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  1. Is there a category for hopeless?
  2. I suppose getting to the quarter finals of the cup is a great achievement, but was it. We had 3 home games against teams below us in the league , we just scraped past the lowest ranked of these teams and shot ourselves in the foot versus hibs. We will never know what would have have happened if Mugabi hadn't been sent off , more likely Collum would have sent off Ojala for his tackle. As I said not much of an achievement. However fifth place is a fantastic achievement.
  3. We are all too busy chilling out.
  4. Would I be right in saying that there was a special train that night . Yet another semi final in the seventies we were cheated.
  5. well_said


    I agree , we have many good players but they are not being used properly , and that lies at the managers door.
  6. Wont put your money where your is mouth regarding team selection or formation. Are you frightened of being ridiculed like you do to others with differing opinions to yours.
  7. Absolutely spot on. I am around the same age as yourself and I never thought I would see us win a cup and play in Europe. So the more the merrier in my opinion.
  8. I'd rather finish in the bottom six if it means we get rid of this imposter of a manager.
  9. I know , he also does daft things like saving certain goals.
  10. As I said that's my opinion, who's better in your opinion?
  11. He's our best midfielder in my opinion.
  12. well_said

    This season?

    I dont think that it will be Alan Burrows decision.
  13. 5 central defenders. 6 if you include donnelly
  14. Is the third game when we apparently had a major illness problem in the squad , but it looks like only marinello that's missing. Just noticed that marinello scored. I vaguely remember crowd trouble that night.
  15. He would be suffocated by poor tactics .

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