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  1. mark_gard

    Michael Fraser

    You having a laugh. Torres, Rooney, Drogba, Tevez, Van Persie there what u call top class premier strikers. Robbie Keane doesn't even come into their bracket. He's had his stint and he's now lost it
  2. mark_gard

    Betty Pryde

    R.I.P Betty
  3. mark_gard

    Jim O'Brien

    My mate just txt me, don't where he's heard the rumours from but he told me that he's broken his ankle!!!
  4. mark_gard

    Hammell V Fox

    I second that
  5. mark_gard

    In's And Out's

    lee miller was in the year above me at school, his sister was in my year. We were in the school football team together.
  6. mark_gard

    Does Anyone Know...

    Earliest its to be released is the 19th of September because the first game we will where it is Dundee utd away
  7. mark_gard

    Man Utd

    This may sound stupid but as its for the sir Matt busby shield will there be like a mini presentation after the game
  8. mark_gard

    Chris Humphrey

    Hope everything turns ok mate
  9. mark_gard

    In's And Out's

    Lets face it there's no new signing getting announced tonight which means no new faces in the squad for tomorrow. Just have to get on with the job tomorrow and wait till probably Monday before anything happens.
  10. mark_gard

    Mark Cameron

  11. mark_gard

    Out of Favour?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but was the flight to take the players to Romania leaving this morning. Just wondering because i stay next to fitzy and i seen him at half past 2 this afternoon. Just wondering if he's fell out of favour with JG or is he maybe injured.
  12. mark_gard

    In's And Out's

    Good luck to you mate, Ive spoke to you a good few times and your brand new. Sad to see you go but i wish you all the luck in the world.
  13. mark_gard

    Your Nancy Adventure

    5 french students challenging me and my 4 mates to a game of 5 a side in the middle of the square which then turned into about 25 a side, wit a laugh
  14. mark_gard

    Ok What Did We All Buy

    Flow if there are any under Armour base layer garments left id like to buy one. Couldn't make it down today, which im gutted about. P.s. Tried to pm you but says there was some kind of error
  15. mark_gard

    Cup Replay Moved

    So whats happening with our game against accies, is it getting moved to the Sunday or is it still the Saturday

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