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  1. I suppose he could tell them his name is Scott brown and he would walk away Scot free(pardon the pun), that means untouchable.
  2. It would need to take one hell of a deflection as the end of his trademark headless chicken runs normally ends up with him facing the east stand or the main stand before losing the ball cheaply and being way out of position leaving us wide open on his side of the pitch.
  3. It must be my cynical mind caused by decades of ra sellick paying buttons for our best players.
  4. You're surely not suggesting that ra sellick are using underhand tactics to get David on the cheap.
  5. Provan blames Declan , willie miĺlar blames palmer and Billy dodds blames the horse McKenna. You don't need to be a football expert to see that McKenna backed off that much he was in the back row of the stand.
  6. Happened right in front of me , Gillespie won the ball clearly , no foul.
  7. Are you talking about the one in the first half in front of the east stand,
  8. He is a dirty diving rat and that fits in well at his present club.
  9. In my opinion he still couldn't do that when he left.
  10. I might be wrong in this but it looks like teams 5 to 8 were arranged in order of section points , so therefore we would have been 5 so we would have had rangers at home.
  11. You're spot on about the referee today, you would be hard pushed to find a motherwell fan who thought he would referee the match fairly. It's what we have come to expect against them. And they think the referees are against them.
  12. Was told last week by a Celtic fan that DT will sign for them before the end of this window. However we all know what a bunch of doolally arseholes they are.
  13. I may be wrong here , but I don't recall David having any injury problems throughout his entire motherwell career. Something smells extremely fishy here and I don't mean their support.
  14. Don't know how accurate this information is ,but it came from a Celtic fan in a fairly professional occupation but the wage on offer to David was 2k per week.

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