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  1. Splitting hairs I know but, if the extension clause was still active, he could have been justified in arguing that at that point his contract was due to expire in the summer, the trigger for the additional 1 year not having been met at that time.
  2. Stick with Kelly 100%, the higher the league position the more prize money we get. With lost income this season and a drop in season ticket income next, we can't afford to sacrifice a league position or 2 to give Morrison first team games.
  3. Livingston also have a game against Rangers midweek, hopefully their efforts today and on Wednesday night will sap the energy levels a fair bit ahead of the game at FP.
  4. I'd love a win too obviously but if we don't get one it's no dramas.
  5. Tough ask tomorrow, I'd happily take a performance similar to the Rangers game and coming away with a point. We need to be resolute in defence and hope that when Martin Boyle's vertigo hits as soon as he gets into our box that the referee isn't taken in by it.
  6. Warzone. Catch him and the boys online.
  7. The 'we'll stick together and we'll be ok as our form is better than the rest of the bottom 4'? I thought it was a load of shite.
  8. If Gallagher and the numerous others are all genuinely injured (including the new signings) then fair enough, I have no reason to doubt it, even if the timing was unfortunate in Gallagher's case. Probably a consequence of Covid and the restrictions being in place for so long, but there certainly seems to be a feeling of a disconnect between the Club and the fans going by many of the comments here. That could also be down to having a poor season too. What I will say is if we don't see Gallagher again this season, as well as some of the January signings then people will suspect that the Club aren't being entirely honest with them. That might make fans less inclined to stump up for watching games next season rather than holding the Club to its commitment on season tickets purchased for this season. I'll be honest though, I'm more pissed off that we have a senior player, and an international at that, telling me after 2 embarrassing non-performances that if we don't win games it's no drama. At a time when fans are looking for any solace available that is a real kick in the balls.
  9. Our best chance of picking up points here is that there is enough rain in Paisley to waterlog the pitch and get it postponed for a few weeks until we have players back. Irony is that we're having to play this game with so many players out because St Mirren were allowed to postpone it first time round as they had a few of their first team squad out.
  10. Sticking with the short bye kick routine, and the fact that the opposition have all sussed we aren't very good at it, is actually reminiscent of Gannon's determination to stick to the routine where the 'keeper had to roll the ball forward to Hately (facing his own goal) to build play. The opposition knew that by pushing a couple of players on to Hately when the 'keeper had the ball they could put us in trouble. All very well if you then push the ball wide instead and take those 2 players out the game but it appeared we had to stick to that instruction no matter what.
  11. It was an excuse to get a pisspoor 'clam' pun in there. I'll stop now.
  12. He seems to have clammed up about that one.
  13. Something a bit fishy about that mussel injury story.

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