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  1. gav212

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    It's all a bit sevco.
  2. I'd become increasingly more despondent with the 'Well over the last couple of years. When McGhee returned my enthusiasm and attendances tailed right off. This team and manager are a complete breath of fresh air, the club feels completely reinvigorated. The team have a hunger, grit and determination that we've not seen for a long time. Personified nowhere better than in Louis Moult, a talented player with a faultless attitude who will give absolutely everything he has for his teammates and the fans. We wouldn't have won that semi final with McGhee or McCall in charge, they'd have set up to counter some non-existent perceived threat from The Rainjurz. Robinson sees them for what they are, a shower of spineless crocks there for a pay day. He set his team up to play the same way they would anyone else and walked it. I was worried in the off season to see McDonald, Ainsworth, Thomas, Heneghan etc leaving but by christ are we better off without the attitudes of the first three mentioned there. I've gone from someone who was absolutely scunnered with watching football and would rather play golf on a Saturday afternoon, to a fee paying Society member in the space of a couple of months. I've always felt previous managers have burdened our club with feelings of inadequacy, we've managed to shake that old fashioned viewpoint now, long may it continue. 'Mon the 'Well!
  3. First post in a while... I've struggled to muster any strength of feeling towards our squads over the last couple of years. I don't like the model of signing substandard players from the English lower leagues and hoping about 1 in 3 of them turn out to be useful and produce a small transfer fee. They've no interest in Motherwell and likewise I've no interest in their development and future. It's a continual struggle to keep churning through them and just exist along the same lines indefinitely. It's to the detriment of young Scottish players of our own which I find immensely disappointing. I've no real affection for the team anymore and my attendances have tailed off to the point where I was away out playing golf yesterday afternoon and didn't bother to check the score until hours after the match had ended. In the not too distant past, I'd never have envisaged that ever being the case. There's no identity to our team on the park, they're 90% mercenaries who will be off the first payday they can get their hands on. Contrast it to our team of ten years ago...
  4. Because I've seen 40 year olds with a beer belly and half a knee run games up against the kind of flash cunts in pink boots highly rated by FM.
  5. You are a fucking lunatic. For what it's worth, I reckon Clarky is a good low risk signing, I doubt he's broke the bank and is undoubtedly a very capable player when he stays fit. Not the most exciting signing but a player worth having if the price is right.
  6. gav212

    Mfc Podcast

    Enjoyed Jay's rant about the Sevco fans, don't sit on the fence or anything.
  7. Chick Young and Derek Ferguson are a pair of fucking dinosaurs.
  8. I am still keeping my feet firmly on the ground, I've had my hopes dashed far too many times in the past to think the tie is safe, what a chance we've given ourselves though. If we approach the game on Sunday with the same ferocity as tonight I think we'll do just fine. I was thoroughly expecting more of the same from this season tonight and would have been delighted to have managed to escape Mordor level in the tie, nearly went through the ceiling when the third went in. We started extremely well and after weathering a bit of early pressure snatching the goal really got our tails up and for an hour of the tie we were well on top. Walsh, Ferguson and Boyd will all start on Sunday and I hope we start in the same manner as last night in order to nullify the first two, they were very direct and we struggled to match them as the team tired badly, they managed to whip in some quality balls as they bombarded us near the end, need to stop that early doors. I thought the whole starting 11 were excellent. Pearson was absolutely fantastic, tenacious without the ball and rarely wastes it when he gets it, because of this the opposition know exactly how dangerous he is when he gets running at them. I just hope Hammell and Pearson are fit for Sunday... Straker never done anything glaringly awful but he doesn't inspire much confidence in his teammates by the looks of things, I imagine he definitely does the opposite for the right sided midfielder who is fortunate enough to have been lined up against him. Please don't let us down 'Well...
  9. Careful now, I've said this from the beginning and been slated for it. Kerr is an absolute cart horse, there are better defenders in the juniors, I am being entirely serious. The fact he makes a living from professional football angers me.

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