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  1. Releasing Tait or Dunne would surprise me -Tait especially can be trusted in several positions. Dunne was a sellable asset not long ago but his injury record is a concern. Seedorf could still come good as he is yet to adapt to first team football, we also paid a fee for him so a two year contract doesn’t surprise me. However having a commitment to Mugabe next season isn’t ideal, he hasn’t shown he can be trusted at this level and unlikely to improve? Given he didn’t have a club until September last season not sure why we thought we needed to tie him down so long.
  2. I would like to think we did all we could to get Murphy in January, he’s exactly what we were needing. He has a good relationship with the Burton manager so maybe that’ swayed it.
  3. I’d like to see a midfield diamond with O’Hara, Polworth, Campbell and Turnbull eventually. Aarons supporting Watt up front. Looking forward to Dunne’s return as well. He was an asset the season we got to the two cup finals. Surprised some people are writing him off.
  4. I thought Robinson might also have been referring to Grimshaw in his comments about being too loyal to certain players. Caroll’s injury means he’ll likely stay in the team though. Gillespie Grimshaw Gallagher Donnelly Tait O’Hara Campbell Polworth Aarons Watt Long
  5. The fact that our wage budget for next season has commitments to Seedorf and Mugabe is a real shame.
  6. We can’t afford to keep giving Mugabe and Manzinga minutes in big games. Donnelly should partner Gallagher now until Dunne is back fit. Glad we gave McIvor the start last night given the options. Hopefully Long can come back in there against Hamilton though. O’Hara and Tait should also start at the weekend.
  7. The quality in our squad seems to be in central positions, especially with Dunne and Turnbull hopefully returning at some point. It seems to work well freshening you your formation at this stage in the season so would give this a go. Gillespie Gallagher Donnelly Hartley Aarons Caroll Campbell O’Hara Polworth Watt Long
  8. Anyone know when we can expect Dunne to return?
  9. Yes I’d think O’Hara or Mugabe will come in at the expense of one of the wingers. Hard to make a choice or distinction from any of our options to play on the wing to be honest.
  10. gee

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I’ll be surprised if we don’t sign a striker. Robinson has said before we won’t be bringing anyone else in before doing so.
  11. gee

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Would be interesting to see how a championship club would plan to do develop Scott. Clearly has the potential to be a player of serious value in a few years. I think he’d be better getting regular appearances with us. I’m expecting/hoping we’ll have a new look front three for the remainder of the season. Otherwise think we’re well covered.
  12. I know Scott is young but for me he’d be the first pick across the front three positions. I think Robinson will try and give O’Hara a run in the team soon and maybe Polworth would benefit from a break at some point.
  13. gee

    Mugabi/ Hartley

    Agreed, Hartley should have started yesterday. Our defence missed his conviction and aggression big time.
  14. gee

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Don’t disagree but he finished the game on Saturday there and often played there for ICT. Just a possibility given the imbalance of where there is quality in the squad.
  15. gee

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Maybe we’ll see Polworth being deployed at right wing now O’Hara is in the squad. One positive from us not yet signing a starter striker is that James Scott will probably get loads of game time this season. He looks like he could develop into a player worth some money.

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