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  1. Simon Mensing? Signed by Malpas for the next season but binned by McGhee before that season had even started. Scrub that, joined from St Johnstone but moved on to Accies
  2. Now that the Accies are gone are there any of their players who could do a job? Odoffin has been impressive whenever I've seen him but I'd imagine there will be a few clubs in for him. Callachan too looks to have had his moments though he didn't really impress when he went to Hearts a couple of years back.
  3. Mellon was having a go at the ref at the end, can't think of any decision that went against United to be honest.
  4. I like the fight too but I'd rather we stopped looking like dugshit for large parts of most games.
  5. Not too fussed, he was excellent in his first season but I don't think he'll be irreplaceable. As for the next 2 games our aim is to secure 7th and maximise the prize-money we get. To do that we need our best 11 out on the park, at the moment that probably includes Gallagher. If he shows any drop-off in effort tho we'll have options on the bench to replace him.
  6. I'm sure one of the pubs in Aberdeen also used to have photos of Rangers players in the urinals. That was not long after the Neil Simpson tackle on Durrant.
  7. Not averse to honouring our Captain from the Cup winning side. We could start a new fashion and name one of the shit-houses after him. I'm sure other ex-players could also be honoured. How about naming one of the urinal bowls after Andy Walker. Put his photo on the inside of the bowl so fans can honour him whenever they go for a piss.
  8. And the Celtic whose fans were happy to laugh at Rangers predicament but were gutted when we cuffed them in the play-off as they weren't getting the bigots days out for another season. My in-laws are Celtic fans and the sheer seethe from them after we beat Rangers 2-0 in the League Cup Semi was worse than anything I heard from Rangers fans because they'd missed out on an OF final (especially after St Brendan had his rant about how physical we had been). 2 cheeks of the same arse, I'd love to see them head south, fail miserably and have to come crawling back with their tails between their legs. A cancer on the Scottish game and Scottish society as a whole. God knows why the English teams would want their fans anyway near their grounds. To clear out some seated sections for free for them before they fit Standing rails in those sections?
  9. I see from the photos of training on the Club Twitter account that Big Bevis is back training after the shoulder injury, not sure if he is available for Saturday though. The big man's height could be useful against Lafferty though I still worry about his tendency to dive into a tackle, especially within his own 18 yard box.
  10. As long as there are no seaman jokes.
  11. Splitting hairs I know but, if the extension clause was still active, he could have been justified in arguing that at that point his contract was due to expire in the summer, the trigger for the additional 1 year not having been met at that time.

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