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  1. I remember a number of years ago a game against Raith at Fir Park when they were still in the top division and I'm sure Jimmy Nicholl was player manager , where we pumped them by several goals and I thought at the time they were the worst professional football team I had ever seen. No discernable formation , no fight , no passion , absolutely hopeless . We're worse than that . Doomed !!
  2. mfcdez

    Baraclough Out

    Got to agree . Never thought it was possible for another player to be a poor man's Francis Angol , he really is that bad .
  3. Can see this useless cnut going down the Gannon career path . Talks a good game and says all the right things but still ends up landing you wi sub-standard goods . Will be selling second hand motors before the season's oot . Get him tae fuck .
  4. Relegation fodder , pure and simple . With the exception of the keeper and the youngster from Everton , Baracloughs additions are actually worse than what we had . Straker in particular is a level of shite unseen for many a year at Fir park . No need to worry how we would fare against Rangers in a play-off , as with this shower we are heading straight down , no mistake.
  5. Got a feeling that this will be our day , but victory won't come without a fair share of nail biting and anxiety ! 2-1 the 'well , hanging on and shitting it for the last 10 mins is my prediction .
  6. Turned stream off once second went in , it was either that or put my fist thru the screen in frustration watching that fuckin imposter Ainsworth strolling around doing fuck all in the way of tracking back or defensive duties yet again . No reaction or improvement since Baraclough came in , Partick and Dundee edging further in front of us , and St Mirren starting to make up ground . Too many uninterested or frankly sub-standard players donning shirts on a weekly basis , purely because the manager has no real options with the pile of shit he's inherited . Seriously worrying . Pearson looks like he still has enough about him to do us a turn , but unless another 2 or 3 new faces appear before the end of the month to change things up and give us a lift , imo we are nailed on for the play-off place .
  7. Decent signing. Should hopefully provide the link we need from middle to front, allowing Lasley to revert to his more familiar combative role and providing protection for the back four. Another 1 or 2 in would be pleasing.
  8. Abysmal . Baracloughs arrival has not supplied the wee spark or lift you often hope for when a new manager comes in , but thats always going to be a long shot anyway with 2nd rate players in your starting 11 and even worse in the bench . How they're going to manage it I've no idea , but he must be given resources to bring in at least 3 new faces during window to give us any chance of salvaging the situation . Some wage-thiefs MUST be offloaded on loan at least to free up funds , starting with Gunnar if there is anything in the recent rumours . Been a long time since we've flirted with a relegation dogfight - kinda forgot how shit it actually feels . Think this time is even worse though , as on previous occasions you at least felt the team were together and were fighting , doing their best . This shower couldn't look less gutless or uninterested if they fucking tried .
  9. Some signs of improvement in fight and endeavour , but still woefully lacking in fitness and creativity . Effort can only take you so far , and in games like todays the extra wee bit of quality of teams like Utd will always win through in the end . First 30 mins was decent and Twardzik was outstanding , but after they drew level there was only ever going to be one winner . Credit to Utd for bringing over 2k through with them today , but our own crowd figures are alarming , and with only bottom 6 and a potential relegation battle remaining between now and May we could be looking at record lo attendances just when the club can least afford it . Testing times .
  10. The current run of form is enough to test the resolve and dedication of the most hardened 'Well fans , which is obviously showing in the steadily declining attendances . A wee cup run can be enough to keep folks turning up for league games too , but an early exit and prospect of only trying to avoid relegation on the cards between now and May , on the other hand , has the potential to lose us even more numbers and push us further into the mire . Would love to scrape a 1-0 win but sadly can't see any signs of light at the end of the tunnel from the current downward spiral . No chance of a repeat of the league result a few weeks ago , and expect Utd to bag a win by a comfortable margin . 0-3 .
  11. We're not good enough for any turning around to be done . In my opinion it's looking like a 3way battle between us , County , and St Midden to scrape 3rd bottom . If we can't achieve that , then we are gone, as even the play-off spot would be as good as automatic relegation for us as we are a team totally devoid of bollocks and grit .
  12. Looked so promising in the first half , but then reverted to type in the second . A poor , ageing squad with no depth , fight , or spirit . If any manager can look at things in the summer and think Josh Law can enhance or add to your personnel , then you really are fucked . Honestly don't see a way out of this , and with all the off-field troubles that have become more prevalent over recent days adding to the gloom , it's going to be a long , hard winter down Fir Park way . And make no mistake , relegation is becoming a more real possibility by the day .Depressing times .
  13. If McCall thought that team selection and formation was our best hope tonight , well we really are up shit creek . Totally devoid of inspiration and creativity , with our so called senior players unwilling and unable to grab an utterly dire game against a poor Aberdeen side by the balls and drag the team towards at least an acceptable attempt to rescue something after yet again conceding basically from kick-off . McManus was again a bombscare with mis-timed tackles and shocking distribution throughout , Lasley and Sutton woeful , and another empty jersey performance from the unfathomably golden boy Law . Seriously , it's now beyond embarrassing how McCall can attempt to justify having this guy at the club never mind first team squad . Predictable 70th min substitutions as always , and bringing Ainsworth our most creative wide player on with 4 mins left , must lead even the managers most vociferous backers to thinking that he will stubbornly stick with his favourites and has run out of ideas how to halt the slide . Results over our next 2 games could , and probably should , decide McCalls fate . His success and contribution to the club has been phenomenal , but sentimentality does not win you points . We are at crisis point , and if he can't show signs of turning the corner over the next couple of weeks , we need to find someone who can before the situation becomes irretrievable .
  14. Josh Law ( non-league right back) added for his 'attacking threat from wide areas' cos he scored 2 against part-timers and hit bar a couple of times this season , according to McCall in pre-match interview on BT . WTF ?? Fear an absolute pumping .
  15. This post is pretty much on point Shaka . With all our extra income streams in terms of gate receipts exhausted at the first hurdle and only Scottish Cup to come , league placings are vital for revenue , and bottom six alone will be a disaster financially for the club . Speculation is obviously rife that all is not well behind the doors at our club , whether thats true or the wheels have just come off in spectacular fashion on the field , the situation needs remedied fast before this season becomes our footballing armageddon . With the cost cutting that would have to take place should we be relegated , I imagine survival rather than an immediate return to the top flight would be priority , and our stay in the lower league could potentially be a lengthy one .
  16. Another comprehensive pumping by a distinctly average side . Dundee are far from world beaters , but were well-drilled , hungry , and fed on the obvious lack of belief in our ranks from the off .From the moment Clarkson scored 3 mins in there was only going to be one outcome . The senior players in the squad don't seem to have it in them to grab a game by the balls and drag the other guys through . The lack of ability from those on the sidelines to change things is alarming , and there's not much longer it can continue before even the most optimistic of fans have to concede that we are in serious , serious trouble .Although we have the core of last seasons team , we have no fight or belief , contrary to what McCall trots out at every post match interview , and the insistence on having Josh fucking Law anywhere near a first team jersey is baffling . With so many players under-performing the fans at least deserve to know why guys like Thomas and Cadden aren't getting a look-in despite their seemingly glowing reputations as rising stars . There is no room for the old boys mentality , repeatedly sticking with the old guard despite their shocking form . We haven't even completed the first round of fixtures and already have the air of relegation fodder around us . You can trot out the old 'Theres a long way to go' type lines , but a dogfight at the bottom appears to be the reality of the season in store for us .We seem like a rudderless ship at the moment , but I fear that with the off-field changes that have gone on recently there seems to be a lack of direction at the club , and we will be allowed to drift on until it's too late for the situation to be salvaged .
  17. If this line-up is available it could be viewed as pretty close to being a full strength starting 11 and If we can't start picking up points soon with these guys , we are really in trouble . Hopeful of sneaking it by the odd goal , but would settle for a 1-1 away draw to stop the rot .
  18. Don't know if Josh Law was just a flash in the pan in the Euro game , or if he has genuine potential to be a player at this level , but on current form he should be nowhere near a starting jersey , just woeful , but several others are little better at the moment .O'Brien looks as though he will be a good addition in a settled back line along with Reid McManus and Hammell when the injuries clear , but it's upfront that's the most worrying aspect , where we are totally lacking in creativity , guile , and confidence .A lot of work to be done during the international break including general fitness and stamina before a big game in Dingwall .Too early for panic stations after just 5 games , but a real test of character ahead for McCall and the squad , hopefully they have the stomach for a fight to get the season back on track , and start climbing the table .
  19. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/scotland/17499743
  20. Flicks , tricks and showboating at 2-0 is never the best idea , best saved for when you are out of sight at 4 up , which is where we should have been before the first penalty was conceded, if we had been professional in our approach . As it was , when they got back to 2-1 , the confidence and swagger instantly disappeared and it was us looking like the part-timers . As the game wore on it came as no surprise that it ended as it did , and in truth there could have been no complaints if Stjarnan had converted one of their chances to sneak the win . Need to go there now and either keep a clean sheet or rack up a few goals . Sadly don't see either happening by tonights showing .
  21. Got to agree with last few posts about Zaine . One of the poorerst players I've seen in a Well shirt in recent times . Bombscare at the back , and nothing of an attacking threat when used further up the pitch . Can't fault the guy for effort , but he's just no' very good . How he was ever on Spurs books is anyone's guess .
  22. Perhaps of the two McCall would prefer to keep Hollis over Nielsen , as would I , and he's been told he will be 3rd choice next season with little chance of playing and therefore free to look at other options . Could be one way of trying to edge him out if thats his line of thinking as I very much doubt the playing budget stretches to 3 keepers and an under 20.
  23. No new contract for Hollis then , I would imagine , with Gunnar having a yr left on his contract . Will Twardzik be coming in as no. 1 , or will that be Nielsens shirt to lose. ?
  24. Just popped up on official twitter Twardzik has signed
  25. Still got white stuff seeping oot me , absolutely immense. !! Craig Reid thoroughly deserves the deal he's been offered , just hope we can keep a few of the out of contract boys along with him for a good attempt at reaching Europa group stages with a semi-settled team . I fuckin love Motherwell. !!

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