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  1. As long as there are no more photos of Frazzle.
  2. No idea, but if your 1st post to a forum is a link to your twitter instead of discussing it here...
  3. I've played with thisGraeme, he's shite. Hawk yer twitter elsewhere
  4. Didn't Mio and John Philliben get points off Rangers at short notice?
  5. Not if he were the last manager available, I'd let Burrows pick the team 1st
  6. Fell apart after they scored, team is fragile and the performance was pretty dogshit all around.
  7. You send that to Underboyle and he does his magic and we don't vomit
  8. Came up in recent conversation about the Scottish cup tie that Fergie was involved in versus Motherwell, anyone seen footage of it? Heard a rumour it was on a St Mirren DVD but unable to track it down. Older types can reminisce about the game, I barely remember it.
  9. Freeloaders? You mean login sharing? Unbelievable
  10. It wasn't a mysterious injury, it was an anomaly spotted by a physio (which many people have, including top athletes, that never causes any concern) It was highlighted by celtic and they wouldn't sign him until after surgery. No mystery, just caution by Celtic.
  11. My old neighbour, was a cracking guy
  12. What's the expression about blind squirrel's telling the time?
  13. this MFC tv is fucking great, can't log in, can't reset password
  14. Started late, £12 to see Campbell stride forward and score, blow for time and I can go back to bed

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