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  1. Having watched Robinson's post match interview, I was really interested in his comments about Livingstone. He said the boy only gave him 60 mins and took cramp and needs to be fitter to play first team - I have a few issues with that in that he played 45 mins only on Monday and probably gave that his all and also if fitness is known to be an issue why haven't the physio and sports science team already been working with the boy on that? Thought it was wrong approach. He could have said the boy did well after being dropped in it and has room to improve, no more needed. Also interesting that he mentioned the clamour from fans to have Livingstone in the team - perhaps Robinson has been having a look on here?
  2. Heard a few names mentioned today. If true, we could be looking to bring in a centre half, a midfielder and a striker all currently playing with teams in the play-off positions in the championship (Scottish one!)
  3. I think people must have been watching a different game to me. McDonald was very poor and should have been the first one off.time and time again he was beaten to the ball or went to deck looking for a foul. He gave away possession all afternoon and spent most of the second half standing up front with his arms out. Dundee were not comfortable on the ball at the back, but the only person putting in the effort to press was Cadden, McDonald was just a lazy empty Jersey! Johnson was also poor and his laziness near the end where twice he tried to just punt the ball in to the box rather than run at the defender was shocking. Why do we have the boy Lucas on the bench if we won't give him a chance? We clearly miss Moult and we'll see how things look when he and McHugh are back.
  4. TAM

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    Burnley have now announced the signing of young Robbie Leitch.
  5. TAM

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    With the exception of Rangers, I'd be more than happy to see the young guy Campbell pitched in for the League Cup games and allow him to develop. I'm not saying he couldn't handle the Rangers game but with the hype that is bound to build it woudl be unfair to expect him to show what he can do in that game. Signings will come and I'm sure more guys will go. The Rangers game isn't the target in the bigger picture and I agree with McGhee on that. I'd happily let the Rangers group game go, so long as we progress and then get the chance to beat them in the same competition further down the line when we are up to speed - I'd also add that Rangers will be in the same boat, they are still making signings and haven't taken some of their so called 'key' players with them on the pre-season trip suggesting the team that lines up at Fir Park in mid-July will be some way from a team we may play in September.
  6. McManus for me, he was commanding and talked the two young guys either side through the game. Skippy took his chances well. Special mention to Las as I thought having him back in the middle made a difference from the weekend. He was snapping around and pressing all game. Gomis continues to puzzle me!
  7. Right now we are too old and too slow and nothing I can see to change that. Why take the top scorer off? And if you really need to why not put another striker on in his place. Starting to get really worried for this season...
  8. See Don Cowie has terminated his contract at Wigan - an option to bolster our midfield?
  9. Lee Miller in talks i'm hearing... another striker?
  10. TAM

    Lee Erwin

    Can understand why we think another couple of seasons here would do him good. However if you look at it from Lee's point of view, he might think the opportunity may not come up again - he's had injuries before and might be worried that if something happened again the chance to move up a level woudl be gone. A gamble either way and you can't knock him. At least it looks like we get some money.
  11. Oldham in for Sutton... They will have seen some of our games given they were supposed to have wanted Vigurs in January. And on Vigurs, he's talking with Thistle and St Mirren.
  12. See that Thistle have signed Cerny on a 1 year deal, thought he could have done a job for us.
  13. Anybody got a phone number for Ibrox? Seem to have left my voice there! Proud to be there last night and felt really bad for those who had to miss out. What an atmosphere, but what a performance. As others have said for about an hour either side of halt time we bossed it big time. A few Gers fans at work had pointed out in advance that McCall pushed the full backs on and that they were worried about the space that woudl leave and boy did we take advantage. For all the concerns most of us had and for the stick just about every player has taken at some point this season... every single one of them stood up last night and fought hard for our wee team. Special mention to George Long, never thought he could perform like that and command his box so much. Massive thing for me was that we didn't let them push us off the ball like we have with other teams this season. The way Marvin brushed aside Foster was magic!
  14. I have a little hunch we might line up - Long Law Laing McManus Hammell Ramsden Grant Lasley Pearson Johnson McDonald
  15. So we've heard so far today that Rangers have approached Erwin plus one other out of contract. We have stories coming out that we tried to sign Vuckic in January.... can't wait to see what hits the headlines tonight and tomorrow!

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