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  1. mfcdez

    Semi Final Ref

    I see on the SFL website that the ref for Sunday's game is Willie Collum . Good or bad appointment , or does it no really make any difference when you're up against the old firm ? Thoughts ?
  2. mfcdez

    Fir Park

    Switched beween the east and the Cooper over the years . My east stand seat was 8 rows from front near half way , and liked view from side of park . Back in the Cooper this season , block nearest the east , since I get the wean in free ! . View from there is great too , except when you've had a couple of shandies , and ye cannae really tell whit's happenin at the south goals !
  3. mfcdez


    Randolph had at least 3 top drawer saves and was solid throughout , which would normally get him my vote , but big Hutch slotted in at centre back as though he'd been there all season , so just edged it for me .
  4. mfcdez


    Really solid performance from back to front today . Totally dominated against a team who've been in a rich vein of form , albeit in a lower division . Hopefully this is the result we can kick on from heading towards the semi . Best performer for me from a great team showing was Murph , a goal and 2 assists while tearing the Dundee defence a new arse was MOTM stuff .
  5. Full family day oot , and the Monday off to deal wi the hangover I'll have after watching us pump them ! My daughter is a mascot on the day , so looking forward to it .
  6. Don't know whether getting the Sunday game is more to do with coming out the hat 2nd , or the fact that Rangers look likely to drop into Europa League , and if there are fixtures that week , they would be playing on the Thursday night . Either way hope it is a big turnout from the 'Well fans regardless of live T.V. to get behind the team .
  7. mfcdez

    Ins & Outs

    Brown only needs to ask himself one question . Q: Would signing Brian Kerr enhance the playing squad at Fir Park ? A: NO. Jog on.
  8. mfcdez

    Next 5 Games

    These are the teams we MUST take points from if we are seriuosly going to stay in the european places . 7 or 8 points from 12 is what I would be looking to take as a minimum out of these fixtures , although 12 would be even better ! I know several posters on here are totally un-fussed about the league cup , but I would disagree , and say that a wee jaunt to Hampden gives the whole club a massive lift . Utd are definetly beatable , especially at FP , really looking forward to the next few weeks , bring it on !
  9. Even after going 1 up , it was always going to be hard to take anything from this game , but the manner in which we surrendered the points in a 5 minute spell was shocking . As has been said already though , points against the old firm are most likely to come at home , so its another case of the team putting this to the back of their minds and focusing on the double header with utd , which is going to have far more bearing on our aspirations for the rest of the season . Onwards and upwards , mon the well ! .
  10. How good is it to score against the old firm just before half time , instead of conceding our obligatory goal at that point of the game ? Mon the Well !
  11. The streams on the firstrow.net site are usually pretty decent , if you can suffer listening to the knob of a commentator on Rangers T.V. , which is usually what they broadcast .
  12. IMHO some people need to get a sense of perspective on how the team fare in the league . I started a thread when the european run came to an end regarding floating supporters , but after seeing todays attendance of roughly 4300 it is obvious that only hardened 'well fans are interested in coming to watch us on a wet October afternoon . There are 5 or 6 teams in the league with far more financial resources than us , yet some people are unhappy with an admittedly uninspiring 3 - 1 win , which keeps us 3rd in the table . We are Motherwell , and a top 6 finish and a decent cup run , wi' a wee Hampden appearance every few years is all I hope and wish for at the start of every season . Anyone who expects anything more is clearly following the wrong team . Get behind the team , every win , no matter how it is achieved , is a good win . If we manage another wee European jaunt next year , I doubt anyone will complain how the points were won that got us there .
  13. mfcdez

    Don't Desert Us !

    I know that some in tonights crowd could be described as glory hunters , and others are people who genuinely can't afford to attend ,or make it to games on a regular basis for various reasons , like yourself Numpty . But surely there is a sleeping support among tonights attendees who need encouraged to return to the fold ?
  14. Although tonight ended in despair and frustration , the sight of a rammed Fir Park was a joy to behold . The only way a club like ours can continue to compete in this arena is through extra revenue , which stems from the extra gate receipts . If we can even keep 1,000 of the casual support who turned up tonight , it would go a long way in helping the club move forward . I know St Mirren in December is far less appealing than foreign opposition on a dry summer evening , but part of the joy of being a 'Well fan is the unpredictability , one moment euphoric high , the next crushing low . Stay on the rollercoaster , and enjoy the ride . C'mon the 'Well !
  15. Been a while since I had such mixed emotions at a goal , I wis sittin wi pride in my heart , a tear in my eye , and a rager burstin oot ma Y's . Bein a Well fan is fu*kin magic , bring on next week !
  16. outstanding strike , really think we can go on and do this next week , cannae wait , we may be a club small in numbers , but we're big in heart . Every single person with an ounce of claret and amber blood in their veins MUST get their arse to Fir Park next Thursday for potentially one of the biggest games in the history of the club . MON THE FUCKIN WELL !!!!!!
  17. mfcdez

    Game On Tv

    0-0 half time will do me fine , see out 2nd half without conceding and it will be a job well done . Although a sneaky away goal in th 89th min. would be braw !
  18. mfcdez

    Game On Tv

    Anyone heard if 'the pub' has actually got a feed ?
  19. Shocking second half collapse , after a decent first 45 . Must dust themselves down and roll up the sleeves for what should be a real battle on Wednesday night . Hopefully there will be a good turn out and atmosphere with the cheap entry and we get the win to guarantee 4th place and another jaunt to the continent .
  20. BIG , BIG game tomorrow . With Hibs losing today , a win for us is a must to keep our challenge on track . J O'B has had a great season so far , but tomorrow is the type of game where the likes of him and Murphy must step up and do the business against a Utd defence which will have a few changes in it . The height in their ranks is our major worry , due to our inability to defend set pieces , but with an all hands to the pump approach , I am hoping we sneak it by the odd goal , 2 -1 to the 'Well .
  21. With Kyles aerial ability and physical presence , together with our suspect defending of set pieces , I think this is a pretty good bet . Still fancy a 3-1 home win though !
  22. Although Gannon obviously has issues with Craggs style of play , and route one football in general , I don't think it is the end for him. With such a young squad this year his leadership and experience will be invaluable , and he will be a good calming influence in the bigger games against the likes of the bigot brothers . I hope it just signals an end to some of the long ball crap , and a return to some of the fast flowing stuff we witnessed 2 seasons ago en route to 3rd place .
  23. All the best to a boy who went through so much and came out the other end the man and the player he is today . Hope he takes a few seconds out to read some of the posts on here about him , and realises the high regard he was held in by the Fir Park faithful . All the best mate , go down there and do yourself proud .
  24. Sanchez would be a great shout . Someone with Premiership and International managing experience , and he's on record as saying he wouldn't price himself out of the running . Get on the blower J B !
  25. mfcdez

    Your Nancy Adventure

    Returning to my mates digs after the game oot wir tree , then gettin ejected for over crowding the room . Ended up havin to spend the night in a shelter at the tram stop wi a couple of fellow dossers who were in a similar situation ! No' the best overnight accomodation i've ever had , but on such a high after the game and enjoyin the crack we soon forgot it was cold , took turns each tryin to get a wee heat off the electric box that powered an advertising board !

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