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  1. Pot now stands at £40, anyone else wanting to help out a good bunch of guys and Frazzle?
  2. I'm almost tempted to front the £150 myself to have Steelmenonline across the back of Fir Park Corner's shirts. All joking aside, good luck for the coming season, I'll start a pot with £20 in it, if anyone else wishes to pledge a donation for the ultimate irony in sponsorship please do so and if we reach £150 we'll sponsor your kit. (I've played for and against FPC and met loads of fellow 'well fans through it, this is a genuine, if not slightly bizarre call for donations for a worthy team)
  3. That was the day I was working in the home dressing room, installing the steam room, the dressing room door flew open and the whole team rushed in with blood pouring from Griff's mouth.
  4. I'm pretty sure I wrote an article in One Step Beyond about this, are some of the corporate suites not named after former players now?
  5. Does this courtesy extend to all jakies flying with Norwegian?
  6. This is my mate's cousin and friend's boyfriend, tragic.
  7. Don't know why, my sis in law got an email offering tickets online for the Celtic end this evening.
  8. Think I recall Boyd being an absolute roaster at the Motherwell greatest XI nigh, I think someone put it to him about winning the cup with a wee team like us was a great achievement and he started slavering about Celtic's achievements when he played there, anyway on to Saturday.
  9. 2nd goal in 8 seasons, might as well make it a belter.
  10. Meaningless game against a meaningless opponent. Does anyone have a copy of Dougie Arnott's testimonial game? Asking for a friend who needs a copy.
  11. Used to be that you'd hand it into the office and politely ask if you could get it signed, the tops would be left in the tea room or lunch room for players to sign on their way out.
  12. Being a pedantic so and so, Kipre made one balls up that put us under pressure. Don't care, we won. Voted for Grimshaw as he deserves second place to Curtis Main's sterling performance.
  13. Mind Celtic turned up for a party in similar circumstances?
  14. Topics merged, wasn't paying attention when the new topic was started.

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