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  1. Not spectacular but for me a very positive improvement in attitude and work rate more than anything else. If you work hard, other things fall into place. Thought McManus and Kennedy were very good, until late on where thistle went for a more physical presence. The last few weeks I've mentioned law getting more abuse than he deserves, like most teams I felt thistle targeted our RHS. I don't think that's because Law is garbage, I think it's more to do with Ainsworths lack of defensive duties. Thought Grimshaw did well today and was always looking to play out with a pass. I certainly wouldn't be unhappy if he played there again Pearo made a difference and was delighted he played the full game. Hope he can rest up for next week. Not only his physical game but it was good to see him getting on at skippy quite a few times, because I think some don't want to have a go at him. If we can get RB sorted, I think grimshaw and pearo in the middle would be good. Ainsworth frustrates the life out of me, some great runs, good crosses and a few chances of a goal. He had a point to prove yday, I just wish he could be more helpful defensively and be more consistent - but if he could, he wouldn't be playing with us. Moulty knocked his pan in again - bit of a thankless task especially when he was getting booted all over the park. As mentioned earlier would be good to see him and fletcher together. Someone else mentioned adding skippy to those 2 and I think if you were to do that, you'd need to play with a diamond in midfield which means exposing our full backs even more as well as losing ainsworth and Johnson The boy muirhead looked good. Big and strong. If we had money to spend earlier. We should have been involved in trying to bring him to FP before he went to Utd All in all, a much needed 3 points and as Craggs said, it didn't matter how we played just get the win. We did and I'm happy and hope we can push on albeit against a difficult run of games
  2. Chalmers, Leitch, Taylor, Johnson, Robinson - shouldn't be in contention for Saturday's game Whilst I cant argue with some folk having the opinion that Skippy has done hee haw this season and that his attitude is questionable - there is no doubt he has quality, he needs to play, but he needs to play in the right position Thomas was the one player last night who actually showed it mattered last night - he should never have been subbed, however, when Skippy and Ainsworth came on - you could see the difference in tempo straight away. Samson, Law, Kennedy, Mick, Hammy, Ainsworth, Grimshaw, Lasley, Thomas, Skippy, Moult - 442, that has to be the team for Saturday If there are any hidden T&Cs with Taylor's contract, with regards to that he must play every week - then I'd happily see him return to Reading Leitch - lots of people on here gave Carswell stick, but this pre season and so far into this season, every time I have seen Leitch - he looks a mile out, constantly giving the ball away - I'd rather have Carswell in the team than Leitch I mentioned in another thread that I liked the look of Grimshaw - and last night did not change that, but when he has the ball, no one is making a run or wanting to take it off him Patrick is certainly going to easier than Dundee - but something has to change Robinson should never play for us again - Thomas was right to have a go at him last night, and I would love to have seen/heard what was said after FT last night Chalmers - cost us the Accies game and last night I was not impressed either Someone mentioned it earlier - altho Las is getting on, and Hammy is not what he used to be - you sure do miss those players & personalities when they are not playing COYW
  3. Luke Watt wont be appearing in the first team for a while 1st half against Accies, I thought Barra got it right - he changed our set up and we managed to nullify the threat of Ali Crawford - something we haven't done for seasons. However, our widemen didn't track back enough and there were several times where their full backs were in acres of space - there is no surprise that's where the goal came from, however it should still have been avoided. I still feel Law is getting more and more stick than he deserves. There were many times where our widemen are not tracking back, he needs to leave his man to close another player down - Accies were clever and exploited it. Everyone has a job to do, and if someone doesn't do it - there is a knock on effect somewhere in the chain I liked the look of Grimshaw again - willing to get stuck in and looks as if he can make a pass - however, to do this, he needs to have options - players need to want to take the ball. We can't go for wholesale changes from Saturday and we need to go with a strong team - we had chances on Saturday, if we could've taken one - the score could've been so different. East Fife proved we need to be on our game. Morton won't be pushovers and certainly will be fitter and not run out of steam Samson Law Kennedy Mick Hammy Lasley Grimshaw Ainsworth Taylor Robinson / Thomas Moult
  4. granted it doesnt happen very often, but the other night the guy deserved it - for a player who is playing 3 leagues below us and has only just came into the professional game - he ran our defenders ragged. He looked quick, strong and had a few wee tricks as well as scoring the goal. i would never do it on a league game - but he definitely deserved the ovation he got
  5. As has been mentioned - Dom Thomas, he should be starting on Saturday I was disappointed in Leitch - gave the ball away far too often miles worse!
  6. weesacs

    Baraclough Out

    it wasn't - maybe I should have worded that part better - I was trying to point out that Moult done what he could, he actually done well to get a great shot away and the GK pulled off a great save - that is not the managers fault If you were there last night, would you not agree that Robinson went mental on quite a few occasions, appearing to tell the players that he was not happy??
  7. weesacs

    Baraclough Out

    I'm still behind Barra - for me the players need to take some responsibility. On too many occasions, the ball was launched forward - I'm pretty sure that was not in the managers plans. When you play a pass to someone, more often that not it should be to feet - not waist height. That's not the manager doing that - that is the players The players need a kick up the backside - the two centre halves were both given the run around last night by Austin and he fully deserved the standing ovation from the Well fans. Skippy missing a sitter, hitting the post from a free kick, their GK pulling off a great save from Moult - again this is not the manager, it is the players. Dom Thomas was our MOTM last night by a country mile - and he came on at HT. If he does not start on Saturday, I will be extremely disappointed - and the lad himself should be too
  8. I've watched him in every game he has played since he was born, this includes every training session - every time he plays, he averages putting his hands on other players 223 times a game
  9. anyone but Falkirk for me- they are a decent team. Since these games are Tues/Wed night, I really don't fancy an away trip to East Fife, Berwick or Stranraer! (I'd take Berwick though, so I could tick it off my list!) is it live anywhere? (wishful thinking!) or do they now just do these draws in front of representatives of the clubs involved so the draw can be published on twitter?
  10. John Rankin was on Sportsound a while back, they were talking about Andy Robertson's rise to stardom............Rankin, who seems genuine and has been around the block enough to have his head screwed on, said all the guys at United were talented - but that is not enough. It's attitude that lets you take the next step. A lot of players who were there before Robertson and are still there now, were there because they didn't want it enough, they were "molly cuddled" - given the best of everything. Andy Robertson didn't have that - he was at Queens Park - had to do everything himself, and when he got a chance at that level he took it. When he got the chance at Utd - he took it. When he got the chance at Hull - he took it. I'm hoping some of the guys that have come in - have this same attitude. Fletcher, Moult - both want to score goals - but how far do they want to go? We've given them a platform - they need to show the talent and that bit of needle that makes you stand out I loathe the man - but Neil Lennon is the perfect example. For a guy with no pace, he's had an excellent career, made a lot of money and won a load of trophies/medals
  11. current form? we've not played any competitive games yet.............every game we have played, players on, players off, Bara seeing if players can play in another position nothing is settled yet - it wasn't too long ago, we won all out pre season games and got pumped in the league and the other side of the coin, losing all our pre season games and having a belter of a season and an "attacking midfielder" - what is that exactly? I presume its not a wide man, because we've got them and you mention left mid cover - does Dom Thomas not count? or is an Attacking midfielder someone who goes forward but cant be arsed coming back? we had Vigurs last year and its not going to suit how Bara wants to set the team up I didn't think so - thought he kept giving the ball away. would like to see more of him though, but can't see him edging in front of hammell
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    Mfc Podcast

    excellent work guys - really enjoy listening to all the podcasts, have particularly enjoyed the ex player ones what about pestering one of the new guys? see how he is settling in, how did pre-season go? difference in football between England and Scotland - money, talent, stadiums, fans keep up the good work
  13. apparently not dynamic enough! maybe so, but those at the club and other players (who I am guessing know more than us) continue to say he is one of the fittest at the club, leading training sessions from the front
  14. there were Premiership teams after him - im guessing he chose to stay local than have to move
  15. we don't need to take bets mate - it will be DEWELL
  16. the reports I read were 750k, so a far cry from the £2m mentioned above as for Long, that one will be interesting - new Blades manager, they will start there pre-season after us, and I'm not convinced this one will go through early unless their manager has several other better candidates already on board
  17. Keith Watson ? Dylan McGeough?
  18. when do the players return for pre-season? - we all know motherwell do their deals on the hush now so we just have to be patient no one should be panicking that we haven't signed loads of players as of yet - that is just plain stupidity i'm guessing the players we are after probably have multiple suitors - players are not going to make an instant decision, they will mull it over and decide what suits them best if we get to 1 week before the season starts and we've still not signed anyone else - then you can hit the panic button
  19. that's the point I keep making - 10000 empty seats against Hibs - no mention of it. That's more than the full Broomloan Rd stand lying empty. I don't know why any of us are actually surprised - we know there is/has/and always will be a Glasgow bias
  20. to the above 3 posts - I know several who have tickets, all bought before yesterdays announcement - to be honest, they were bought before they had even beat Hibs because they had an idea it would be restricted but its not MFCs problem that you don't live close by - that's your choice. The club have acted in the best way they can - they were delivered a blow by Rangers and have acted quickly to make sure they went on sale as soon as they had them. As mentioned earlier, some folk had been queuing for hours whilst a decision had yet to be made eh? I'm the same as you. I've got kids, I've got a house, I don't have a ST anymore- I put money into the club - "don't deserve a ticket" - gies a break, the club have done as best as they can, the first time in a long time that we have stood up to this mob - yes you are disappointed, but the club still deserve some credit
  21. was this no 17? he caught my eye against Rangers - was very impressed. It definitely is an avenue we should be going down - Utd have been very impressive with who they have picked up, especially Andy Robertson who went from amateur to International and now a £10m player in a matter of seasons
  22. On a positive note, Barra's interview that appeared in the Sun the other day advised that he was at the Bechin v Alloa game looking at players..........that is the level we are it, people need to be realistic in what we can afford
  23. that's the big thing for me - who is going to create the chances for him? Sutty CAN and will score goals if you create chances for him. Higdon wouldn't score goals in this team either - its all about the other players playing to his strengths. I'm delighted if Skippy signs on for us - but Barra must adapt the way we play to get the best out of the guys who can put the ball in the back of the net - that is the only thing that matters now
  24. what about nicky clark from Rangers? James Collison on a free any more rumours/info about those leaving the club? what about a front 3 of Thomas, Erwin and Moore?

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