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  1. whats the nsfw password cheers

  2. this is a good move altough i have to say i was informed a month back by a blind supporter i know that he is now being charged £10 to watch the games, now i dont know if this is the same for all disabled fans but imho asking a person who cannot see the game to pay a tenner is rediculous!!
  3. dont suppose you have a spare program for that game or know someone that has as i was mascot that day and i have been looking for this program for years
  4. fucking shower of shite today better be a major improvement on tuesday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Football has lost its attraction nowadays the product on display is nothing short of woeful and the atmosphere is non existant. Even the scottish cup final failed to generate an atmosphere in the current climate £20 is better spent elsewhere. Why pay $20 to watch a game v the old firm when it is on television and u can go to the pub with said £20 and enjoy a few beers instead, you cant even say that its better being at the game because frankly it is most definetly not.
  7. i remember my grandad was supposed to tape the game for me however after they hit the post and got a goal chopped off he thought we where going to get humped and turned the tape off!!!!! luckly i managed to get a copy elsewhere we lost him 2 years ago im sure he will be watching from up there somewhere hopefully with a smile on his face
  8. you mad motherwell thrashing the holders 3-0 ive got a full blown one
  9. yassss my week end off work cant wait for this one need to try and get to more league games as well dont want to turn into one of these big game supporters
  10. yessssssssssssssssss i love beinbg proved wrong by the might well
  11. no its not that prog finishes at 8.00 must just be the build up
  12. i thought clyde werent allowed to have live games
  13. games not even on the radio that fuckin pish!!!!!!!!

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