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  1. None of these comments surprise me. Their chairman is a talking head, predictable and pathetic. Let them say their piece, they aren't doing themselves any favours. Their mentality has been obvious for a long time now, it only serves to alienate them further from the scottish game. If they had the squad to back up their attitude then they might be a threat to the purity of scottish football and the welcoming and inclusive environment that every other club wants to create. They are forever outsiders now.... AND WITH ANY LUCK WE WILL PUMP THEM!
  2. That was a good start!
  3. Dear BBC, I would like to listen to my teams game on the radio please Sincerely, Sincere
  4. We have never been that far off it at this stage of the competition. 3rd time lucky, c'mon well! I would love to make the group stages, just once, then maybe sneek through a la aberdeen and face a giant. Then we would have that over Aberdeen too, which would be great - because I hate them
  5. on friday. they werent on sale for very long on thurday so i doubt more than 100 or so were sold. wonder how we are doing now.....
  6. I was in for 10 this morning to get mine. Girl said that about 300 were sold on Friday - I'm guessing at least 500 will have gone by closing time today.
  7. So, sorry, have you been able to book your tickets?.... and are you a season ticket holder? I've been keeping a calm front but as a non-season ticket holder with flights booked and only the weekend free to get to the ticket office - I'm getting nervous. Really just wanted the thing in my hand today, particularly given the (hard to find) notice in the forthcoming fixtures section of the website about the sale starting today. The lack of any announcement on the fishal isn't helping my nerves. Was it seriously announced on our piss poor tannoy that tickets would go on sale Thursday!?! Why on earth do they choose that piece of crap as the only means of communicating that message??
  8. Fair enough I shouldn't really moan. It was in a section where paper was thrown on to the pitch and, as the club has just posted, there has been damage to the the seating. Only gonna come across morons there.
  9. The problem with the east stand turnstiles is simply that they are a clumped together. You are in a massive que for half an hour which only divides into about 8 que's just before you go in - spoilt for choice once you finally get there. Its a shame the east stand just has that set of stairs in - much better if it was along the length of the pitch with spread out gates. I left Glasgow at 6.10 thinking I would be fine, can often be a 15minute drive - that was the killer for me - didnt make it in to the ground til 7.50. Gutted to have missed the players coming out, the kick-off and the display. Even more fucked off by the f*çknut who stole our seats and refused to move 'I've been here for half an hour' - yeah that doesn't make it your seat fanny. I gave up arguing and moved to the terracing at the back of the stand and watched with a better view from there. ps füçk you.
  10. It'll only serve t make it more of a collectors item imo - ordered one to arrive on matchday, never like carrying these big hefty things around amongst the crowd so il read it at home to get in the mood
  11. what's the story is the east stand full up yet? - I've still not got round to picking up tickets
  12. Booked with BA for £432 price went up from £377. Waaay more than I can afford seeing as I got back from Cuba yesterday but it's worth it! May lose my job as I have to pull a sicky - needs must.
  13. From what I read from the BBC headline, Rangers would need to agree to pay all the 'oldco' debts for the 'newco' to be allowed into div1 Can rangers afford that!? To me it seems more life the SFA have handed Rangers a broken olive branch. Maybe I'm being lazy so correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Rangers voted out and we need an extra 500 fans per game = a £200,000 increase in revenue. Rangers voted back in, 500 fans turn their back each week and we lose the revenue gained from gers fans. I know which of the two options I would prefer. Show them the door.

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