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  1. steeldrew


    Really sad news. Thoughts with his friends and family. I didn't know him but I always looked out for his comments after every match. His writing was brilliantly engaging both on the forum and elsewhere. I'm saddened to think there won't be any more of it.
  2. steeldrew

    2021 AGM

    I, like many I'm sure, am fully prepared to buy my season ticket again despite the offer of free games next season. I know it won't be possible for all and there are tough times ahead but I'm happy with what I got out of it this season under the circumstances.
  3. Hartley's joined Jamshedpur FC to work under their manager Owen Coyle after a chat with Carl McHugh. https://www.goal.com/en/news/isl-peter-hartley-owen-coyle-convinced-to-join-jamshedpur-fc/16ig58m5r57kt16rbhe9myo19a
  4. Thought this was worth a share as I've not seen much chat about it. BBC World Service documentary posted at the start of may - Motherwell FC: We Own The Future. Worth a watch.
  5. Why does the BBC have a boner for Gorrin? He might be good but I'm pretty sure he's contributed almost nothing so far this season.
  6. I try to remain level headed and avoid the hyperbole often associated with a fan's post match assessment, but that really felt like once of the worst team performances I have ever seen. Honestly, I still don't really know what the formation was supposed to be and it didn't seem like the players did either. They looked like absolute strangers out there with no communication and absolutely not link between defence and midfield. Playing three up front but without any width seems absolutely bizarre. Lasley appeared to be sitting in front of the defence but his natural instinct was to try and make himself an option for a pass, which no other player seemed to do. Was Erwin in a free role? Or was he just confused and ran around a whole lot. I really am dumbfounded by today's performance and tactics. The manager spoke about getting back to basics? In my mind that means setting up Craig Brown style with two banks of four, with strikers coming back to defend when required. It does not mean playing formations with which the players are unfamiliar and seemingly playing half of them out of position. We're exactly where we deserve to be if this is how we play. The new manager has my support for the next two home games, but his decisions are massively questionable. Can we get any worse? Well that's what we've done all season, so I think we probably can. You expect to see some progress, a small glimmer of hope, something that excites you but today there was nothing.
  7. The money made in England doesn't just come from Sky and BT. In the states they have a deal with NBC worth $250 million over three years. There will be a massive amount of money paid by Al Jazeera to broadcast across North Africa. Then there will be deals across Asia and the rest of Europe. That's what makes it sustainable. It's a globally marketable brand and a desirable product. That's something that the SPFL will never be internationally.
  8. That is an excellent statement from St Mirren. Thank goodness at least a couple of clubs voted this down, agenda or not. This league structure was an absolute farce. Neil Doncaster should resign now. His statement that "there is no plan B" is ludicrous. That's no way to run any form of business and leaves everybody looking like complete amateurs. All clubs should be consulting fans. We are Scottish football and it seems the authorities are determined to scare the last remaining loyal few away from the game.
  9. Having made a number of podcasts, adding a feed to itunes is about as simple an action as you can possibly do. It will take about two minutes and open the whole thing up to a much wider audience. The beauty of a podcast is that you can take it with you. Leaving it off the most commonly used source is pretty amateurish. Perhaps not many will listen but it's good to have the option available

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