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  1. It on the Rolls for today, but will all depend on how the cases before it, run. Might move into tomorrow. Stephen ROBINSON SCS/2020-005318 ED19021393 Court 6
  2. IIRC, didn't they do a feasibility study a good few years ago about adopting Victoria Park in Newmains, as the replacement training ground. It obviously never went anywhere.
  3. Its the old pals act, that will allow Newell to survive. His dad was Robinson's manger at Luton for a few years!!
  4. Robinson needs to go before the January window, so that whoever takes over can attempt to get his own players in. Post January and we're left with unmotivated underachievers!!
  5. He must be carrying some baggage, after walking out on club and then the case goes up to FIFA.
  6. League - 9th LC - Last 16 Scottish - Last 16 Robinson departs early 2019, Craigan and Lasley take over to end of the season.
  7. 1, Cost - lots of cheaper alternatives around, and if you've got wife/kids, its not something every female gets into. 2. Shit weather - why we dont adopt 'Summer Football', I dont know. 3. Shit football - one or two bad performaces can turn people off, realistically we're not going to win every home game, but there have been some howlers of late. The £20 deal for U16's was a great initiative, but when they leave school and cant afford to come as there now on a 'starter' wage etc, I think the 16 - 25/30 age group should be targetted for initiatives.
  8. Worrying thing for me on Kipre signing, is that he has a base layer on in June/July. I hope he doesn't disappear between October and March.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised to see us attempt to get Jordan Jones in. Someone that Robinson 'knows well',
  10. Tassinari

    Mcghee Out?

    I'm no lover of re-employing past employees and at the time, he certainly steadied a sinking ship. But I can honestly say, that on top of my own, I've seen attendance dwindle around me (when I'm there), and without that revenue coming through the club, we wont have a team performing at this level for much longer. His contract ?is up at the end of the season?, and if so, I think we should be looking for applicants for the position. McGhee may well not want to re-apply, but I think for the sake of the club, we need to look at other options. Offering him a contract straight out the bag, to me, isnt on option. I look on SPFL management like 'contract work', if you perform well, you would expect it to be automaticaly renewed, mediocre and below your up against the other applicants for the post. If the football club is a 'business', then we need the decision makers to run it as such and not let 'personal' relationships or 'loyalty' get in the way of the progression of the club. Time for change, before we slip into the lower divisions and into obscurity. Like players, there is little loyalty left in management (how many interviews did we let McGhee attend in his first tenure), and personally I would like to see us cut out ties with McGhee and move on, his tactics and use of substitutions has long been a bone of contention.
  11. 3 points are 3 points at the moment. Started better and dominated much of 1st half. Fell away in the second, and felt McGhee should have changed it. What McDonald was thinking about trying to square it with 3 defenders closing, I dont know. Should have hit it earlier.
  12. Not so much a 'must win', more a 'need a win'! Performances have been shocking of late and these really are games when we should be picking up 3 points. No more experimentation on the side, if McGhee doesnt know now, he'll never know and should move on. More concerned with him wasting any January budget if he's still around!!
  13. Just for fun, no prizes, I created a Steelmen Online league if anyone want to join. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/predictor http://bbc.in/1teiCzC League Pin is 7vn7vr
  14. There was a period of 3 consecutive home games where someone came around and put flyers down on the table in the Cooper prior to the game on a Saturday. Other than that, I havent seen anything. I totally agree, open and clear communication on this is a must now, as the longer silence goes on, the more doubt people will have. And if the response is to say that there are more pressing issues, that would be a joke, as getting people to support the WS, should now be the main objective.

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