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  1. Turnbull one of the U21 players who tested positive for Covid.
  2. Normally I love a Cup run but winning next week gives us yet another game in December. I'd be happy to forget the LC this season and give a few of the young guys a run out next week.
  3. If both Maguire and Campbell are missing I assume O'Hara will move into centre-midfield with big Bevin back at centre-half.
  4. Dom Thomas and Euan Murray doing the business again, 2 up against the Hertz with 10 to go.
  5. So between December 5th and January 2nd we currently have 7 league games. Luckily we do have 2 spare midweeks in there to schedule these 2 games, if the SPFL finally come to a decision at the end of November and feel that impacted clubs shouldn't be punished for Covid outbreaks and players self-isolating. Of course if that is the case it means we could have 9 games in those 4 weeks. I'd imagine that will be difficult for us to manage with a fairly small squad and could increase our injury problems. As people are saying though, its not fair to punish the impacted clubs.
  6. I think they'll keep their cards close to their chests to be honest, I think you're likely to see some poker faces from the authorities rather than honesty about players breaking restrictions.
  7. Assume we join the League Cup at the Round 2 stage at the end of November?
  8. Belter of a 'Halloween' match-day poster on the 'Fishel Club Twitter page.
  9. Jordan Archer signs until January as goalkeeping cover reports the official site.
  10. The BBC Gossip quoting a story from The Sun, St Mirren confident Track and Trace will clear most of the squad for this Saturday's game v the Accies.
  11. Ross's comments on the BBC website: - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54592850
  12. Official site shows Hemfrey joined age 10 in 2012. Left aged 18 this summer. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/player/robbie-hemfrey/ 10k from 12-15 is quoted but I assume we get nothing for training until 2014?
  13. Strange situation with Scotland Under-19s, friendly against England abandoned during the first half, with England 3-1 up, as Coach Billy Stark had tested positive for Covid. All players must now self-isolate for 14 days. No Well players in there but Stuart McKinstry was part of the squad.
  14. Boris Johnson encouraging people to go back to cinemas to support them, obviously sitting within an enclosed cinema is safer than sitting out in the open at football.
  15. If they postpone the game will the PPV orders be replaced by one of Jim Goodwin's head exploding? That could be quite a show.

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