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  1. Fair play to Tam Cowan for giving the bois issues coverage throughout the whole off the ball show . Some good points made and Fraser on behalf of the lads came across very well . Also good to hear Hammys positive comments on them and making the point that the players missed them being there last night. Showed them in a good light in the way they go about things, communicating with clubs etc. , and on the other hand showed Utd up for the c#cks that they are. Hopefully the negative publicity for Utd at least shames them into doing the right thing in future.
  2. Delighted to stiff them after the drum/flags fiasco , and the enforced £2 pay hike for those who went. Delighted to see Henrik on the scoresheet. Delighted wi the 3pts. Delighted wi the cushion over ICT. Overall , I'm just fuckin delighted!
  3. As I posted earlier in thread, I emailed tam cowan to see if he would give the issues a bit of publicity. He's just got back to me saying he wants to get someone on off the ball tomorrow for a discussion about it. I have pm'd bop as he was opening poster in live screening thread, but incase he doesn't get mssg, if any of the lads behind Heavy Hands wants to get together with him about going ahead with it, I can get info from tam at bbc side across to you to arrange. Cheers, Dez
  4. Hope you lads get the support and exposure your efforts deserve and that we stiff them for a few grand off the park as well as for 3pts on it tomorrow night . I know that Tam Cowan is a regular reader of these forums, but I fired him off an e-mail highlighting this . His column regularly highlights fans issues, particularly ours , and even a small mention could help get the heavy hands campaign message out to a broader audience. Don't know if its been done already, but a thread on a site like P&B would get the message out to fans of all clubs too.
  5. Got to agree with most on the Saunders issue . In the time before his injury he was pretty consistent when he played , strong in the tackle and decent distribution , along with good aerial presence at the back and at set pieces , To release him would seem strange , unless as suggested his injuries have taken too much of a toll . If he can get back to where he was pre-injury he will get picked up by another SPL team no problem . Would hate to see him go elsewhere and flourish rather than at FP due to a bad call from the coaching staff . Best of luck to the boy no matter what happens , got his whole career ahead of him if he can stay fit . On the Hollis debate , he has been pretty steady in the few appearances he has made . Deserves his chance to show what he can do over a run of games , how else are we going to find out if he'll cut it or not ? . Got to remember , we are Motherwell and although we have been spoiled for a few seasons now with the quality of keeper at our disposal , with our budget and resources its nigh on impossible to keep unearthing these gems season after season . In the limited game time he's had , Hollis strikes me as a relatively safe pair of hands , and certainly doesn't give me the fear like the days of Michael Fraser or Stevie Woods !
  6. Higginbothams' goal just on soccer am showboat , about the 100th time I've watched it back and still gets me hard every time , like a well fans fitba porn !
  7. 2nd half was unbelievable . Some sublime Faddy inspired football , and real quality finishing . First half was so-so , and was sceptical of our chances minus Las and Law , but spurred on by the Higdon incident and some typically pish refereeing from Collum we totally dominated them in what turned out to be one of the best halves of football we have seen at Fir Park in some time . McFadden is inspirational , but for me Higgy also deserves special praise as he has done the business all season with an invaluable haul of goals , and some of his link up play is fantastic , love the big guy . Mon the Well !
  8. Love the big man . He's not blessed with pace , but I honestly think his all round game has came on leaps and bounds since he came to us and he is one of the most natural finishers in the league . Seems to be willing to drop deeper now to link up and his much improved hold up play and lay offs have been instrumental in a lot of the good stuff we have played . He's scored some excellent goals with headers and both feet , yet some knobs still see fit to criticise . Would be as big a miss as Randolph at the other end if he was to leave IMHO .
  9. Watched re-run on Alba . A well ground out 3pts , was always going to be hard to give a performance that would compare to Wednesday night , and the heavy pitch didn't help . Nor did playing the 2nd half with 10 men and that twat Daley wasting a shirt . Must be the biggest waste of a wage we've seen at FP in many a year . Get him tae f*ck McCall
  10. I'm normally one to say having a go at them could bring us a point , as many other teams have done against them this season . But , us being Motherwell , even when we do have a go and merit something for our efforts , we get the usual hard boot in the stones , like the penalty miss and quick fire counter at Parkhead last time out . Hoping for the best , but fearing the worst . On current form 0-3 would be my prediction .
  11. Thought Hutch had slipped back to his old rash challenges and guilty of poor distribution at times . Hateley again a mixture of some ok stuff and some real bombscare moments . From the start it was obvious utd would be hard to break down with so many bodies behind the ball , and so it proved , and in fairness , if it hadn't been for Randolph and some desperate last ditch defending , it could have been 2 or 3 . Suppose its testament to our recent form and results that teams come here and set up like that against us .
  12. Would be great to be in a comfortable enough position with , say , 20 mins to go , to be able to go 3 at the back and have Faddy , Humph and Henrik all on park at the one time with Law getting forward too and Higgy feeding off them ! . The stuff dreams are made of ( wet ones ) !
  13. Don't know how big a part Faddy will play , but I think the buzz thats been created by his signature alone and the positivity the crowd could show , will be enough to help the team win this one convincingly . Same starting line up as Sat , if no enforced changes , with the prodigal son to make a hard-on inducing appearance in the second half and see us comfortably over the line . 3-0 us .
  14. mfcdez

    Our Shape

    Would say that the 4-2-4 served us well in getting us 3 goals to the good . However at that point it was obvious that Saints were going to throw long balls forward in the hope of nicking a lifeline back into the game . At that point a double substitution and change to 4-4-2 , involving the same players who did go off/on would have been better than waiting til said lifeline had been achieved and we were under the cosh . Right subs , wrong time .
  15. Good win from a distinctly average performance , won't complain though , and would gladly accept similar from now 'til May as long as 3pts continues to be the outcome . Big up to Higdon , it amazes me that the haters keep on hatin' even though the big man keeps delivering and is on course for one of the best goal returns from a Well striker in many a year .
  16. mfcdez

    St Johnstone

    Got to be Higdon . His goals were obviously the difference between the sides in what I found at times a strangely uninspiring game considering the scoreline . Lots of individual errors and kick and rush shite , but the big man put away a couple of good finishes , so deserves the plaudits .
  17. Agree with Steve Diggle above that simply whoever is best plays . I would , however prefer a starting slot to be McHughs to lose . He has done enough in his gametime up til now to merit a chance , if he fails to deliver then bring Higginbotham in . If the team is to push on for a European challenge then its got to be a case of best 11 , not favourite 11 .
  18. First 20 mins or so gave me the fear , with Samaras tearing Kerr a new arse on too many occasions . A few good passages of play as the half wore on to give a little confidence and belief . If we can keep it tight for first 15min of 2nd half the crowd will get restless and on their backs , and from there you never know what could happen . MTW
  19. mfcdez


    Taking 2012 as a whole , there are so many highs and achievements to be proud and bask in the glory of , yet some prefer to wallow in the few lows we have had along the way . We are a small club and lows are inevitable , just got to ride them out and milk the fuck out the highs when they come along . '91 aside , this has to be up there as my proudest year of being a 'Well fan in over 25 years of supporting the team . Heres hoping 2013 is even half as prosperous for the club and the Dossers who hold it close to their heart , wherever they may be .
  20. Inspired subs today to spark a very unlikely comeback win . M/Well playing basically a 3-3-4 , who'd a thunk it ? Absolutely buzzing after listening to the MFCTV commentary , the guys' reaction when the winner went in was brilliant . Off to works do now and free bar all night , right in the mood to smash it now . COYW !! .
  21. Horrific collapse after losing the first goal . When that happened on Sat v Ross County we stayed composed and played our way back into the game . Tonight they completely fell apart and the remainder of the game was shambolic , with the eventual scoreline being kept respectable only by some top saves from Randolph . Hateley was yet again poor , and Cummins positional awareness and distribution simply not good enough at this level . Only Randolph , Higdon and Humphrey , for me , did enough to earn pass marks . Depending on what departures occur during the transfer window , I fear the season could peter out long before May comes around .
  22. Just hoping the team carry some of Saturdays passing and forward play into tonights game , although being a little more composed at the back and sitting a bit further up the park instead of inviting the opposition onto us would also be welcome ! Going for a narrow 2-1 win in a ( hopefully ) entertaining cup tie to keep our minds off what is sure to be an absolutely freezing night .
  23. Great save from Hollis at the death to seal the win . Most entertaining home game for a wee while , with some good passing and forward play in spells . Some around me not happy with the substitutions , but think they were purely to save the guys a bit for Tuesday night . All in all a good day with the win and other results in our favour , will enjoy mt beers tonight !
  24. Expecting this to be absolutely honking as a spectacle with one goal being enough to decide it . As long as its us that gets it I'll gladly endure the usual 90 mins of turgid shit we've become accustomed to at home this season . 1-0 'Well , any scorer , even an oggy will do to get a long awaited home victory .
  25. Typical sfa bawbaggery . Ref saw incident from close quarters and gave nothing . Players shook hands at end indicating no quarrel between them , so should be a case of forget it and move on . Trial by television with Andy Wa*ker sitting as judge , putting ideas in Vince Loony's head is shocking . 'Offences' of that level not highlighted on t.v. happen weekin , week out and go unpunished . Unless its mentioned in the match report , or the ref looks over it again and feels he should have took action , any unreported incident should be left alone .

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