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  1. Forgot to mention the 2-1 victory at home to Rangers when Dickie Gough scored an o.g. to win it for us. Fraser Wishart scored our first iirc.
  2. Wins against the Old Firm always stand out, especially if they involve a late winner. The wins against both at Fir Park when Brian McClair got the goals, the late Ian Ross winner, Bobby Russell's shimmy King winner, the win at Ibrox when Kirkie and Dougie Arnott scored late on, stopping Rangers winning the league at Ibrox when Owen Coyle scored twice, Skippy Sunday. The Ray Farningham game at Ibrox also had great seethe value amongst the Ibrox hordes as well as the Scottish press. Apart from games against them, the 4-3 game at home to Thistle when Higginbottom was winding up the Well fans was also a good laugh.
  3. United equaliser, a penalty.
  4. Ped_MFC


    He's only going to leave if he decides he wants to.
  5. Tickets available from Fir Park. I called this morning and they said Livi had sent some across. Got mine today. No idea about kids tickets tho,
  6. BBC website gossip page lists a Dundee Courier story that St Johnstone are interested in signing Reece McAlear this summer.
  7. Ped_MFC


    I think the games up to under-18 level have been going ahead, not sure what's happening with the age group above that. The name that was mentioned on here before as a future prospect was Bailey Rice, think he's only 15 so too young to sign a pro contract and both Rangers and Man City were reportedly looking to sign him.
  8. I don't understand that, Robinson was already Motherwell manager when we signed him as he impressed Robinson in training during a brief trial. Or is my memory going in my old age?
  9. His last 3 Well games - 2-0 defeat at Hearts (gave Hearts 2 penalties), 3-2 defeat to Hibs on opening day (winner a penalty given for handball against SOD), Hamilton 4-1 defeat at Fir Park last season (SOD sent off conceding an early penalty).
  10. The 5-1 defeat at Fir Park where he scored a hat-trick, just before the 2018 Scottish Cup Final, was a horrific match.
  11. I thought the opposite about Collum going for the red first chance he got. When the challenge was made I immediately looked at Collum, he was reaching for the right hand pocket on his shorts for his yellow card when he was barged from his left hand side by a Hibs player. It was only when he was surrounded by them he decided he better get the red out pdq. Still an arsehole of a man right enough.
  12. Almost 2 years to the day since we played County on a midweek at FP in our last home game before the pandemic. A repeat of that scoreline would do nicely, a 4-1 win (that was capped off with Tony Watt's first goal iirc).
  13. Being in the Championship didn't put them off throwing a fair wedge at Charlie Adam last season. During his drink driving court appearance it was revealed he was on £3.5k a week there
  14. To be fair they didn't beat us at all in the league during the 2012/13 to 2015/16 seasons.
  15. Agree, it's pity he's leaving, since moving from left back to centre-half he's done well. Not questioning Lamie's professionalism though, but with Dundee desperate for points to stay in the top flight it would be a difficult one to play him against them next Saturday at Fir Park.

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