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  1. this MFC tv is fucking great, can't log in, can't reset password
  2. Started late, £12 to see Campbell stride forward and score, blow for time and I can go back to bed
  3. I think he found his level.
  4. Got it sorted on my dad's ps4, steam looks and sounds tip top
  5. Anyone know if this works on PlayStation four? Want to set up for my old man tonight
  6. I didn't try to cast but the icon was there, there's a little difference between casting the stream or casting the browser
  7. ironic that the stream errors in Firefox and works in Chrome
  8. Anyone had any issues trying to use Chrome to sign up/add payment? Firefox worked fine, Chrome just had an empty box for the payment shit.
  9. Sky Sports listing has the 6-6 hibs game at midday
  10. Put the tin foil hat back on the turkey where it belongs.
  11. My big mate front and centre
  12. The bold part should have been a huge red flag
  13. When can I order mine?
  14. from what vault now? Someone bought that footage from STV for a considerable fee.
  15. Looks great. It's not sad at all
  16. I like that top, maybe not as a Well kit but definitely like it for kicking lumps out youngsters at the 5s
  17. I think the current team running the site are the longest serving at doing so, a lot of self policing and genuinely decent members have helped keep things extremely smooth during our time looking after the place.
  18. Yes it did, early 90's as I was still there at the time. 92-93
  19. As far as I know the big man is tip top
  20. Former forum member SpecialAKA sent me this video from before and after the final. I'm sure he doesn't mind it being shared to a wider audience.

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