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  1. Would love to see us go for alan mccormack of recently relegated and up the financial shitter southend
  2. I think he was actually trying to throw the ball off Saunders (hence the donkey chants towards him), which made it even funnier. The likely lad also enjoyed the "jeffries geez a wave" song
  3. For me, the bottom line is well said pie. Some of (you auld bastardz) will remember us losing 14 - 0 aggreegate in 2 games v aberdeen n morton. SUPER MOTHERWELL
  4. Good. Wouldn't give them my money.
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005_Scottish_League_Cup_Final
  6. Imagine putting his income and family first, what a git
  7. The ribbons went for £1500. Great nite, all players past and present were great for a chat and seemed to be enjoying it. Particularly Corrigan and Craigan. Tam Cowan was on great form as always. Alan Mcgregor was the subject of a lot of his jokes.
  8. When we were winning 2 - 0 v hibs, there were a few guys in the east stand who were blowing whistles which was causing much confusion on the pitch. Eventually craigan went over and pleaded with them to stop it. Nae idea how i mind that.
  9. If you think this place is bad for knee jerk reactions and retards you should have a read at FF, its hilarious. All rangers fans i know either ignore it or laugh at it.
  10. Your right actually. Despite being generally shite, he was nowhere near the worst. Certainly one of the worst attitudes ever to wear the c & a. At least John davies and karl ready looked like they wanted to do well. Just thinking about mcbrides performance at e.r. in august 2006 makes the likely lad want to heedbutt the laptop. Totally gutless.
  11. Sean fagan, Kevin mcbride, Richard offiong and Tony Vaughan
  12. Recently - Scott Leitch and Martyn Corrigan
  13. The likely lad will cry into his pint of john smiths extra smooth if we re-sign bob malcolm. Top bloke, chronic fitbaw player. As siebsbarmyarmy pointed out, hes been released from every club hes ever been at.
  14. I saw that one of the soldiers posted on fpc to say how much he appreciated the gesture from MFC, i really hope he hasnt read some of the nonsense from malky, neil and chris on here. I also hope that the club arent put off future good gestures and community incentives like this in the future. Did you 3 have a "dignified silence" when there was a minutes applause at F.P. for the young soldier who was killed in iraq or afghanistan? Well done Leeann and MFC, please ignore these 3 ignorant fools.

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