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  1. 7 in 7 for Danny Johnson, helping Leyton Orient come back from 2 down.
  2. Game on Alba at 6pm tomorrow if anyone fancies saving the £13 PPV cost, avoiding the result and watching 'as live'.
  3. Do we put the subs names in a hat and just pull out names to see who comes on?
  4. Watt looks done, time to give Long a runout.
  5. Hull concede an injury time equaliser at Leeds but go on to win 9-8 on penalties. James Scott converted his successfully (was one of the original 5 Hull penalty takers).
  6. Making no assumptions about the outcome of this game, especially with our unconvincing form so far this season. But. With the reports that Israel are set to go into a 3 week national Covid lockdown, this could have an impact on the likely opponents / match location awaiting the winners. Even if Shapoel Beer-Sheva can travel to Albania I would doubt UEFA will expect Coleraine or ourselves to travel to Israel if Hapoel win that tie on Thursday.
  7. The streaming of games is bringing a fresh aspect to the Scottish game. I assume Euan Anderson added 9 and a half additional minutes at the end to make up for the time that my stream was down?
  8. Judging by that list of rules it looks like actually attending a match will be as passive an experience as watching a stream (albeit the picture won't freeze/disappear every 10 minutes if you're there). In fact having to sit silently for 90 minutes may be a more frustrating experience, unable to 'get involved' emotionally, shouting encouragement (tho I suspect for some on here it may be more likely to be abuse), singing, cheering a goal, shouting abuse at shitehawk referees. All the things that are part of supporting your team.
  9. The way the draw worked last time was that they had 13 groups of 6 teams, the seeded teams being 1 to 3 and the unseeded being 4 to 6 in each. One ball was drawn from each, so for example 1 and 6. Another ball was chosen to indicate which of the two would be at home. If this made team 1 the home team then the team allocated ball 1 would be at home to the team allocated ball 6 IN ALL 13 groups. By chance it worked out that all seeded teams were at home in those 13 groups. There were also additional groups that had contained 8 teams. In those, some of the unseeded teams were drawn at home.
  10. Think it'll be a tough match and not too fussy how we win as long as we progress on the night. Losing DT this week hasn't been ideal timing preparation wise and makes it tougher for us. If we lose this one and I read any shite in the press about Diddy teams harming Scotland's coeffient and making life more difficult for the Bigot Brothers (despite Celtic's capitulation last night) I'll fecking lose it.
  11. and unless they score in the next 10 minutes the lure of the Champions League will disappear for DT.
  12. From the BBC: - Former Falkirk forward Alan Gow has returned to the Scottish League One club as head of football operations. The 37-year-old and chairman Gary Deans hope his "contacts and experience of scouting and performance analysis" will help return them to the top flight
  13. Couldn't agree more. DT has signed contracts twice over the last 18 months that has allowed us to maximise the fee we receive. He could have let his contract run down in the same way that Hastie did but chose to sign a new deal in January 2019. The extension last season also means he still has a couple of years on his contract now. Wish he was going elsewhere but good luck to the lad.
  14. O'Donnell and Lang in for Grimshaw and Long.

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