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  1. Not particularly memorable for the fitba, but watching yer hero playing for another team was disappointing, also walking into fir park and seeing the cameras in the gantry meant only one thing, get yer arse behind the goals and see yerself on the telly that night.
  2. That 2-0 game versus celtic we were hungover as fuck, getting the fear just thinking about it. 3-0 versus Rangers on 3rd January 1983, Brian Mclair had a hat trick. This Mckinnon goal from the free kick was memorable
  3. Then why did they change it?
  4. Efford getting a starters jersey is concerning
  5. Or McGinn's a roaster. Never said he was pish, said he was a roaster.
  6. McGinn = roaster. Underwhelming signing
  7. There will be no one left without a ticket. Guaranteed
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  9. Was it not he didn't have the correct paperwork and got turned back?
  10. 3rd Jan Premier League Rangers Fir Park 3-0 15th Jan Premier League Celtic Fir Park 2-1 I'll take both those results again please.
  11. I think it's an instant classic. throwback to beating Rangers and Celtic at New year in that strip, Gary Mac, Andy Dornan, Stuart Rafferty et al. Easily our best home kit for a while.
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  14. Mickey Weir took the one you are referring to.
  15. Do you remember Roy Essandoh versus Aston Villa? Immediately the cry of 'Shoot!' over the tannoy system... Well fans never forget
  16. That's a lot of money, isn't the wellevate for the Cooper still ongoing?
  17. that's why I'm an atheist
  18. Another who doesn't know me, you attack a poster for posting 'nonsense' but have had your own thread closed for your outlandish claims and circular arguments. Who's being ridiculous?

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