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  1. We need to get a few more points on the board before we can rely on PPG...
  2. I’m hesitant to start the finger pointing as I’m sure this won’t be the last outbreak at a club, and it could very well be us next. If so, I’d like to think we weren’t trying to pull the wool and so unless these league inquiries show that’s what St Mirren and Killie have been doing I’ll reserve judgement. On a separate note, do one of the St Mirren players not live with one of the Hamilton players?
  3. Craig Tanner scored for Aldershot yesterday, good to see him back playing again.
  4. Patient confidentiality and all that, but has it been confirmed what St Mirren players tested positive yet?
  5. Stu92

    Big Dec

    If Griffiths is fit and playing, I'd have him up front with Dykes. He's one of those players that you always feel is going to score against you when he plays us and despite whatever your personal views on him are, he's the best natural finisher we have as a nation.
  6. Just checked the club site for first time in a while, the team news section was last updated a month ago and had Carroll returning October/November time so hopefully he's still on track. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/club/team-news/
  7. Stu92

    Big Dec

    To be fair to him, the worst Celtic team in years still had multiple times the resources that Aberdeen would've had.
  8. Aware that he hasn't played for over a year. Robinson said about a month ago that both him and Carroll were progressing well, or words to that effect. Had wondered if there had been any developments on that.
  9. Any update on Carroll and Dunne? Assuming there’s been no changes to Donnelly’s 2021 return date.
  10. Explanation is given daily. If you don't already, you should watch one or two of the live briefings. Many others on this thread have summarised much better than I could. Being outside does not mean you are free from risk, nor does it mean you are free from bringing risk to others. Going to watch live football is a hobby, there are other industries much worse hit than football that also contribute more to the economy. Without meaning to sound like a dick, and this isn't directed at you specifically but more to the broader section of population that "just don't get it", but if you still haven't seen the bigger picture and understood the risk/reward decisions that need to be made by every single government in the world on a daily basis then I don't think you ever will.
  11. Think that's Ilic you're thinking of.
  12. I missed said comments, anyone care to fill me in?
  13. Not a legit account, rumour mongering at it's finest. Cue official sources announcing it imminently...

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