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    St Johnstone

    Fantastic all round performance , but opted for Ainsworth as he lit up the second half with some brilliant wing play and direct running which St Johnstone just couldn't handle . Will be sad to see Twardzik go as he has been terrific in his short time here and seems to instill a confidence in the defence which has been lacking with Hollis and Nielsen .
  2. As I said in my post , wasn't at the cup game and haven't seen any images to the extent of damage caused by our support so was surmising , perhaps wrongly , that it was considerably less than last night and that some of it may have been caused by people jumping around and being overly boisterous in their support of the team , and as far as I'm aware it appears to have been a one off isolated incident that I'm sure won't occur again any time soon. No matter how it occurred its obviously wrong , and if it happened along similar lines to what we witnessed last night , then of course the culprits among our own support should also be sought out and dealt with . The point I was trying to make is the level of aggression and intimidation from Celtic fans in and around the stadium before , during and after the game as well as the damage caused . Due to numbers they seem almost untouchable and continue to get progressively worse. The behaviour of some of our support last week was unacceptable , but was contained within their own section and I dont imagine they left any women and children in fear either entering or leaving the stadium . As I also said , every team has an element within its support that they would be better off without , but what that lot bring is a dark and sinister animal that really spirals out of control . Damaged stadium , all sorts of public disorder en masse and damage also to local business premises , how often does that happen nowadays with supports outwith theirs ?
  3. As always , their vile followers take over all social media chat about their actions with the 'sort your own house out' and 'it's not just us' shite , but they are on a different level altogether from supporters of any other team in the league . I wasn't at NDP last week and may be wrong , but I suspect a lot of the damage may have been more accidental than malicious through high jinx and general mischief making of a group consisting of mainly teenagers and guys in their 20's. That last night , however was pre-meditated , wilfull criminal wrecking of a large area of the stand by grown men who fancy themselves as some sort of political activists , masquerading as football fans. Theres no denying every team has an element among their support, especially at away games , for whom the football and match experience is a distant 2nd to the drinking and trouble causing , although in all honesty our own Well Bois are in the vast majority there solely to create an atmosphere and support the team , as seen right til the final whistle last night. The police and stewards are on a hiding to nothing purely down to the sheer number of them , so choose to do fuck all at the time , so its down to Celtic as a club to root them out through ticket tracing etc , and their fans who proclaim themselves as the best in the world to self-police and perhaps anonymously tip of the relevant people with names of the ones who cause the hassle. This will never happen of course , Lawell and Lennon will pay lip service to the media once more before its business as usual for them at their next port of call on their travels . They really are the scourge not only of a sport , but a country , hideous , contemptible scum , living in the glory of their own notoriety regardless of any man woman or child that may be offended or physically hurt by their actions. C#nts .
  4. Definitely an away win , with another insipid attacking display ensuring another zero in our goals for column . Just a matter of how many Celtic score , and if they get the first early doors , well , thats giving me the fear already . Time for a shake up of tactics or starting 11 , or even both as we clearly have guys who aren't doing it , for whatever reason , playing a formation and system that just doesn't work . We all keep waiting for Faddy to light up a game , especially one like this , but its not going to happen anytime soon , I'm afraid , so best for him to sit it out , although its hard to pick 11 worthy of a start after yesterday . Anier has been hot and cold since his arrival , and dont think we would be too much the poorer without him . Would like to see Moore get a shot , and come January offload Anier and Ainsworth. from the wage bill and bring Erwin back to challenge for a place.
  5. mfcdez

    New Away Kit

    For UBH , excuse the wife's shitty iPad pic quality ! Could be viewed as sacrilege I suppose , but I just think the Puma template this time is too busy , and the insert made collar too neat a fit round the neck for my own liking .Still looks perfectly wearable to me !
  6. mfcdez

    New Away Kit

    Job done , not crude at all . Removed easily due to insert being stitched quite far inside collar edge . Maybe not everyones cup of tea in terms of losing a wee bit of authenticity or whatever but looks fine as a plain V neck . Question of personal preference , but I'm happy with it .
  7. mfcdez

    New Away Kit

    No problem getting top on , but I like loose fitting t-shirts etc around the neck , and the collar insert feels a little restrictive . Don't really like it anyway so thinkin about cutting it out and wearing as a simple 'V' , think it will actually look better without it !
  8. mfcdez

    Leanne Dempster

    Good read and another positive , forward thinking interview from Leanne . Great news about season ticket numbers , although I'm personally gutted at having to give mine up as my new job involves working every Saturday . Will actually be praying for as many of the stupid , inconvenient kick off times that we have endured so many of over the past few seasons so that I can get along and PATG as often as possible !
  9. In Mexico at the moment and this is first time I've came on here and seen we have signed Sutton and Nielsen . Pretty pleased with both tbh , and with another couple of additions of similar quality to those already on board we could have the makings of a side capable of 2nd or 3rd again. Welcome back to both of them , and good luck in the C&A in the coming season.
  10. At the end of the day , Law was leaving no matter what , so where he ended up was never something I was concerned about . Sure , I wouldn't have liked to see him up against us for another top league team , but thats not going to be the case for a while yet . Lack of ambition possibly , but definitely no lack of £s in what is a short career , cannae really blame him from that point of view . He can coast through the next couple of years and walk away with more money than many of us could earn in 10 or 20 yrs , best of luck to him if thats the direction he wants to take his career in .
  11. mfcdez


    Pretty sure I saw Coyle somewhere recently saying he had already knocked back several offers of work , think he is holding out for a route back in at Championship level down south . Would be a great appointment for us but out our price range by a good distance too I would think . Agree with some others that Hartley may be a decent prospect , will have a good knowledge of any emerging youngsters in our lower tiers and he may be able to tap into info on the English scene through folk like Coyle and Malky McKay , could do worse imo .
  12. Not sure that any stats point towards him being one of the worst keepers , more just the fact that he plays in one of the worst teams. Certainly not the worst we could do anyway imo , but my personal preference would be giving Hollis his shot. Most people keen enough to see what our fringe outfield players can do with an extended run , don't see why the keeper should be any different
  13. Agree with the last couple of posters , Higdons stock never has been , and possibly never will be as high , and pushing 30 that will be the major factor in his thinking . He has been a perfect fit in this current team , and if they were together for another season , a tilt at the cups could have been a real possibility , and the chance of silverware along with the euro games a real incentive to stay . But with the wholesale changes we are sure to experience over the summer , the uncertainty over how things may pan out would imo lead most players to chase their big pay day . Would love to see the big man stay , but with this being probably the biggest decision he will make in his career and possibly his best chance to seriously increase his earnings , I fear he will be another we will be wishing well on an imminent departure .
  14. Nah , not into that away effort at all . Just a very lazy , half - arsed template that looks like a weans ( failed) attempt in a primary school competition to design the new school strip. !
  15. mfcdez

    Michael Higdon

    Delighted for the big man , thoroughly deserved . He's faced critiscism , not least from sections of our own support , but this award is the ultimate GIRFUY to all the doubters . He will quite rightly go down in history as a 'Well legend for his scoring feats this year , and I for one pray he sticks around next year fir more of the same .
  16. Goin for the draw too . With things so tight between them , St J , and Ross County I think they will be looking to have a real go at us and getting the 3pts , leaving them open and the possibility of a good end to end game . Will go for 2 - 2 , and another brace for Higgy in his quest of hitting 30 for the season !
  17. Main article in yesterdays programme was interview with Saunders revealing that he was told he would not be offered anything when his current deal expires at end of May. Personally thought the guy had something to offer prior to his hellish run of injuries, but don't suppose in the current climate the club can take a chance on someone who could continue to be injury prone . Came across really well in the article and hopefully he can get sorted out at a decent level elsewhere as he's still only 22. Best of luck to the boy
  18. mfcdez


    Henrik terrorised them today with some terrific running and link up play , not to mention his goal , as did Humph on the other wing , but my vote goes to Las for an outstanding all round captains performance . Was at the heart of a very well organised and disciplined team that more than merited the 3 pts . 2nd place all but confirmed , bar an improbable set of freak results over the next 3 weeks , couldn't be happier , being a 'Well fan has rarely felt so good .!!
  19. So much for the £4 roll n sausage and a pint deal in the Cooper, no licence to sell drink early , soft drinks only til 12.30 , not happy !!
  20. Would be delighted with a win tomorrow , but even a point makes it difficult for anyone to catch us with 3 games to go , so would settle for that . Think that would leave ICT requiring a minimum of 2 wins and a draw, with a goal difference swing of +9 and us to lose all 3 in order for them to pip us , so happy with that . With that scenario in mind a 2-2 with Higgy scoring a brace and celebrating in front of Lemons dugout would do me fine !
  21. A welcome to a chorus of ' Higgy, Higgy, player if the year ' , and ' Lennon , Lennon get tae fuck ' would do me . The total disrespect he has shown to fellow professionals with regard to the POTY over the last few days is the mark of the true cock of a man that he is . No class , no respect , and no humility deserves no recognition in my book . Fuck them .
  22. I like the idea of going back to white shorts , and the socks themselves are cracking, but to me they don't work together . For me it would need to be a plain sock with the white shorts , or claret shorts with the hooped sock . Just all looks a bit busy , losing the side panels and making the collar insert a solid claret bar as mentioned would make the top a winner , all down to personal taste I suppose .
  23. The Sun today has us linked , as we've already heard , with an interest in Samson from St Mirren , and if that doesn't happen , next on the list Mannus of St Johnstone . Probably just your usual lazy journo copy and pasting rumours off of sites like this right enough!
  24. mfcdez

    Michael Higdon

    The Past 2 seasons with us have been the most successful of the big mans career , in terms of regular starts , playing consistently well and obviously scoring a shitload of goals . He is pushing 30 , and in us may have found 'his level' , and a system of play where he is a perfect fit . He also seems to be settled and enjoying himself . Many before him have left chasing the big payday , only to end up warming the bench elsewhere and seeing their career go backwards and peter out . The boards pitch is crucial in hopefully persuading him to extend his stay here . If they could go the extra mile financially and convince him of their willingness to keep even a few of the other out of contract players in the hope of another good season in the league and a real go at the cups , then I am really hopeful we could see him in claret and amber for a while yet .

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