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  1. Afternoon, I was wondering if you would help me with a request. I contact you on behalf of Ladbrokes who I am an employee of. As we are now sponsors of all four of the Scottish Leagues we are looking to promote the game as much as we can. We have a new feature for the Ladbrokes News site. We are looking to interview high profile supporters from each club's main forum, a little magazine like piece with a club quiz as well. (Here is one of the past editions - http://news.ladbrokes.com/...

    1. Ladman


      http://news.ladbrokes.com/spfl/scottish-championship/fitba-crazy-week-five-hibernian.html) I was wondering if you would be willing to be the representative of WeArePerth and St Johnstone, or if not, could you nominate someone else? We would be able to give your site some publicity on our website along with the feature. Let me know your thoughts and if you would be willing to do this for us? Kind Regards, Paul Fulton
  2. Very sad news. His posts, and details of his health battles, I remember very well. Despite the problems his posts always appeared upbeat. RIP.
  3. Aye, Omar Daley is worse than murder. A winger that constantly gets the ball taken off him? Ideal Watched it on BBC Alba. Good start. Hearts had a number of chances but didn't taken them. Excellent three points. Good to see Faddy getting another 70 mins under his belt. Finally, in case it has been missed, I never want to see Omar Daley play for us in an SPL match again. Truly honking
  4. Fair is fair. Well done McCall. Well done the players. Many, myself included, were way oot with our predictions. Glad to be wrong.
  5. Pleasantly surprised and more importantly wrong so far
  6. I've always been wary of McCall needing to rebuild, potentially, an entire team. The same concern could be placed at any manager's door though. Who would I get? Not sure. My thoughts would likely differ from that of the board but I thought McNamara would have been a contender for our job if McCall walked. Derek Adams IF his contract was up and another team (Aberdeen) wasn't interested. Like it or not I believe Steven Pressley would be interviewed for our post and possibly in the running. Too soon for the likes of Paul Hartley. Derek McInnes could be looking for a way back in. The likes of Phil Brown would probably balk at our finances. As for former lower league managers.......I'm not sure. What about yourself Netherton?
  7. If the board budget for a good Cup run and a top six finish each season (which is another argument) then it will be interesting to see what happens if we finish outside the top six. Which is a possibility. By the above criteria this season would be a failure......so does McCall still get offered a contract by the board?
  8. So we did. 0-0....but Ojamaa should have won it for us.
  9. Was that 2-0 win, two years ago, thr last time we took anything from an Old Firm fixture??????
  10. Club might be waiting on a better result to announce news. Maybe be announced this coming Monday
  11. I generally don't look forward to OF games due to their fans sitting beside us in the POD Stand. Families being targeted now but still a pretty poor atmosphere and halftime can be very awkward. If we ever find ourselves cuffing them at HT in an important game for them.....yes I know..... there will be bother. This game on Sky Sports 2 or 3 then?
  12. 1-3 or 1-4. Yes, I'm that optimistic.

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