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  1. Lamie was injured in the Hibs game at ER 2 weeks ago.
  2. I noticed on Sportscene that Livi wore an all-black away kit on Saturday with Ross County wearing what looked like the Livi home kit, all yellow. I know they have agreements in place about the number of times they can wear away kits but I'm old school, unless the first strips clash then just wear them.
  3. I also remember a game at Fir Park, the last game of the season, when St Johnstone had to win to stay up. and we needed the win to clinch second. I'm sure they beat us 2-1 allowing Aberdeen to pip us for 2nd. At the end their 'keeper Andy Rhodes (Jordan's auld man) was giving it big licks with his celebrations in front of the Well fans until word came through that other results had gone against them and they'd still been relegated on goal difference.
  4. Is that him broken George Stevenson's appearances record for Scotland as a Well player?
  5. Smiddy making a poor swede joke is hardly a turnip.
  6. He was average with a tenancy to make the occasional howler, I think decent is pushing it. He was a similar standard to John Gardiner.
  7. He's stepped down with Chris Woods taking over. They must have printed his surname on the back of some training tops already.
  8. It'll be interesting to see if Bevis Mugabi will be selected for Uganda's World Cup qualifiers and, if so, if we release him. They have games in Kenya and at home in Uganda coming up, both are on the UK red-list, so require quarantine on return. A few EPL clubs stating they won't release players unless the need to quarantine on return is dropped. Includes Liverpool who will stop Salah going to Egypt for a game and who also have 3 Brazil players in their squad.
  9. Big Finnish guy confirmed on Club Twitter
  10. Have mails been sent out to ST holders yet?
  11. Is C O'Donnell any relation to Uncle Phil / Clarkson ? Just putting 2 and 2 together, as Clarky is part of the Academy coaching staff, and probably getting 5 from it.
  12. A good guess weeyin? Now revealed on Club Twitter account.
  13. Did France not have to bin a strip that had different colour sleeves as it could only be done if the main body of the strip was split 50/50 between those colours?
  14. Ped_MFC

    Stevie O'D

    The criticism of O'Donnell is over the top, his performance last night wasn't his best but was of a similar level to that of most of his team-mates. I've seen a few posters on here parroting the meedja line that Nathan Patterson should be in the team from this point forward (and in some cases that he should have played the 3 Euros matches). Worth pointing out that he has played 7 senior matches for the Buns. 7. He may turn out to be another Cafu but I think he needs to prove it at domestic level over a longer period than that before he's heralded as the next big thing. But then how many players have we seen struggle to get a game for Scotland then become a regular in the squad as soon as they sign for one of the ugly sisters. Whatever happened to Lewis Morgan?

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