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  1. Ped_MFC

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Reading the article seems to suggest it's cut and dried, we've offered a new contract so if anyone signs Hastie we're entitled to 400 grand development compensation. Is it as cut and dried as that? Not really sure how these things work but if it's so black and white why the dispute over the compensation fee when Lewis Ferguson joined Aberdeen after leaving the Accies?
  2. Ped_MFC

    2018/19 Game 33: Rangers (H) April 7th 12.30pm Kick Off

    As for the witch-hunt against the kid who threw a pie, its not the first time we've seen it and won't be the last. I seem to remember a game at FP a few years ago when the press highlighted sectarian abuse by Motherwell fans that amounted to a teenager with sign that used the dreaded H word that gets them so excited -something like 'The H*ns fought the Law and the Law won' - before Nicky Law went to the dark side obviously. Again they managed to ignore the thousands within 'the minority' of the away support singing sectarian songs for 90 minutes.
  3. Ped_MFC

    2018/19 Game 33: Rangers (H) April 7th 12.30pm Kick Off

    Should Craig Thomson have abandoned the second leg of the play-off when a 'Motherwell fan' threw the flare on after Marvin Johnson opened the scoring? Plenty of posters on here were sure it came from a Rangers fan but since the press and authorities blamed us that would have been a 3-0 defeat if those rules had been adopted. Could be a good tactic when you have a must win game.
  4. Ped_MFC

    2018/19 Game 33: Rangers (H) April 7th 12.30pm Kick Off

    Can we not just count the play-off games as 'league' games? 2 wins right there.
  5. and that nice Mr Thomson is the ref. Who gets the red card?
  6. Hopefully Bigi can take the piss out of Paul McGowan a couple of times in the first 5-10 minutes. It'll be fun to see how long it takes him to crack.
  7. Ped_MFC

    2018'19 Game 3: Rangers (H) Sunday 26th August

    The comments haven't done guys like Curtis Main, or any others who aren't frightened to use their physique in an aerial challenge, any favours. Expect to see plenty of reaction from the Rangers players on Sunday, we'll see a few down holding their faces and suggestions of elbows being used. With Thomson in charge he won't let an opportunity to produce a card get past him.
  8. Ped_MFC

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    37 on Freeview.
  9. Ped_MFC

    Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    SFA site lists Tuesday 6th for Postponement, 14th for a Replay https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scottish-cup-sixth-round-information/?rid=2107
  10. Without big Cedric I think we should go wth a back 4, Tait, McHugh, Aldred and Dunne. Cadden and Frear wide in midfield roles would also allow us to get cover in the full back areas, especially down our right against Jones.
  11. Ped_MFC

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Is the end of season international friendly something new? Have Wishart, or the Scotish media, ever reacted in earlier seasons or is it because St Brendan has spoken? In a week that started with plans to get Celtic and Rangers colt teams into League 2 and saw a proposal to move internationals and cup matches to Parkhead and Ibrox we end with Neil Lennon emerging as a serious candidate for the Scotland job on Rodgers say-so and the Players Union canvassing members on friendlies as Celtic dont want them. Is Wishart representing the players of all clubs or just one?
  12. Ped_MFC

    The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    Bury just bagged another manager. Wonder if that delays any deal.
  13. Ped_MFC

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Friday afternoon, time to chill.
  14. Ped_MFC

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    The BBC review of the FA Cup First Round mentions that 41 year old Steve Jones, who scored for us in the Cup game at Stranraer in 2011, will be playing for Nantwich Town against Stevenage.
  15. An unused sub as Scotland lost 1-0.

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