring back standing , and bring back the cage !
  20. Think Richie is right in saying Eremenko out , so minus him and Sammon , if he goes before window closes , Killie become much less of a threat . 2-0 'Well .
  21. mfcdez


    Gave my vote to Las today . As has been said already , the guy is one of the most consistent and vastly under-rated players in the league . Covered every inch of the park as usual , and tucked away a well worked goal . Great performances from Jenno and Hammell too , whose delivery from set pieces lately has been outstanding .
  22. mfcdez

    Semi Final Ref

    I see on the SFL website that the ref for Sunday's game is Willie Collum . Good or bad appointment , or does it no really make any difference when you're up against the old firm ? Thoughts ?
  23. mfcdez

    Fir Park

    Switched beween the east and the Cooper over the years . My east stand seat was 8 rows from front near half way , and liked view from side of park . Back in the Cooper this season , block nearest the east , since I get the wean in free ! . View from there is great too , except when you've had a couple of shandies , and ye cannae really tell whit's happenin at the south goals !
  24. mfcdez


    Randolph had at least 3 top drawer saves and was solid throughout , which would normally get him my vote , but big Hutch slotted in at centre back as though he'd been there all season , so just edged it for me .
  25. mfcdez


    Really solid performance from back to front today . Totally dominated against a team who've been in a rich vein of form , albeit in a lower division . Hopefully this is the result we can kick on from heading towards the semi . Best performer for me from a great team showing was Murph , a goal and 2 assists while tearing the Dundee defence a new arse was MOTM stuff .

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