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  1. Sometimes I wonder if icerink really did leave.
  2. You can breathe easy as it aint Omar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keammar_Daley
  3. Sky saying Mike grellas contract has been terminated at Leeds
  4. My first match which had me hooked ever since Sun 28 November 1999, 6:5pm Motherwell 3 - 2 Celtic (Half Time : 2 - 2) G Brannan (9) D Townsley (44) D Goodman (49)
  5. Not a complete change in badge but an evolution maybe?
  6. Should I ask the club to release the new kit to coincide with Armadale Gala day too? Because everybody here seems to be wearing new Rangers tops. Heres a great idea though.. If wearing a football top on your holiday is so important, why not ...i dunno ... maybe .. move your holiday to a later date?
  7. We held our own very well until we gambled with swapping hammell for Jeffers, the gamble didn't pay off making the result alot more flattering than they deserved. At least we have a bright future to look forward to.. Celtic on the other hand no matter how hard they hide it. Will never be as good as They were in 2003 lol
  8. Is It back up? Checked yesterday and it said the video will return soon
  9. This!!! Was my first trip to Fir Park and I'll never forget the east stand love fest when the final whistle blew
  10. I reckon Humphrey could do the damage later in the 2nd
  11. She's getting telt awrite she was oot on the piss last weekend so I'm comin back pickled the morra.

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