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  1. O’Donnell and Gallagher playing club football next to each other is only a good thing for the international side as well you’d imagine, assuming our form picks ups a bit. May help Dec nail down the Scotland spot, which would only benefit us financially in the future.
  2. In the know, without know it...
  3. His distribution is pretty poor, but he is probably our fifth or sixth choice centre half so hardly expected to be a ball-playing defender. I thought he done okay last night and in previous games from a purely defensive perspective. Also should've scored last night.
  4. I had suggested we play something similar last night, but with Turnbull sitting in front of a midfield 3 rather than Maguire sitting behind. I know you don't really want to be dropping young players into a poorly performing side, but given current injuries to centre back and defensive mid option you have to wonder when Maguire is going to get a shot in the team if not now.
  5. Is O'Donnell still training with Accies? By no means 'international standard', but certainly a lot better than many on here give him credit for.
  6. So do you think Robinson's comments last night were only aimed at those playing out of position? Would you think the application of Long and Hastie in the first two games, for example, met the standard you'd expect to see?
  7. If his team selection is consistent, he doesn't know his best XI. If he chops and changes every week, he doesn't know his best XI. He's onto a loser every week. We've definitely been impacted by the injuries we've had but based on his comments last night, I think he's realised that the cajoling isn't working at the moment. Will either be a good few changes or a similar line-up with a much-needed kick up the arse against Hibs, but no doubt whatever route we go down will be the wrong one to many fans...
  8. He usually doesn't give much away with his body language, but Turnbull was notably raging last night at the movement going on around him. I reckon the 'playing with 7 men' sentiment resonates with some in the squad also. More so than a result, we need a reaction in terms of performance and application on Saturday to show we're all pulling in the same direction.
  9. Maybe less of the issue last night, but I think we struggled in the first two games because the opposition were happy to sit in and let us have the ball. Hibs won't do that. If we get some sort of reaction after Robbo's comments last night, this might be a more competitive game than most are expecting based on our recent performances. </happyclapper> Still expect us to get beat, mind you...
  10. Sound working perfect for me right off the bat!
  11. I had an epiphany about a season or two that brought me to the same outlook.
  12. Maybe not that bad a shout actually. Issue will be that, as Robinson says, we need someone to hit the ground running and he won't have had any sort of pre-season. That could perhaps be weighed against the usual settling in period that new players would have?
  13. I imagine playing a youngster in the first team before they are ready could seriously detriment their career. Imagine going to uni to study law, and after the first 6 months be told you’ve been drafted in as the lawyer for the defence on a high-profile case. You’d crumble. Maybe not the best comparison, but these young boys touted as being first team cover are still very much serving an apprenticeship at the moment and won’t be ready physically or mentally for first team football.
  14. I personally think we'll be pretty much unchanged from the United game, possibly one or two changes along the front. Not sure playing with wingers is working when teams just want to sit in deep against us. Doubt we'll see it , but I think something like the below could work where we'd get the 2 up top and Turnbull has the opportunity to find the pockets of space when attacking and to drop into a bank of 4 when we're defending. But can't see anything other than starting with wingers tbh. Carson Grimmy - Dec - Mugabi - Lamie O'Hara - Campbell - Polworth Turnbull Watt - Long

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