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  1. It wasn't that bad when we finished playing our last game on it. What on earth is going on to cause it to be getting worse when we're not even using it!!??
  2. Nijholt91


    BBC preview for the Hearts game mentioned that he was injured I'm sure
  3. Yes that comment was harsh and it was certainly in the heat of the moment. I have sent a PM to Leeann apologizing and to be honest just wish the topic would disappear down the boards
  4. Face it - a 9-5 business which has a good possibility of having fans looking to use their services. Why would you close during the day? Also great timing to close early the day before a ticket game, from experience probably the busiest time for buying tickets with those waiting til last minute to decide whether they are going or not. Aren't the holidays coming up ample enough time to put your feet up?
  5. Must have Christmas shopping to do.. Priorities eh??
  6. Will have to do that, only option now. It's more the wasted journey, which wasn't a short one, that i'm annoyed at
  7. This is my only afternoon off so I took a drive over in between Christmas shopping, I'm absolutely raging.
  8. They couldn't have gone for it at a more stupid time - 2 days before a ticket match. What's wrong with a Christmas dinner? You know, go out after work like most folk? Couldn't make that shit up. They've been shut all afternoon!!
  9. Selling tickets for the first time in ages for Saturdays game versus Rangers, and ye fuck off for Christmas Lunch?? What was wrong with last week?? Or next week, even Sunday?? Fucking idiots.
  10. Bought myself one of the scarves Reynolds is modeling, great scarf. Plenty of other wee stocking fillers.
  11. Half the team have flu so we'll just have to wait and see what we have available to us
  12. Read a Hibs forum after the game where their fans were very complimentary of Gannon. Apparently he didn't shake hands with Yogi simply because Yogi lost patience waiting on Gannon who was shaking the hand of every Hibs player
  13. Will he even still be a Motherwell player by then? Me no think so
  14. Ah that poofy wee slap? Pretty amusing. Anyway, to the game. Absolutely dreadful. If Forbes isn't going to play more than 60 minutes a game he should not be starting. He did piss all in the first half and was quite rightly hooked. Time for a few starts on the bench. Lasley came on and was slack, although we all know he's not shite, lets face it, he's probably just lacking that martch sharpness. Bad time to lose Jennings to injury as I reckon he could have put in a good shift for us today. We need to STOP with the shite passing the ball from Ruddy to Hateley or the nearest available defender. Terrible tactic that is clearly a Gannon thing as Michael Fraser did the same in the few games he was between the sticks. I could have understood us using that approach when we had wee guys up the field like McDonald, or McCormack but we've 2 tall strikers up there that are good in the air. We should be getting the ball up to them as much as possible, rather than passing the ball about defence for a few minutes without moving forward. That cost us the 2nd goal. Moutaouakil had his best display today since the Rangers game IMO but the rest of the team were rank. We can't deny that we got what we deserved from todays half arsed performance. Edit: Gannon, please no more about the referee's or Hugh Dallas, they gave us nothing today. First goal was offside, Murphy booked for diving when he certainly did nothing of the kind. Shhh!

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