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  1. Less than 15 mins on the park for Long, Lamie on now.
  2. Bryson very lucky that was only a yellow.
  3. Mr Elbows coming off worst for a change.
  4. Maguire misses his man by miles and still gets booked. I hope the yellow was for the pathetic attempt to tackle. It's gutting when you see other teams going toe to toe with them but we more often than not just get brushed aside. Plus giving them gifts for the first is also deflating.
  5. Allan Johnston's son. If anyone finds a stream please feel free to share, generally get lucky when the games taped for Alba.
  6. He made his debut at the age of 16 for Killie and was a center back for them until Paul Hartley converted him into an attacking midfielder at Dens Park. Seemed to be highly thought of at Rugby Park but his slender figure back then apparently seen him struggle defensively. I seen earlier Queens Park have signed Michael McGlinchey, he never made much of an impression playing for us while on loan but I think he ended up playing at the 2010 World Cup not long after departing.
  7. Watching the match recap at the end, Vigurs a tad lucky with just a yellow with his reaction to the pen. Don't think I've seen him run so fast, quite similar to the one we gave away up in Dingwall. Thought Watt put in a tremendous shift, great win.
  8. Robbie Crawford and Hastie on for Cole and Polworth off

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