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  1. well_said

    Big Dec

    Allan Campbell is the obvious choice.
  2. well_said

    Big Dec

    Best man on the park.
  3. Can anyone tell me if the following away European matches had programmes Flamurtari Aalesund Panathaniokos Levante Starman I have checked all the Scottish programme dealers and none of these show on their latest catalogues. If anyone has any of these I am willing to buy them. I have some bredablik and odense away for sale. Thanks
  4. Could it be Bobby howitt and Bobby Campbell.
  5. Scum club run by scummy people with the scummiest of fans.
  6. We will bend over and accept what Celtic tell us and be grateful. We always do when it comes to that scummy shower.
  7. Something stank about the whole turnbull deal the last time.
  8. They weren't sold to the club I'm talking about.
  9. There is only one club who will attempt to shaft us re. David Turnbull and we all know who they are as they have shafted us so many times in the past.
  10. You do realise it's free scoring , fast moving hibs we are playing . That team would be absolutely roasted.

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