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  1. Ballso

    Motherwell Fantasy Kits

    PSL will have control over which manufacturer they choose, subject to final club approval I’m sure. Howver, they do seem to have consistency across the different professional teams they are contracted for. Both ourselves and Hibs with Macron, with Dundee moving to the same supplier next season.
  2. Ballso

    Where are the bois?

    Big Derek Townsley doing the same when he moved to Hibs had the same folk spitting feathers!
  3. Ballso

    2018'19 Game 3: Rangers (H) Sunday 26th August

    What a shout this is... Johnson was done in after 75 as had ran himself into the ground. The other change was bringing an attacking player on for a defensive midfielder. Robinson has gone for it at that point and had 4 forward players on the field chasing an equaliser.
  4. Ballso

    Bullying claim

    I’m not sure the club should have anything to do with it anyway. It’s between Robinson and the player. I’d imagine any statement would be issued via the LMA if SR is a member of that union.
  5. Ballso

    2018/19 season tickets

    Other team’s forum users have taken to doing “Dot Counts” on a game by game basis to see how many seats have been sold!
  6. Ballso

    2018/19 season tickets

    Are they not greyed out because people already hold those seats or they are being held back for existing holders until the cut off point?
  7. Ballso

    Cup Final Strip

    Change of sponsor for next year I’m sure so wearing of this year’s strip will be to meet contractual obligations for McEwen Fraser.
  8. Ballso

    Cup Final Strip

    Yeah, they signed a deal last year to take over from Just Sports who do the Nike strips and dodgy Avec training gear.
  9. Ballso

    Cup Final Strip

    PSL are actually in a similar role at Easter Road as they are with us. The only thing is that as they play in green, I reckon that they are in a better position of having more choice of training kit. However, I believe we have renewed our deal with Macron so you may find that things have changed slight from next season. You’ll also notice that from when they joined on board that their logo has only ever appeared on the strips and not on the programme, pitch side boards, etc.
  10. Ballso

    Cup Final Strip

    Even puma managed it for us until they were binned though!
  11. Ballso

    Scottish Premiership Game 30 :Celtic (H) 18/03/18 14:15

    Burrows says on Twitter that it’s now been reduced to £500 to appeal a red card and this is refunded if successful.
  12. Ballso

    Scottish Premiership Game 30 :Celtic (H) 18/03/18 14:15

    With Thomson so quick to dish out the red card despite not even seeing it, I actually thought it may have been the 4th official who called it!
  13. Ballso

    New Kit For Season 2017-18

    Design of the training kit, weve been provided with black and white gear with some random Dortmund yellow thrown in. They also have the zip up jackets similar to the Bukta style ones that were a big success when they were on sale.
  14. Ballso

    New Kit For Season 2017-18

    Surprised that we are sticking with Macron, unless we still have a year to run on a deal. I noticed that our u20s seem to be using last seasons away strip instead of this years and wondered if there had been supply problems. I would hope too that the quality of the training gear and merchandise improves from their side as it looks like we are a poor relation to Hibs in that regard, despite both deals being via PSL.
  15. Caught the bit where they watched a replay of the penalty for the first time and there was laughter all round. It was that bad, Miller forgot about the huff he was in about Aberdeen getting pummelled.

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