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  1. Darragh O'Connor mentioned on twitter his time at the club has came to an end.
  2. 4-0 and it was well offside.
  3. I see the full Tommy McLean stand is back open. The middle section of the top tier has been refitted with new Amber seats. Hopefully it remains that way after we take the three points today.
  4. Surprised to see Lamie in the lineup against his future side given their fight for survival and at left back. I see Dundee have fielded a young goalie who is making his first start, they don't have a recognised striker starting either, what's the worst that can happen here. Id take the three points anyway we can but I would love to pump them just to return the favour from McGhee last game with us when Marcus Haber ran the show lol.
  5. The games on BBC Alba at 6pm, thought it might be worth mentioning for anyone who couldn't make it along today.
  6. Yeah that was my thoughts as well, pictures I have seen suggest he was out the box. Sadly however Carroll was slow to react and the County player was always going to go down in those circumstances. You're getting tugged back with an arm around your neck but you manage to dive forward lol, it'll never change now but I always find it funny when refs fall for that. Efford was getting pulled back right at the death in the box, I always find that consistency frustrating. Ach well Dundee next, we have already lost to them twice this season, tricky fixture with McGhee at the helm.
  7. Pj Morrison loaned out to Alloa.
  8. Liam Polworth joins Dunfermline on loan from Killie.
  9. No he has another year on his deal. From the original list I wouldn't be surprised if all ten players move on. Lamie is obviously away for sure and Shaw will return to Celtic. By all accounts we must think highly of PJ Morrison as he has been around for what seems like an age, I'm sure he'll want to kick on, with Fox recently signing a contract extension will he want to stay and be third choice again. When Grimshaw returned from illness he was used frequently in the team but he has drifted in and out of the squad recently. It was mentioned a few weeks back that O'Hara had a few offers on the table from other clubs, this will likely be the same come the end of the season. I wouldn't be surprised if Donnelly is offered a contract extension but his injury record is a concern. O'Conner seems to be doing alright at QOTS so he is another who might get offered another year or so.
  10. 1959/60 brought a series of fruitful results against them. Obviously we only played them twice in the league but we also played them twice in the League Cup and won 4 out of 4 ties. https://www.motherwellnet.com/database/head-2-head/scottish-premiership-football-league-clubs/rangers/

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