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  1. Are we still talking about Kelly good shot stopper but passing rate very poor never releases an early ball pretends to throw then kicks ball to opposing players
  2. I thought Scott Brown was going to Aberdeen
  3. even the ones that were no hopers a few weeks ago
  4. Great to see Robbie Crawford play the way Allan Campbell used to .
  5. Strangely I had exactly the same thoughts , he'll rile wee nippy and she'll shut us down in a pique .
  6. I think you've hit the nail on the head the reason we've lost late goals is we lazily defend deeper and deeper. This probably is a lack of fitness and once we get that sorted the mental fitness will follow.
  7. McGuire made a difference when he came on. though he should have taken the dead ball kicks .Polworth is going backwards week on week.
  8. if you've got a smart tv just go on the internet and you can get it direct .
  9. wellman

    Maurice Ross?

    Is that why the defence has been going backwards ?
  10. He'd never have signed Davie Cooper then .

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