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  1. Is Robbo takes the Northern Ireland job now he would be off his head. Following in the footsteps of O'Neil and the success he brought is an impossible task. Let someone follow O'Neil first! Think he actually said as much in recent BBC Sportsound interview.
  2. I don't know why, but I can see Robinson possibly going to Hearts...but not to Hibs. Still think it would a step sideways for him. Sure he will earn more and have a bigger budget, but anything he can achieve with Hearts or Hibs he could achieve with us, and moving to Edinburgh would delay a move down south to the Championship. He could potentially get a move to two of his former clubs in coming year. Preston are on some real form just now, Alex Neil's stock is high and he could be poached by another club and Luton are caught in a relegation battle and could be looking for a new manager at some point. Both of those jobs would appeal to Robbo and think both of those clubs would be interested in Robbo - and both are better opportunities for his career than Hibs or Hearts.
  3. Just caught the latest one there and think having them every two weeks (with the odd special) is much better as the episodes don't feel as stretched. What's happened to Jay and Busta??
  4. If Cadden goes to Hearts we would be looking at compensation of around £200 to £300k absolute maximum. In all likelihood Hearts wouldn't offer that as much and would go to Tribunal. If he went to England we would be entitled to absolute minimum of £600, possibly as high £1m in compensation. So while it's inevitable he will be leaving in the summer, would much rather it is to a club down south. However, any interested parties will be fully aware of potential compensation. Also worth noting, for us to be entitled to compo we have to offer him a new contract on improved terms before his contract expires or he can leave for absolutely nothing. The club has previous of this with Robbie Leitch's move to Burnley.
  5. There was a wee rumour doing the rounds a year or so back that he asked not to be selected. Wether there is anything in that or not is hard to say, but he's defo a better option than some of the options we have a CB.
  6. Just picking up on this. Belgium copied the model the French put in place after their game went belly up in early 80's. Similar to France, they had an emphasis on education within football, including diet and fitness which propelled them to World Cup win in '98. They also had a great deal of immigration from Africa and Eastern Europe during this time, with many of the kids of the immigrants gaining French citizenship through time spent in schools - or indeed being born there. Belgium is now exact same, and it does have an impact for me. Guys whose parents have made the decision to risk everything to escape their hardships for a better life are usually filled with a determination to prove their "national pride". A few interviews from Lukaku emphasises this exact point. 14 of the France '98 World Cup winning squad could have played for other nations. The squad that won this years World Cup, 19 could have played for other nations under current parent/grand parent rules. The squad that Belgium had in Scotland on Friday, 15 could have played for other nations. In our squad for recent double header, only four qualify for another nation - all either England or Ireland. Don't imagine it changing anytime soon with Brexit, or indeed with the narrow minded SFA who have previously adopted the Dutch model in the 90's and binned it after a few years, totally reversed all the German inspired ideas Bonhof adopted and now have this "Project Brave" which IMHO will be another failure.
  7. Just got round to having a listen to this last night. Top effort again guys. I'll not hide the fact that I was one of the folks on here to greet Burrows promotion with a sense of real trepidation, but he has proven that lingering doubt completely unfounded and I believe he is an absolute breath of fresh air both at our club and in Scottish Football in general. His passion and pride are infectious anytime you hear him speak. Personally, I can't see him leaving Fir Park unless it's for a massive club or indeed a more prominent role at the SFA/SPFL. Imagine his positivity, level of engagement and honesty within the corridors of power at Hampden.
  8. On this, think it's the genuine practise from so called "selling clubs". In fact, the only two clubs in Scotland who tend not to do this as much is the bigot brothers as they like to appease their hoards with "look how much we got for this player" and "look how much we paid for this guy". For me, it makes perfect business sense to withhold transfers fees from the public domain.
  9. Sevco have reportedly slapped a £5m price on the head on Tavernier and won't accept a penny less, so £2.5m for Cadds up front, not a penny less.
  10. I'm also a bit baffled by Callaghan rumour. Not only is it another midfielder in, but its taking a relatively young Scottish player (24 I believe) off another SPFL team who will jump above our own young players in the pecking order - particularly Turnbull. If he was a free transfer then there is maybe some justification in there, but suspect it will likely be either a transfer fee which is, in my opinion, a waste of resource or even worse a loan move which would be absolutely pointless. Can't claim to know loads about Callaghan, he has never stood out in the games for Hearts I have seen. From looking at his stats he has played a lot of games for his age, mostly at Raith Rovers, but his goal return would suggest he is much more of another defensive minded player than attacking - and we have enough of them. Would actually be really disappointed to see us take on a player like this and let Bigi go.
  11. Would be an incredible achievement for us to get a top 6 spot this year given the strength of other teams in the league. Think we will fall just short, finishing 7th with Killie taking the 6th spot. Don't imagine we will be anywhere near relegation battle as Dundee, Livi, Accies and St. Mirren are in a four way dog fight for the drop (Accies and St.Mirren please!!) and we fall into the "not quite top 6" with St Johnstone and Killie, the former I think are weaker this year and the latter have the best manager in the league. As for the Cups, will be again impossible to match last years exploits but quietly confident we can make at least one other final this year as we/Robbo seem to have a knack for the one off cup games.
  12. FFS give him a chance to at least play in claret & amber before hounding him. I seem to recall similar reaction to the signings of Sutton and Higdon - and they both turned out utter pish, eh? Main, Bowman and Johnson aren't exactly "slow" so not buying the "he's the exact same type of player". Something different, another bit of competition to keep players on toes and a guy that knows the league and has scored goals in the league. Our style of play was never going to change from last year given the success we had, so he fits our system. He is also on loan, possibly with a break clause in January, so no real risk other than the % we are paying toward his wage. An inspiring singing? Definately not. But some of the doom merchants are an absolute red neck!
  13. We should be adding at least 20% onto whatever we predict his development fee to be, otherwise there really is little point in selling him now when we will get the development fee next summer. Surely that shouldn't be too complicated to explain to interested clubs, and they either put up, or wait a year and pay the development fee compo.
  14. I don't get this Kipre is definately away chat. Kipre has just completed his first full season as a pro and he will want to stay playing week in, week out for his development. Should he leave us this summer, that isn't guaranteed. He will still be with us until at the very least January, but see him being here until next summer. Have complete confidence in that. Said a few weeks back, the only player we would be losing that we want to keep is Carson. Back in the middle of April I heard a pretty concrete rumour of Hull and Cardiff both being very keen with the latter the more likely destination. Of our other "sellable assets" at present: The compo we would get for Cadds leaving under freedom of contract is more than he would command in a transfer fee. Main has just joined the club, be here til next summer. Dunne - if there was a real chance he could be off this summer wouldn't have signed a new contract Campbell - just had his first full season, tied down to long contract and similar to Cadds his compo fee under freedom of contract is rising all the time. We may try to offload Bigirimana - I hope we don't - and Frear this summer, but we find ourselves in an utterly unique position in that we should retain the crux of our squad for the following season. Priority for me is a new goalkeeper (to replace Carson), a natural LB/LM and probably 2 strikers, one who can play wide if required - O'Halloran fits that bill perfectly. If we get the chance to sign Aldred then it may be worth it, although with Kipre, Dunne and Hartley he isn't essential - Maguire offers the back-up - and would maybe use a wage that can be applied elsewhere. Next season we should be looking to get a few more youngsters into the team as well which will provide us with more cover.
  15. Starting to get really excited for this. All the build up from Sportsound last night, the club videos and interviews, the Up the 'Well song, the Podcasts - it's all absolutely magic! I'm just starting to think maybe it is our time... Starting to think of team for Saturday and no doubt there will be a few of the squad that will have to miss out. Personally, I think we will line up in our usual 3-5-2/5-3-2 with a line up almost guaranteed. Even if Rose is back, I'd leave him out in favour of Grimshaw who has been superb of late. Carson Kipre Aldred Dunne Cadden Campbell McHugh Grimshaw Tait Main Bowman Only change to that I would be tempted about would be leave Main up top himself, brining in Bigi for Bowman as with the three holding midfielders he should be free to make something happen. Would love to see some of the young boys on the bench as well. Turnbull could be a game changer for us later on.
  16. This made me chuckle. Baseless nonsense. Must be related to Agent Scotland! We'd get more for Cadden leaving on freedom of contract than we would selling him this summer, Aldred has hardly missed a game since he came in, pushing Naismith as a much better player than Tait and suggesting our defence needs "quality and depth" when we have just broke a clean sheet record is just a few blaring bits of utter bollocks.
  17. Just finished them all off...really been spoiled this week! Hammell's was superb - what a class act he is and think we have really won a watch with his appointment. The Maxwell one was interesting as well, but found myself a few times thinking his outlook on certain aspects of football were pretty archaic. Still seems like a top bloke though. The guy from the Celtic podcast was surprisingly fair in a lot of what he was saying. Top effort guys!
  18. Just had a call off, so got three seats on the Shotts bus going if anyone is interested? £6/head, kids go free.
  19. Last three seats on the Shotts bus available if that is of interest?
  20. Yes it was to to remove the SPFL vote from 11-1 majority to a more balanced system, but it was more an opportunity for clubs to stand up to Old Firm and set a precedent. No question the SPFL has more influence than the SFA these days, the fact Doncaster is on the SFA board tells you that in black and white. Aberdeen decided they wanted to fill the "void" left by Rangers and blocked it - a decision they will regret when/if Rangers take the league back to a two horse race. Aberdeen rightfully deserve all the critics going for such a judas act. Keeping Rangers in the league was a different thing altogether for me and yes the club got initial stance wrong - but the chance to wrestle power and control from two teams was priority. Fact is, the chance to make any kind of change in the status quo of Scottish Football has been and gone so not matter how utterly stupid having a "end" at our neutral national stadium be, its not going to change. As others have said, the west and north stands are better anyway. Better parking for buses, better pubs, closer to train station and if it's a sunny day you won't have the sun blinding you if you are in the front 30 rows! Of all the things we can pick a bone with, this is way down the priority list for me.
  21. We had our chance in 2012 when Rangers died. Aberdeen fucked it by voting with Celtic.
  22. This. Superb from him and has put an extra level to what a cup win would mean for our little club.
  23. Got a bus running from Shotts again for this if anyone is interested can PM me. Still seats available, £6/head.

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