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  1. There’s two different parts to this: Furlough - a scheme offered by the Government to pay 80% of wages while unable to trade. PAYE - HMRC are offering companies the opportunity to delay payment of their tax for a period. The report I read said that it would be the latter that may cause issues for clubs looking to pay a transfer fee. I don’t think anything has come out to say we’ve asked for a tax payment holiday.
  2. Look at the difference in the response to the EPL statement yesterday, not one team immediately released a statement demanding or decrying anything. The SPFL have lost control of clubs up here and dance to the tune of whoever shouts the loudest. That shows a real lack of leadership from the very top.
  3. I’ll likely have these but will need to check as they are spread about a bit!
  4. First part is good but not sure how you work out the second part about the OF getting more? The payment for a live fixture was reduced from about £82,500 to around £30,000 a few years ago. This was because clubs lucky enough to be on tv once and put out were earning vastly more than teams making it through 3 or 4 rounds!
  5. What Trust got their fingers burnt and in why way? Local amateur team associated with a former Celtic player got their Councillors in toe with them and got it thrown out on the basis that they wouldn’t have first dibs on the pitches
  6. Ballso

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Scotland Youth international Reece McAleer attracting the interest of Leicester and West Ham. Could be another to travel the same path as McKinstry and leaving before a first team appearance.
  7. Harry Hood, who I didn’t realise played with us dies aged 74. Mostly thought of as being a Celtic player but built a huge business across Lanarkshire too.
  8. There is no other football this weekend until the FA Cup Final at 5pm. Surely they could relaxed the blackout period for this round of fixtures?
  9. Hope you caught him before he seen red...
  10. This is the guy who wasn’t afraid to clear out the deadwood left by McGhee, including binning players like Pearson, McDonald, Lasley and McManus?!
  11. Ballso

    2019-20 Rebuild

    There was a job advert posted a couple of months ago in advance of Lewis Irons leaving for this role. It seems they have not replaced like for like there. She is one of the people who have been doing the extra filming of games this season too.
  12. PSL will have control over which manufacturer they choose, subject to final club approval I’m sure. Howver, they do seem to have consistency across the different professional teams they are contracted for. Both ourselves and Hibs with Macron, with Dundee moving to the same supplier next season.
  13. Ballso

    Where are the bois?

    Big Derek Townsley doing the same when he moved to Hibs had the same folk spitting feathers!
  14. What a shout this is... Johnson was done in after 75 as had ran himself into the ground. The other change was bringing an attacking player on for a defensive midfielder. Robinson has gone for it at that point and had 4 forward players on the field chasing an equaliser.
  15. I’m not sure the club should have anything to do with it anyway. It’s between Robinson and the player. I’d imagine any statement would be issued via the LMA if SR is a member of that union.

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