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  1. The bold part should have been a huge red flag
  2. When can I order mine?
  3. from what vault now? Someone bought that footage from STV for a considerable fee.
  4. Looks great. It's not sad at all
  5. I like that top, maybe not as a Well kit but definitely like it for kicking lumps out youngsters at the 5s
  6. I think the current team running the site are the longest serving at doing so, a lot of self policing and genuinely decent members have helped keep things extremely smooth during our time looking after the place.
  7. Yes it did, early 90's as I was still there at the time. 92-93
  8. As far as I know the big man is tip top
  9. Former forum member SpecialAKA sent me this video from before and after the final. I'm sure he doesn't mind it being shared to a wider audience.
  10. Paraphrasing slightly - If you feel you are worth 1600 a week and you're offered 800 you find somewhere to play where they pay you more and re-establish yourself in the game to get back to being worth 1600
  11. He loved it up here, he wants to play up here again in his career.
  12. The folly of posting links is that neither seem to be working
  13. I'm sure the high heid yins will delete them after they are useful, but I may be wrong.
  14. He'd be off faster than he shared folk's DMs when he ran this place.
  15. Yabba's Turd

    Vs Hibs

    Quote this post whenever someone suggests we put teams back on their feet
  16. Same here, he has to keep my niece in the manner she's accustomed
  17. Which is more or less 75% of our fixtures
  18. ..and the more you get annoyed the more folk will bring it up. Let it be.

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