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  1. If he loses tonight then on Saturday he has to go!!! we have averaged a goal every 144 minutes this season with an embarrassing amount of attacking options the likes our club hasn't seen for years!!! he invested more money in this side of the team and it hasn't worked without Louis moults goals we would be rock bottom of the league just now. He could never fully be judged using mccalls team last season and I believe we won the play off not because of a good motherwell team but a shit rangers. Nothing I've seen this season inspires confidence: Signing Louis laing after the dismal partnership with McManus last season I can't understand? Not strengthening our defensive options other than bringing in an unproven left back from Celtics reserves. Nobody else seems to break up play in midfield other than lasley who can't be far away from suspension. don't get me started on taylor the kids hasn't got it. he's loaned in a goalkeeper and although I'm not a twardzik fan i don't think he would've been any better or worse than ripley. clarksons signing has completely baffled me as he'll be lucky if he's seen 60 minutes playing time the whole season. all this coupled with the fact we look disorganised and disinterested in fighting to win a game until we lose a goal and our brand of football is by far the worst i have witnessed at fir park in years!!! Please prove me wrong bara I'd like nothing more but it's extremely hard to go into the wallet and pull out my hard earned to support the team when this is whats being served up
  2. It sure is god forbid i would say a word against golden boy!!! no need to get personal johnstone no point getting involved in a verbal exchange online i'm man enough to say it to your face i don't hide behind computers.
  3. I'm pretty fed up with the whole saga tbh, NOBODY is bigger than Motherwell Football Club, the bobby sooking of this guy has gone on 2 long, after he signed for 6 months he was voted mom for most home games even though he didn't merit it. I like faddy as a player and there is no doubt he holds effection for the club, but i hate to see matters like this drag on, is he turning the screw to get more out of us? Or is he holding out for a bigger better deal elsewhere? Get your cards on the table cos this is doing my nut in?
  4. up to 400k for someone of ojamaa's talent and further potential is an insult. No doubt money of that amount would help the club breath easier during hard times, but we can ill afford to lose a player under contract when we already have so many holes to fill.
  5. i like that also nicknames for almost evryone but cummings lol
  6. I'll be sad to see Jamie murphy go, so many memories from our top european goalscorer of all time, my favourite goal had to be the one against st johnstone in the semi final of the cup. He has been a credit to the club and no matter where he ends up (including the old firm) i wish him all the best, an excellent and loyal servant to motherwell football club. I hope if he goes he gets to reap the rewards of one of the best young football talents to come out of motherwell in recent years. Heres hoping we see you in a scotland jersey soon.
  7. Hi does anyone have a number for any supporters bus leaving for the rangers game tonight my lift has fell through
  8. MOTHERWELL boss Stuart McCall fears he will lose an entire team for nothing at the end of the season. The Steelmen are currently top of the table after a terrific start to the SPL season. But the Fir Park gaffer knows as many as 11 of his out-of-contract stars could walk next summer – and he won’t receive a penny. Some of Well’s top players including Darren Randolph, Tom Hateley, Shaun Hutchinson, Chris Humphrey, Nicky Law, Michael Higdon and Jamie Murphy will all be free to talk to other clubs in January. And, with English suitors already sniffing around, McCall would be surprised if the club hang on to them. The manager hopes Motherwell can convince several of them to remain but he said: “It looks like I could lose a full team. It’s possible that could happen. “Look at Randolph for example. I’ve been amazed we’ve not had any concrete bids for him. He’s just got his first full cap for Republic of Ireland and apparently made some great saves. “I would like Darren to be here between now and the end of the season because I don’t see the benefit in someone coming along in January and us accepting £50,000 for him. There’s no benefit in that because a league placing is worth £80,000 alone. “Murphy knocked back an offer last year to go to Blackpool and he’s also now in his last year. “There are other boys like Hateley, Hutchinson, Humphrey, Law and Higdon. Simon Ramsden, Omar Daley and Jonathan Page are also out of contract. “There is time between now and the summer to see if we can do something but that is a big part of my squad.” Motherwell sit top of the SPL after their 2-1 win at Dundee on Saturday, where Higdon bagged a double. Last season McCall led the club to third in the table which earned them a crack at Europe this term. But he accepts it’s part of life at Motherwell that players will excel in claret and amber for a couple of years – before moving on with the club’s best wishes. McCall reckons it’s getting harder and harder to convince them to stay in Scotland’s top flight. He said: “What a lot of players do now if they come up from England, is sign for a couple of years, see how it goes, then move on. “Certainly, the boys here couldn’t have enjoyed it any more. Playing in Europe, finishing third, getting to a cup final and stuff like that. “That’s how I try to sell it to them. The old punchline about playing at Ibrox isn’t working any more unfortunately! But every little bit helps to sell it. “They’re on TV quite a bit in Scotland and they get good exposure playing for a team doing well. “I’ve got to try and sell it to them any way I can.”
  9. Raging raging raging, 2 sendings off in 2 games take the 300k we are hard pressed enough with injuries to handle hutch getting sent off and out for a few matches well the fuck done u twat
  10. We have to get a U S A style chant going for ZFA that would be awesome !!!!!!
  11. I was reading an article the other day about a team in england that is owned but the fans. They just signed a new striker that the fans have agreed to pay the guys wages? Just a though but as a fan base who would be willing to donate a few quid a month to see Motherwell sign a few players or even faddy Now I know the faddy deal is a non starter and always has been but if we as a fan base collectively chipped in outwith the season ticket and the merchandise would it make a difference?
  12. would love this to go to scott leitch i'd welcome the big man back with open arms his son plays for the under 20's as well, and he very much has a heart for the club
  13. For the record i don't want to rangers newco in the spl next season for many reasons. I have faith in our board that they will listen and act in good faith in line with the fans views. There is no need to protest as the club is holding a forum to hear your opinion and have an open discussion about a very serious situation that is affecting our game. This is bigger than motherwell and i'm willing to hear the argument for a newco to be re entered into the spl, chances are sanctions are coming from the sfa to stop it anyway no matter what the vote achieves.
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18318426 Yes No Maybe?
  15. Remember the last time they had the chance of winning the title at fir park one of my the best days of my life skippy sunday!!!

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