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  1. Hammell mentioned not being able to make all the changes he wanted to due to fitness levels last week so be interesting to see the team at the weekend. Lamie will be a big loss if suspension started.
  2. Hammell’s comments about Slattery made me think he’d plan to play him in the central role. I think this is where he’s best suited. With energy of maybe Spittal and Cornelius beside him, would like to see that midfield.
  3. Difficult game to come on in but how did Magloire look? Is he our partner for Dec in a back 4? Hoping Kelly wasn’t the only signing for the first 11?
  4. If Carson is out for a while it’s another experienced leader we’re down. Hopefully our additions have that quality, which is harder to find in loan signings.
  5. Anyone have an idea when Donnelly is expected back?
  6. I really like Lasley and was prepared for him to make a couple of changes on Saturday, get a reaction from the players and be rewarded with the job permanently. It was interesting he brought Hastie back in and moved Grimshaw into midfield. Sadly for him it the changes didn’t pay off and there was no reaction from the team. You have to feel for Las not having O’Hara and Carson available for such a big game but starting Chapman and Mugabi, then subbing on White has changed my mind somewhat on wanting to see him get the job.
  7. Last we’ll see Lang hopefully, laughing away after a defeat. Robinson either needs to completely change the squad this window, including getting rid of players he started and subbed on tonight, or go.
  8. We paid a fee for Seedorf ourselves I think. Very strange. Wouldn’t surprise me to see White move on in January similar to the way Fisher and Johnson were quickly shifted out. When a player isn’t featuring Robinson quickly moves then on. Hylton another example. No idea if we have to pay up some of their deal each time it happens.
  9. Expect we might revert back to 433 soon with Cole right of the front three and Lang on the left, as Robinson’s favoured first 11.
  10. I’d like to see us go back to 4 at the back for this with Lamie or Mugabe making way for Hastie to come back in. Seems the perfect game for it and players will be playing for a place on Thursday. Watt and Lang scoring during the week is positive, hopefully they can both continue in a bit of form and get us some important goals.
  11. With the injuries we’ve had in central defence and holding midfield, it’s a surprise Maguire hasn’t featured at all. I wonder if we might look at Andy Halliday as an option for covering a few positions we’ve been short in? Hopeful we’ll get our first League win tomorrow, expect McGinley to start in a back four and maybe even Hastie to come back in.
  12. Obviously the team needs him but from a purely financial point of view, this is surely the time to sell Campbell? Also wouldn’t be a shock is there was interest in Polworth given he hadn’t been starting and did well at the start of last season.
  13. Don’t really care where he goes to be honest, just want a good fee and recognition for the best prospect I can ever remember at Fir Park. Thought at the time last summer, 3.25 million was reasonable for us. However 2 million for Dykes and 1.5 million for Scott since then, I’m not sure. Sell on is a must.
  14. Turnbull continues to impress even playing in this team and on current form. I’d expect a big club will come in and take him for a good fee. To be considered by Burrows.. Without DT are we at risk of relegation? Should the board trust Robinson to source replacements?
  15. Gallagher and O’Donnell are good players too. But yes, beyond that we look hopeless. To have spent so much money and be starting games with Mugabe, Seedorf and White is not acceptable.

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