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  1. a midfielder who scored 10 goals last season does not excite you? that is exactly what we need! we don't have that in our midfield just now im sure the deal will be an agree termination of his contract - St J probably happy to get him off the wage bill. And as much as this doesn't excite me, I do also think its definitely an area we need to look - we've not signed a competent LB since we re-signed Hammell
  2. both games were sub 4000 then - compare that to the 2002/3 season, both games against Thistle were over the 6k mark - overall im sure that means less home fans but less away fans will have travelled too going back 5 years before that, I bet the figure would've been around 7/8000 - the east stand used to be packed for "normal" games, you used to have to even queue for a piss!! numbers are dwindling, we are losing fans right left and centre - I don't know what the answer is but we have definitely lost a generation of fans. How do we get them back? Cost is important, very important but it's not the only issue we have
  3. i also gave up my ST a few seasons ago due to family commitments and now only attend games very sparingly it does pain me to pay in, but that's probably down to having a ST for over 20yrs but its just not VFM, especially when I was charged £12 for a 2yr old who ended up sleeping for about an hour I watched the highlights last night of the thistle game and could not believe how sparsely populated the east stand was - our numbers must be going down and down
  4. Remember Pearo will be back in January!
  5. I've heard that story - does someone on here want to take ownership?!?!?!
  6. weesacs

    Pre Season?

    Saturdays game against Dumbarton will be the U20s and Sunday will be the "first team" - so whatever team McGhee sets out that day, will give us an indication of how we are likely to line up the following week was the trialist the other night not McHugh? just not registered in time to play? I'm not overly fussed about results, players need game time - come the end of the league cup games, if we look rotten and unfit, then I will start to worry
  7. weesacs

    League Cup 2016/17

    I honestly thought out game against Rangers would've been at Ibrox - less chance of trouble there, they can keep us in the stadium for 30mins after the game etc - that wont happen at Fir Park The club are in a no win situation - this game is a bit of a powder keg, the club are doing everything they can so that they do not fall foul of the report. If you have been going for years, surely you must know someone who also sits in there who could get you a ticket??
  8. you're more on the ball than me then - I've never noticed that!
  9. I actually like reading that guys tweets and I always thought he was pretty accurate
  10. I don't know if I agree with that - if it was all about ££ for Skippy, I don't think he'd have come back to us initially - surely he has enough tucked away from his 8yrs at Celtic, Boro and Millwall I totally agree with the chasing the ££ situation, however I don't think it is relevant in this case
  11. i believe so, more to it than meets the eye I think the boy has merited some amount of unwarranted abuse - IMO, he was decent, he was steady, never a standout but done a job
  12. he's heading to the south coast people (fans) need to realise that this football malarkey is a job, these guys play football to earn money. and that is the exact same reason I go to my work. yes, we would all love players to show some loyalty to our team, but money talks and I don't have a problem with that. are we as a club showing loyalty to Hammell or Lasley for what they have given this club by offering them 40% less wages? from whats been said on here, he wanted comparable terms with the likes of Kennedy and Laing, we never delivered on that. so he's decided to not sign a new deal and see what is out there - he's got a new team earning probably way more money and is still very much young enough to learn from better players at a bigger club rumours were that Hutchy was on £4k per week - how can anyone turn their back on that kind of money - you cant
  13. McGhee has never been an Ainsworth fan - so no surprises to me, if he's told to find another club whether its a cash sale or a negotiated release. Has Ben Hall signed his contract yet? What about a new RB? I know there's a few on here asking for Luke Watt to be given a chance, but I don't think he's ready. Maybe with these cup games coming up he might be given another chance
  14. is there anyone on here who actually helps or volunteers to assist the Well Society?

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