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  1. Encouraged with that starting 11 , but think 3-5-2 formation is a bit ambitious . Would imagine Grimshaw will sit just in front of McManus in a holding role and rarely stray beyond halfway . 2 goals and a clean sheet would be nice .
  2. mfcdez

    Baraclough Out

    Its amazing how you only ever turn up on here defending this fraud . If you look through the multitude of pages in the various recent threads you will see criticism of almost every player to have pulled a jersey on for us so far this season . Like it or not , the team that steps out onto the park every week is HIS team . He has been afforded much more backing in the transfer market than most of his predecessors . He brought the players in and chooses which ones play , what formation they line up in etc. If players are not performing it is up to him to either coach and improve them , or drop them and give someone else their chance . He has stuck by too many who have simply not been good enough , so the buck stops squarely with him . Blind loyalty will not get us out of this mess , we are regressing at an alarming rate and there are no signs whatsoever that he is the man to halt the slide . There is still plenty of time to save our season and get things heading in the right direction . I just pray that the powers that be see things the same way as the overwhelming majority of fans , and have the courage and conviction to make the necessary changes before we spiral towards a lengthy spell in the Championship.
  3. Completely baffling . Obviously he was linked with us earlier , maybe just a gentlemans agreement to hold off until after the team photos were by with before unveiling .
  4. Missed todays game with a deadly strain of man flu , but by all accounts I'm actually the lucky one after another insipid , uninspiring show . I think that somewhere in that group of players lurks a team capable of mid-table mediocrity , but seriously doubting now that Baraclough is the man with the coaching ability and tactical nous to assemble even that . Week after week we sit in the stands and watch the same mistakes being made , yet he persists with the same formation and underperforming personnel while another 4000 punters around him wonder if he actually knows what the fuck he's up to . Some of the seemingly untouchable first picks need benched and defensive frailties addressed asap to stop leaking the same comedy goals time after time . After that we could aim for the dizzy heights of scoring twice in the one game . The question is though , how long do we give the guy to prove he can turn it around ? Surely those in power must be starting to share the fans fears' ?
  5. Exactly this . A player at the age of 23 with a decent amount of Championship gametime behind him , and who has been in and around what is a pretty decent current national squad , is not coming here to sit on the bench when he has been doing exactly that for his parent club in a better league as recently as last Saturday. Have every hope that he will live up to the billing and become a major influence for us in the middle of the park over the course of the season . With work and holidays I haven't seen us in action since pumping Ran*ers and will also miss tonight , so looking forward to Saturday to see him and all the other new recruits for the first time.
  6. Direct Debit is over 10 months. I got mine for the Cooper at early bird price of £314, payments are £33.80 so total repayable comes to £338 , only £24 in interest , not too bad at all. Hope this helps.
  7. Arse in tatters at the thought of tonight. Will come across loads of currants during my shift today and plan to maintain a dignified silence and just pray we fuck them so I'm the one giving it the GIRFUY the morra . These fuckers are no better than us so this is entirely do-able with the right mental attitude and approach . Into these chunts Motherwell , NO FEAR.
  8. Also just realised that if we do drop down we will get 2 games less for our money with it being a ten team league , 36 vs 38 , although if the standard is the same as this year that could be a blessing .
  9. Don't see a thread on it so far, but see Season Ticket prices for 2015/16 are up on the official site. Off the top of my head they seem pretty much the same as last year. Given that many think Scottish football is overpriced when we're in the top flight , might this drive them away if we ain't ? Imagine that I'll be in my usual seat in the Cooper come what may , what about the rest of you? Hopefully my attempt at adding a link works! http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2015/05/19/201516-season-tickets-go-on-sale/ Edit: beaten by Toxteth while I typed, mods feel free to remove !
  10. Another miserable and abject performance in a game that meant so much. Failing due to lack of ability and basically not being good enough I can kinda handle. Failing due to lack of effort , hunger and desire really fucks me off . Gutting though it would be to go down through the play-off , If we did so kicking and fighting I would be happy to hold my hands up and admit we got what we deserved simply for being shite . To go down because we have too many spineless shysters would be horrific . 11th place is ours , Baraclough needs to somehow instill spirit in these pricks over the next four games. Whoever the opponents are in the play-off final will be hungry with everything to gain. We on the other hand are Gutless and likely to shit the nest big time with the couldnae give a fuck attitude that many of our players seem to have . We basically have a team full of players for whom relegation means nothing as they're either out of contract or on loan. It's about time they showed some professional pride and at least fucking tried.
  11. I started coming to Fir Park as a 10 or 11 yr old in the mid 80's when we were just returning to the top flight . We have of course been there ever since , but not without lady luck shining on us on more than one occasion . League reconstruction , Brockville being a shithole , the close to disastrous Malpas season , we have flirted with relegation and spent many a year in the lower echelons but always stayed up . I'm going into denial of the current situation and just praying that by some miracle we will be saved again . Where is that Leanne guy to tell me everything will be ok when I need him ?
  12. St Mirren are a poor side and obviously doomed , not to say I'll miss them and the heavy handed security at their shitty breeze block stadium. But for all they were shit , the papers in the morning should be focusing on how good we were above their shortfallings. The back line were solid and assured all night, and from middle to front we were a joy to watch, easily our best attacking performance of the season , had enough chances to hit double figures . Keep that level of performance and commitment up in the remaining games and we will be just fine .
  13. 1st home game I've missed in two yrs , gutted.!! Watching on TV and the attitude and commitment has been first class . All of a sudden we now have the air of a team with the confidence and ability to dig ourselves out of the shit . What a confidence boost this performance will be to carry into the run-in , and if results go our way elsewhere tomorrow it could be The defining weekend in our season. Money The Well
  14. With Pearson , Mcdonald and with a bit of luck Hammell back fit for the run-in , we may just have that little bit of extra quality and experience to set us apart from County and St Mirren to see us over the line and safe . Great fighting performance today , thought the Mcdonald/Erwin pairing looked very promising and surely they will get the nod to start together again next week . Skippy's Craft and tenacity along with Erwins physicality and workrate make them a real handful for defences , and I can see the pairing bearing fruit if they are given a run . Great feeling to at last walk out of Fir Park at full time actually looking forward to the next game .
  15. I see no hope with this guy at the helm . The players need to take responsibility and start showing heart and desire to try and get some points on the board . But when you're down and almost out you need someone on the sidelines shouting and cajoling them to get every ounce out of them they can , not this prick standing back with his nicely brushed hair and perfectly ironed shirt having a wee chinwag wi our fecking goalkeeping coach about what to do . We need somebody in the trackies and boots on , standing on the edge of his technical area lambasting cunts for 90 minutes mould. Who gives a fuck if McManus takes the huff or Lasley spits the dummy ? Get someone in now who can boot baws and make this shower of shit of the most epic proportions actually earn the more than decent wages they are paid .
  16. mfcdez

    Baraclough Out

    Can't believe the few delusional cunts saying the manager needs time . His tactics and formations are baffling , his signings are worse than the pile of horse shit he inherited , and the teams performances since he came in have steadily got worse , a feat most of us would have thought impossible . A similarly inept performance next week will surely signal jotters time , leaving time for someone with half a clue and a possible 30 points or so to play with to preserve our top flight status .
  17. Agree 100% . Would rather take a punt on a raw Scottish youngster with signs of potential than some twenty-something tosser that cannae get a game for Oxford .
  18. This is something I've been thinking . Don't know what standard of shite passes for football in the lower leagues down south , but the Scottish game is talked down so much Baraclough obviously thought these fannys would enhance our squad . Sadly Mistaken and sadly disappearing without trace . For the first time in years we've had a benefactor behind us , and we've let the wrong guy spunk the money away on the wrong players . Sorry and depressing state of affairs .
  19. I remember a number of years ago a game against Raith at Fir Park when they were still in the top division and I'm sure Jimmy Nicholl was player manager , where we pumped them by several goals and I thought at the time they were the worst professional football team I had ever seen. No discernable formation , no fight , no passion , absolutely hopeless . We're worse than that . Doomed !!
  20. mfcdez

    Baraclough Out

    Got to agree . Never thought it was possible for another player to be a poor man's Francis Angol , he really is that bad .
  21. Can see this useless cnut going down the Gannon career path . Talks a good game and says all the right things but still ends up landing you wi sub-standard goods . Will be selling second hand motors before the season's oot . Get him tae fuck .
  22. Relegation fodder , pure and simple . With the exception of the keeper and the youngster from Everton , Baracloughs additions are actually worse than what we had . Straker in particular is a level of shite unseen for many a year at Fir park . No need to worry how we would fare against Rangers in a play-off , as with this shower we are heading straight down , no mistake.
  23. Got a feeling that this will be our day , but victory won't come without a fair share of nail biting and anxiety ! 2-1 the 'well , hanging on and shitting it for the last 10 mins is my prediction .
  24. Turned stream off once second went in , it was either that or put my fist thru the screen in frustration watching that fuckin imposter Ainsworth strolling around doing fuck all in the way of tracking back or defensive duties yet again . No reaction or improvement since Baraclough came in , Partick and Dundee edging further in front of us , and St Mirren starting to make up ground . Too many uninterested or frankly sub-standard players donning shirts on a weekly basis , purely because the manager has no real options with the pile of shit he's inherited . Seriously worrying . Pearson looks like he still has enough about him to do us a turn , but unless another 2 or 3 new faces appear before the end of the month to change things up and give us a lift , imo we are nailed on for the play-off place .
  25. Decent signing. Should hopefully provide the link we need from middle to front, allowing Lasley to revert to his more familiar combative role and providing protection for the back four. Another 1 or 2 in would be pleasing.

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