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  1. Carbon copy of the cup final goal, Dunne backing off almost into the 6 yard box again
  2. Remember when everyone said we should sign Jamie McDonald
  3. Let's be serious, if we had given Rangers the extra 3000 tickets, there would still be fans without tickets and trying to get into the home end.
  4. Anybody know if there are any supporters buses running to ibrox?
  5. Can anyone explain why the ref gave a bounce ball after the disallowed goal and why Pearson wasn't even allowed to challenge for it?
  6. Fraser Kerr's thigh towards to line was a thing of beauty
  7. Would be good to see someone from the club or the players come out and say something about this. Scottish football is bad enough as it is without twats in charge complaining about noise
  8. Starting 11 - Nielsen, Hammell, Ramsden, Hutchinson, McManus, Sutton, Vigurs, Lasley, Carswell, Kerr, Moore
  9. ^^ Finally some sense. Out of interest, who do people suggest we bring in if they think McCall should be sacked??
  10. People saying we should have been playing our strongest team, others saying Moore and Erwin should have been playing....
  11. Mentioned it in the shoutbox but no student concession for this and need to be under 16 for a child. So a 16 year old will be paying £26.....brilliant!
  12. Will the drum be allowed in the cooper suite?
  13. Big opportunity with ICT playing celtic. Im saying a tight 3-2 victory in a big step towards 2nd place. And also will the drum be there? Remember folk saying they were always going to boycott tannadice after being refused entry a few years back, not sure if that was true or not.
  14. So drop law and lasley for the next game?

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