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  1. I thought the word was that we had been looking to extend the loan but Wigan wanted him back as they couldn't score in the proverbial barrel?
  2. Griffiths played in the 4-0 game at Dens a few years back. I'm sure Jamie Murphy got a couple that day.
  3. Credit too to Les Hutchison for doubling the money paid back by the Trust over the last year/18 months.
  4. It's a good read for a Well fan, the quality of some Kindle books can be a bit iffy. I didnt see any problems witb this one.
  5. There's a kindle version of the Alex Smith book on Amazon for a fiver.
  6. Bobby Moore would have been in the Fulham side?
  7. That may have been the shortest ever competitive debut by a Well player who has actually started the game. Hope Long is ok and fit enough for a run out against Morton.
  8. Is Joanna Lumley still in The Avengers or was she in the New Avengers?
  9. Stuart Webber, the Norwich Sporting Director, made it clear it was Turnbull's decision not to sign for Norwich. Also had a pop at Celtic' s tweet in the article: - "He was with us on Thursday, talks went well and we rolled out the red carpet - as we would - and he chose Celtic, which was his choice," City's sporting director explained. "Good player, good lad, good representatives, he's chosen a great club. I'm not sure I would have chosen them after the way they spoke about me in the media but that's his choice
  10. Bit unfair speculating that any 'info" McManus has could have been leaked from Hammell. Wasn't McManus working as an SFA coach based at Braidhurst? More likely he's heard one of the countless rumours going round and decided it was worth tweeting to make himself sound knowledgeable.
  11. When Zak Jules joined I'm ashamed to say I thought he'd be a little bit shit even before I saw him. Got to admit I massively overestimated his ability. On a similar note to Ross McCormack the return of Brian McClair also looked like a brilliant signing at the time.
  12. Does that mean then that we can stop reaming the Club for accepting the only bid that meets our valuation rather than the numerous better ones that were inevitably coming from down south?
  13. The thing about loan deals is that it allows you to bring in a player that you normally wouldn't be able to afford. While we may have been paying a % of the wages of the loan players we've brought in their parent clubs are also footing part of the bill. It's the reason we were able to bring in guys like Ruddy and the Juke from Everton and is the reason guys like Aldred were never likely to sign permanently. Unless they're dross it benefits everyone. The player gets experience and development, the parent club gets (hopefully) a better player after the loan, and we get to build a squad while balancing the books. Acknowledge it's not ideal to get players from the same division but sometimes opportunities arise that the club and coaching staff think will allow us to compete. Might not work in everyday work scenarios though I'm sure if you offered my employer a chance to bring in staff and only pay a % of their wages they'd bite your hand off.
  14. No idea what clauses were in the 2 and a half year deal he signed but it's worth bearing in mind that during January the rumours were that his agent didn't want him to sign any extension with us. If that had happened Turnbull would also be walking away in the same way as Hastie, leaving us with either a development fee or, worse still, wondering what we'd end up with from an SPFL tribunal. In that instance just getting £3million and add-ons would have seemed like a bit of a result!
  15. Reading the article seems to suggest it's cut and dried, we've offered a new contract so if anyone signs Hastie we're entitled to 400 grand development compensation. Is it as cut and dried as that? Not really sure how these things work but if it's so black and white why the dispute over the compensation fee when Lewis Ferguson joined Aberdeen after leaving the Accies?

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