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  1. johntaylormfc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Just guessing, but if the figure if £600k, I imagine no-one will be willing to pay it. So do we keep him on his current salary for a years contract, then lose him for nothing, or do we meet somewhere in the middle?
  2. johntaylormfc


    It’s definitely true. His name is one on a list of prospects they have been tracking and they contacted the club at the end of season ask about him and how much we would be looking for
  3. johntaylormfc


    Man City definitely enquired about him at the end of the season. With a view to loaning him back. No idea if they have taken it any further
  4. johntaylormfc


    Disagree. We had reached a point where an acceptable offer had been reached. I saw this as a way of getting this out there. A last call to the interested clubs. The club always prefers to sell to England if possible as the potential returns from sell on clauses are much higher.
  5. johntaylormfc

    Bus Tickets - Official Buses

    I picked up my bus tickets yesterday
  6. johntaylormfc


    How do we copyright folk clapping
  7. johntaylormfc

    Pro Youth Football

    Anyone in mind
  8. johntaylormfc

    2012/13 Ins & Outs Thread

    On official now that it is Fraser Kerr
  9. johntaylormfc

    Well Society To Vote On Newco Rangers

    They can't sneak back in as Sevco have never been in to get back in.
  10. johntaylormfc

    Motherwell V St Mirren Matchday Thread

    From Mark Benstead's Twitter "Notice of complaint issued to #motherwell Steve Jennings , '#aberdeen Peter Pawlett and #stmirren Jim Goodwin - all offered 2 match ban."
  11. johntaylormfc

    2011/12 Ins & Outs Thread

    Heard it mentioned at the players dance thing last week that gunning may be staying
  12. johntaylormfc

    Ins & Outs

    I am pretty sure the papers couldnt give a toss. Seems Kenny Miller has done a shite, that should grab most of the headlines.
  13. johntaylormfc

    A Defenders Dream

    The article above claims he is an on-loan stiker
  14. johntaylormfc

    A Defenders Dream

    Would be interesting to know who he is on loan from?
  15. johntaylormfc

    Murphy, Humphrey & Reynolds - Out, Saunders In

    I really hope Levein is at the Hearts game. Or should we just ban him from Fir Park

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