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  1. I would definatly like to see Bowman, Belic and Blyth shown the door. Louie Laing as well when he comes back from the loan spell. Id keep Lucas, hes shown enough in the county game alone that hes a decent player. I think if we bring moore back(if fit) then we have enough strikers with Mackin there as well. Pearson returning does not excite me one bit. We need another creative midfielder for sure. Been needing that for four seasons or so.

    a midfielder who scored 10 goals last season does not excite you? that is exactly what we need! we don't have that in our midfield just now


    Is he not contracted with St.Johnstone until the end of this season? If so, it would cost us to buy out the remainder of his contract. And we have NO MONEY.

    im sure the deal will be an agree termination of his contract - St J probably happy to get him off the wage bill. And as much as this doesn't excite me, I do also think its definitely an area we need to look - we've not signed a competent LB since we re-signed Hammell


    Surprisingly the attendance on Saturday wasn't far off the first home fixture against Thistle last season (Craigan's first game in interim charge). 204 down which given the publicity surrounding the road closure, weather, Dundee result etc is less than I was expecting it to be.


    26th September 2015 - Motherwell 2 - 1 Partick Thistle att: 3,963

    19th November 2016 - Motherwell 2 - 0 Partick Thistle att: 3,759

    both games were sub 4000 then - compare that to the 2002/3 season, both games against Thistle were over the 6k mark - overall im sure that means less home fans but less away fans will have travelled too


    going back 5 years before that, I bet the figure would've been around 7/8000 - the east stand used to be packed for "normal" games, you used to have to even queue for a piss!!


    numbers are dwindling, we are losing fans right left and centre - I don't know what the answer is but we have definitely lost a generation of fans. How do we get them back? Cost is important, very important but it's not the only issue we have

  3. i also gave up my ST a few seasons ago due to family commitments and now only attend games very sparingly


    it does pain me to pay in, but that's probably down to having a ST for over 20yrs but its just not VFM, especially when I was charged £12 for a 2yr old who ended up sleeping for about an hour


    I watched the highlights last night of the thistle game and could not believe how sparsely populated the east stand was - our numbers must be going down and down

  4. It does however bring back another more amusing memory of his glorious debut- the bold Jim Leighton turning and giving the Cooper Stand the big "Come On!!!" as they scored a last minute winner...about 10 seconds before an irate Cooper patron decided to go on the park to ahem "continue the conversation". Bandy legged fucker...


    I've heard that story - does someone on here want to take ownership?!?!?!

  5. Saturdays game against Dumbarton will be the U20s and Sunday will be the "first team" - so whatever team McGhee sets out that day, will give us an indication of how we are likely to line up the following week


    was the trialist the other night not McHugh? just not registered in time to play?


    I'm not overly fussed about results, players need game time - come the end of the league cup games, if we look rotten and unfit, then I will start to worry

  6. So basically you can only get tickets for the POD stand if you have a season ticket? Pretty poor stuff in my opinion, i've been going to that stand for years and because i don't have a season ticket i'll now need to move even though the 2000 or so seats that they're using won't be sold out.I don't really see the need for such strict conditions i mean it's not a match of the same importance as the playoff so why is it not treated in a similar way to when we play Celtic.



    I'm the same as you but hoping one of my season ticket holding mates are away on holiday so I can use his allocation.


    I honestly thought out game against Rangers would've been at Ibrox - less chance of trouble there, they can keep us in the stadium for 30mins after the game etc - that wont happen at Fir Park


    The club are in a no win situation - this game is a bit of a powder keg, the club are doing everything they can so that they do not fall foul of the report. If you have been going for years, surely you must know someone who also sits in there who could get you a ticket??




    He has a terrible habit of deleting tweets that don't turn out to be true and has posted many times things that never came to pass. Sure he was the source of Van Der Gaag had been offered the deal as manager before Baraclough.


    That said, I personally think Skippy will be away. Just wait until a more concrete source confirms.

    you're more on the ball than me then - I've never noticed that!

  8. Hope Skippy stays. But being 33 in August I could completely understand him chasing more money for what is likely his last couple of years playing.


    I don't know if I agree with that - if it was all about ££ for Skippy, I don't think he'd have come back to us initially - surely he has enough tucked away from his 8yrs at Celtic, Boro and Millwall


    I totally agree with the chasing the ££ situation, however I don't think it is relevant in this case

  9. he's heading to the south coast


    people (fans) need to realise that this football malarkey is a job, these guys play football to earn money. and that is the exact same reason I go to my work. yes, we would all love players to show some loyalty to our team, but money talks and I don't have a problem with that. are we as a club showing loyalty to Hammell or Lasley for what they have given this club by offering them 40% less wages?


    from whats been said on here, he wanted comparable terms with the likes of Kennedy and Laing, we never delivered on that. so he's decided to not sign a new deal and see what is out there - he's got a new team earning probably way more money and is still very much young enough to learn from better players at a bigger club


    rumours were that Hutchy was on £4k per week - how can anyone turn their back on that kind of money - you cant

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  10. If we've to sell a player, I don't think Ainsworth going for a pittance will solve that.


    The only players in our team that could go for a reasonable fee this summer would be Moult and Johnson.


    McGhee has never been an Ainsworth fan - so no surprises to me, if he's told to find another club whether its a cash sale or a negotiated release.

    Has Ben Hall signed his contract yet?

    What about a new RB? I know there's a few on here asking for Luke Watt to be given a chance, but I don't think he's ready. Maybe with these cup games coming up he might be given another chance

  11. Killie are due 90,000 Euros for every year he was there so roughly £220,000.


    The total cost for Aberdeen including VAT would be £260,000. A lot of money for Craig Slater.


    serious question - how does this work? what if Aberdeen or anyone refuse to pay that kind of money? he cant sign for anyone until he is over the age of 24?

  12. Johnson is the 1 for me that championship clubs could go for as he's young and got something different in his locker really think he can turn out to be a great player in the future and if we stick to our guns can see a million coming our way as he must be worth that if players like goodwillie can fetch over 2 million not too long ago

    there were reports about Jason Cummings going to Wolves for £1m - I'd take Cummings over Johnson most days.

    I'd love it if we were to get £1m but I honestly can not see it

  13. Chalmers is terrible - doesn't even look like a footballer. One of the main areas we need to strengthen in the summer is LB - Hammy's last injury seems to have taken its toll. When he doesn't play, you notice we miss his presence, calmness and balance he brings to the team.


    We have tried for many seasons now to bring someone in to push / challenge him, but no one has ever been anywhere near him.


    Unfortunately we don't have a youngster at the club who is a natural left back who is ready to play 1st team football

  14. I don't think Rankin is a bad shout - decent player who has kept himself very fit

    he'll be looking for the best financial deal possible for himself and I don't think that is something that we can offer


    I'd be reasonably happy if we signed him but I certainly wouldn't be overly disappointed if we didn't sign him - we have enough experience in the team to help bring through the youngsters


    Big Mick seems to take a lot of stick - I actually like him a lot, he speaks very well of the club and his experience is invaluable to some of the younger guys he brings through, I think out of all of them, if I had to lose one it would be Hammy. However, you only need to look at how many times we have tried to replace him or bring in a competitor and he has come out on top every single time

  15. what the chances of McGhee getting the Celtic job? I think he will want it! he's always wanted it! but what kind of impact does that have on how we prepare for next season?


    does Fletchers contract expire at the end of this season?

  16. lets put some positive spin on some of this negativity


    IF we had beaten Killie, we'd be sitting 8th - not 11th, and IF we go and beat Utd tonight, we'd then be joint 6th on goal difference


    Its not panned out this way, and as much as I think we can't lose tonight because it will cause a meltdown - we are not a million miles away from those above us. A win tonight will move us to 8th and leave Utd 13 points behind Killie


    I do agree that our next 5 games are very important as they are all against teams round about us


    we are certainly good enough to win 5 games between now and the end of the season - but we, as a team, need to cut out the silly mistakes


    since the turn of the year.....Accies - 2 dropped points, Dundee - 2 dropped points, Thistle - 1 dropped point - my point being, those 5 points would have us on 31points (17 ahead of Utd) and winning tonight's game would have put us 4th!!


    Yes, its bad that we are 11th - but from those 3 games alone, that's the difference a late goal can make - we are not a million miles away

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  17. Andy you know how much I love the podcast, and I would have loved to be there - but midweek just doesn't suit me due to family and work commitments. For me personally, a midweek just doesn't suit - there would be too much running around from work, take the weans somewhere for someone to watch them, back to the house to drop the car off, then how do I get to Motherwell? How do I get the kids back?


    I thought your panel were excellent and as someone else mentioned, its great that you got the commitment from some of the guys who still hold the club close to their heart - I hope it doesn't put them or others off in future


    keep up the good work and don't be disheartened - maybe one reason why the podcast is so successful is because there are more folk like me out there who have busy family lives and the podcast is a great way to catch up on the go, or when the kids are sleeping

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  18. Does anyone else feel that this process seems to take too long? I can understand the theory that the club must take time to get the right man but back in November the process was lengthy and it appears now that we got the wrong man.


    Dundee Utd have been manager-less for 10 days and could be close, if rumour is to believed in appointing shortly. Liverpool look as though they will take less than 7 days to appointment.


    It is now 2 weeks since Baraclough was sacked with no real sign that we will hear news any time soon. It took from Wednesday to the following Monday for the board to even meet to decide the way forward. It just all seems a bit slow.


    I know that in business these appointments can take time for a number of reasons, but they say that in football a week is a long time so it would seem that maybe what is an acceptable timescale in business may not be in football.


    Maybe I am just getting frustrated by the lack of news but there does seem to be me to be a slight lack of urgency both this time and the last time.

    this is exactly why Motherwell cant win - they want to make the best appointment - that takes time. Liverpool without a doubt had their targets sounded out even before Rogers was sacked. Just because the club are keeping their cards close to their chest and not making announcements every day does not mean that the people behind the scenes are not working hard to get a replacement in. Many people who fancied the Motherwell job, may have then seen McNamara go and decide that they would rather manage Utd than ourselves. Everything these guys do is with the clubs best interests at heart - rightly or wrongly, we just have to bide our time and be patient............and try to get this post to 100 pages before the manager is appointed!!


    Anyone think that Stubbs could be in the frame? He was close to getting job when McCall was appointed and is not guaranteed to get to SPFL with Hibs. Has experience of bringing through youth with Everton too

    I would think he is on more money at Hibs than he would be with us. Although Hibs are in the Championship - without a doubt they are a bigger club than us. Better facilities and more money on offer to attract players. I would expect to see them back in the Premiership very soon

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