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  1. Anyone know what's happened to Carson
  2. if you've got a smart tv just go on the internet and you can get it direct .
  3. wellman

    Maurice Ross?

    Is that why the defence has been going backwards ?
  4. He'd never have signed Davie Cooper then .
  5. not really time he had a rest for a few weeks , during that time he could train on his distribution which is awful .
  6. We'll. I'm from Larkhall and support the mighty Well
  7. Just spotted McCormack in the stand with Flo
  8. totally agree but why play him , the manager put him on and wasted the balance we had in defence weird bad tactics yet again .
  9. Would be ok just too wee though
  10. I've heard today from apparently a good source that we are in the process of signing two Rangers players one being O'Halloran and that Carson is definitely away .

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