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  1. Unlike our Wes, he had nane…
  2. Here’s the stats to show you up. A very strange hill to die on btw… https://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=15230&season_id=137
  3. Can you give clear examples of what optics and poor decision making AB has been guilty of? Not a criticism of you, just a question.
  4. If only we would use the proper colours more. I’ve noticed more often now that we’re using single coloured crests on a lot of strips and training kit.
  5. On that basis, we’ll have nothing to worry about given we’re not under an SNP controlled council then? Why is it not a good sign then in your opinion?
  6. Aberdeen allowed almost 25% capacity for their euro tie next week.
  7. Ballso


    Really sad news, I’ve known Andy for years going back to the days of the supporter’s buses.
  8. The low gradient of the stand may make it difficult to have a readable wording on the amber section. Although I do agree with your point on alternating the colours, that puts it out of line with the Cooper and South stands
  9. The centre section is Amber to match the other newer stands. Not sure if there will be claret wording to it
  10. That was a training top for that season and had to be used due to our clashes against Partick I think. It was similar to the England national shirt at the time.
  11. Although both the Accies and St Johnstone games were absolute shit shows, there’s a bit of mitigation in each of them that I’m willing to cut GA some slack on. Obviously we started poorly against Hamilton but played a large chunk of the game with 10 men. I didn’t realise until today that St Johnstone have won 7 out of their last 12, only losing to the OF. Given that run of form and our very much patchwork team, we were always going to struggle. Taking both of those games out of the equation we have more than competed in every other game since GA came in and look like a totally different team from the turn of the year.
  12. Maybe different if you’re the home team then
  13. There is a Covid protocol that says only playing members of squad and required officials go to matches. Doesn’t explain Morelos’ appearance at ibrox a few weeks ago mind you...
  14. We didn’t but don’t let that get in your way

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