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  1. Nasal sex, other than just skipping it because you know it's utter bullshit. Could always just jettison folk with impunity I suppose.
  2. Definite penalty tbh, would have been lucky to get away with it
  3. Chasing shadows but not creating chances, their goals had elements of good fortune, a swing and a miss which fell kindly for the first and off the post and straight to their man.
  4. Both Hibs goals had an element of luck to them, penalty aside which he telegraphed where he was putting it, Kelly unlucky getting down to it
  5. Felt like Hibs managed to steal that game with some luck
  6. Least pish, no null vote
  7. Welcome to the captaincy of our great wee mighty club S'ODs, get ready for the rollercoaster.
  8. Is this wishful thinking or does it have any foundation?
  9. SPL highlights are at midnight, no idea when these highlights will be up, if at all, we wait with baited breath
  10. Kelly showed why we signed him, pretty solid performance
  11. MOTM or least pish
  12. Someone tell flow what Gen X is
  13. Wanted regular football and a decent wage
  14. Where did you hear Craig wanted a change of scenery?
  15. Their strips can be as honking as they like, considering someone like 'flow was involved I'm surprised at the accented badge and complete non Motherwell appearance of the shirt.
  16. Spin doctoring, from what I've seen it's roughly 50/50 although more of my friends seem to dislike it, but we're getting on a bit now
  17. Except when everyone in Brooklyn turns on their AC You live near Brooklyn right?
  18. Shat through a template generator, badge looks awful. 2/10
  19. Motherwell will haggle over a few pence, never mind grand, every penny a prisoner and has been for the most part outside of Boyle's scatter cash era
  20. Looks like the aerial fell off the roof
  21. Casagolda still has a highlight reel that isn't utterly terrible

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