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  1. He'd never have signed Davie Cooper then .
  2. not really time he had a rest for a few weeks , during that time he could train on his distribution which is awful .
  3. We'll. I'm from Larkhall and support the mighty Well
  4. Just spotted McCormack in the stand with Flo
  5. totally agree but why play him , the manager put him on and wasted the balance we had in defence weird bad tactics yet again .
  6. Would be ok just too wee though
  7. I've heard today from apparently a good source that we are in the process of signing two Rangers players one being O'Halloran and that Carson is definitely away .
  8. To be fair he had Samson behind him and McMinging next to him last season , not great for a developing player . A vast difference now working with strong solid defenders.
  9. McManus has never been fit enough or committed enough to play for us for some time now.
  10. no surprise about that
  11. I'd also remind you the great Joe Wark was right footed

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