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  1. On Facebook earlier they had mentioned no cash gate will be in operation and they were suggesting to buy tickets in advance using the website. I'd assume you can nip by the office if that's your preference.
  2. Yeah sorry you're right. My mind set was on his efforts he missed versus Livi and Hibs, was just delighted to see him got on the goal trail, and his peach of a cross last week its nice to see him make a bit of an impact now.
  3. Always nice to take something when we visit either Govan or Parkhead as games generally follow the same script when we go there. I was saying earlier in the thread that every time Rangers have played us during some sort of celebration we tend to get something from the game, always nice to spoil the party especially with their counterparts also slipping up today. Delighted for Woolery for getting his first goal for the club, 4 games undefeated now, loving that we are harder to beat. Disappointed with the offside goal and penalty decision, taking those bad ref mistakes off the table its hard enough to get a result.
  4. A bit of a random question, during the Boyle years we seemed to have some alternative badge that was in the background of TV interviews, essentially it looked the same but the contents of the middle section were different circular icons, you could never see the full thing. Do you know what that was about?
  5. Yeah I totally agree, I think we have always lacked being that bit streetwise. In the second half we joined in and managed to get numerous fouls. I would love to know why the Aberdeen coach was so aggrieved at the end.
  6. Throughly enjoyed the game on Saturday, I know Aberdeen have a new management team in place and lots of new faces but they didn't take long to change their ethos, Broon certainly put his stamp onto proceedings quite literally. Alexander setup in a similar way against Dundee, he just seems to be happy to let teams spray the ball around from side to side with chances more or less coming from well outside the box or acute angles. Delighted that we are a massive threat from set pieces these days. The Aberdeen full backs were going to ground quite easy from the get go, I couldn't see it clearly but it looked like that Ramsay went down easily just before our second goal, they obviously missed him as we stuck the ball down that channel as he was off the pitch and a delightful cross in led to the Ojala goal, nice to see their antics come back to bite them.
  7. Ibrox, one of those rare buildings in Scotland where you wipe your feet as you leave. I know we seldom get a result in Govan, but the last three occasions they have made a big occasion out of a fixture against us we won once and drew twice (Monday, 9 in a row party, 3-3 2011 flag day and 2012 last fixture of the old club at Ibrox), so I'm hoping for the same this Sunday.
  8. Yeah it was the Aberdeen coach Allan Russell that got sent off. Glass had been booked earlier in the game as well. Nice seeing them have a meltdown esph with all their players hitting the deck so easy during the game.
  9. He's managed to get into some great positions in tonight's games but his final ball has been poor.
  10. That was my thoughts also. I hope the young guy reaches the heights he is getting labelled at as we could do with more quality in the squad. I liked that he was running direct but he lost possession often if it wasn't a powderpuff cross and was getting it nicked off him. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt due to lack of game time. That's the tough thing for O'Donnell he was keeping the only genuine contender for the Scotland squad from Govan out of the side and they'll not be having that.
  11. I think he's played for 9 clubs since he left us, Ojamaa seems to always be on the move as well. Nice transfer fee received from both back then.
  12. The house closest to the Main Stand was actually sold earlier this year, I always assumed that this was the one that they had owned and used for offices previously.
  13. I had seen the info posted yesterday on a local community group who were trying to muster up objections. I don't know what it is with the town but everything seems to cause an uproar whether that was the Sainsburys down by Airbles Road, the Tim Hortons, the Ravenscraig dept and so on this will be no different. For what it's worth, I used to stay behind the ambulance depot down Shieldmuir way for many a year, they used to have a big mast, didn't do anything to our health or house value.

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