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  1. In the first game at firpark John Arroll was the thistle goalie and he got carried off in the first few minutes .(dont think Goodwin was involved) , no sub goalies in those days. Goodwin was sent off I think not long after that. Replay on the Monday night and Wille Watson scored a very late winner with a 20 yard shot. This is etched in my memory because my mate got chased by a dog after re the match , It was the fastest hed ever moved in his life.
  2. Similar to John Spencer.
  3. That would be good , but he's not there anymore.
  4. Did Mark Mcghee tell you that? Lol.
  5. What about Paul kinnaird or Andy roddie or further back you could have a guy called mark Leonard, all three bloody awful.
  6. I'll get back to you when I come up with some names.
  7. Big kirkie used to endure some amount of stick.
  8. I didn't say that they were good but we've had worse.
  9. Better players than some of the garbage we've had to endure in recent years.
  10. He'll still be out of his depth.
  11. Can you keep me up to date with the legend Jacob Blyth ?
  12. well_said

    Away fans

    Does anybody know what is the minimum number of away fans we have to allow into fir park
  13. I dont remember SOD being as good as average any time I have seen him.

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