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  1. Campbell off injured, Maguire on.
  2. Quite quiet at the stadium at the moment. Hopefully the weeks break has served us well.
  3. Team: Gilliespie, Tait, Gallagher, Hartley, Grimshaw, O'Hara, Campbell, Polworth, Aarons, Hylton, Long. Subs: Carson, Maguire, Mugabi, Ilic, Turnbull, Watt, Manzinga
  4. Former midfielder Stefan Lindqvist has died at the age of 52.
  5. 0-0 Full time. Not too bad all things considered. Gallagher and Hylton had great chances at the end to snatch the three points.
  6. Ross County score late against Aberdeen.
  7. Yeah I agree but it does my head in esph with it being the same ref. I know the officials in Scotland are Lillian Gish but consistency would be most welcome.
  8. I thought Long was booked for kicking the ball away and not dissent. Not defending Long but that was massively frustrating considering the same ref let St Mirren away with this time and time again on Tuesday night.
  9. Second yellow. Completely unnecessary.

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