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  1. The Germans have it pretty much spot on in my opinion when it comes to how football should be.
  2. Agree with this summary. Found the transfer talk hard to listen to purely for personal sentimental reasons, wouldn't accuse DT of pining over the collapsed deal or touting himself about by any means.
  3. Yeah I'd say so, comes across as much quieter than a lot of the usual guests on the show but decent listen.
  4. Found the Celtic transfer chat a bit hard to listen to tbh.
  5. Rangers now offering to pay for the investigation should the other clubs vote for it, Doncaster still making noises that a legal claim would damage all clubs. Despite the apparent lack of explosive content in the dossier, Rangers must feel pretty confident of proving something. To me it still sounds a bit like the SPFL are trying to hide something...
  6. I haven't been on social media very much of late so haven't been following things as closely, but interested to hear what the Motherwell perspective is after the events of the last few days. On the surface it looks like Rangers are showing something that in some way suggests SPFL incompetence, but that it's nowhere near as explosive as they'd made it out to be. Not sure it's enough to convince enough clubs to vote for an investigation, and also appears that the SPFL have an answer to most things. The thing I don't get is how Rangers/Robertson can make such claims without incriminating himself. If the SPFL board are found to have done X, Y and Z then is he not partly culpable? And by the same token, would that not implicate Burrows in wrongdoing also? To me Burrows has always come across as a genuine person and so I've no reason to think he has been involved in some big cover up, but I do wonder if there is a reason other than legal fees that the SPFL don't want an investigation for...
  7. Stu92

    91 CUP FINAL

    I'm a numpty! Couldn't watch live so recorded it, just found out it's been deleted from the skybox because two weeks have passed! Does anyone know where one may find the full match online elsewhere?
  8. Stu92

    2019-20 Rebuild

    As was Tom Aldred, he wasn’t too bad.
  9. Stu92

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Gallagher and Lamie appear to still be pretty pally if social media is anything to go by...
  10. Stu92

    Maurice Ross?

    Surely that gig is Keith’s?
  11. Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone but of those you mention we only sold Scott, and at that it was for a pretty tidy sum. The club tried to keep Hastie and Cadden but both players decided to move on, the club never sold them. We’re all aware of the Turnbull saga, could’ve moved on for a chunk of change that would have pushed us on a level or two, but for all we know he could sign an extension tomorrow and be here for another two years (before leaving for nothing a la Cadden/Hastie) and we’re exactly where we started at...) Slight side note, but I’m constantly amazed that Campbell has never been linked with a move elsewhere as he has (last few fatigue-laden games aside) been one of our most consistent performers and a powerhouse central to getting us going imo.
  12. Pretty tasty duel going on between Julien and Main just now.
  13. Sorry if it’s been discussed previously - where’s best place to get parked today?
  14. If his social media is anything to go by then he’s certainly not regretting anything.

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