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  1. Does anyone know if there is a pitch inspection planned? It's bucketing down here and not forecast to stop.
  2. The whole midfield were excellent and a good all round team performance. Turnbull's goal was a belter but I thought Bigi ran the show so he gets my vote.
  3. Millar, McVie and Stephens. (Willie Watson and McLaren) weren't really known for good football. IMHO there have been a lot better teams since then e.g. Lambert, McKinnon, etc.
  4. Frear for his hat-trick. I also thought Andy Rose had a good game.
  5. Is it not 13th July for Scottish Cup winners? He'll need a rest after the celebrations too.
  6. Congratulations to him on the call up. Hopefully he'll have to withdraw to play in the Europa league qualifiers.
  7. Was it not O'Reilly who was the ref when Jennings had the betting scandal?
  8. Easiest vote of the season, Kipre.
  9. Alan Rough also highlighted on STV 2 that McGregor ran yards off the park so he could get in front of Rose. Is that allowed now?
  10. From this month's signed calendar picture, it could be Craig Moore.
  11. Ainsworth for me, although wish I could have 2 votes as Moult put in some shift. Frear good too.
  12. Remember his first game back at Fir Park playing with Rangers, he came over and clapped the East Stand before the match. Not many do that..
  13. Thompson hasn't been great for us either. Wasn't it him who sent off 3 well players at Easter Road?
  14. Robinson just scored past Ripley. 2-0 now

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