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  1. Devante nearly makes it four as his effort is just cleared off the line.
  2. According to the Daily Mail, Chris Cadden will be heading back to the MLS soon as Columbus Crew knocked back a bid from Oxford which would apparently break their record transfer fee, that's interesting as I'm sure Marvin Johnson is the current record fee that they have paid.
  3. Chris Humphrey has quit the managers job at Gretna, replaced by Rowan Alexander.
  4. White kit tonight under the floodlights.
  5. Skiffed off Hartley's finger when the Accies player beat him to the ball and struck him from less than a foot, quite harsh. Thankfully we have played decent enough but ball keeps sticking on pitch which has stifled a few moves.
  6. Kipre scores for Wigan after a couple of minutes against QPR.

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