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  1. 3-1 Shagggggggggggge meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. Yeah, particularly frustrating when Hibs avoided a booking for there laughable attempt to win a pen earlier. Hopefully we can be a bit more street smart.
  3. Ref has been pathetic, Stevie O'Reilly type performance. Hibs players throwing themselves to the deck at the slighest contact. Questionable pen also. We need to be more clincal as we are creating chances, Moult shot off the bar. Hopefully recreate another great second half performance and hope the ref improves.
  4. Out of interest what was the virus and injury that essentially put paid to his career at this level? I know he had an illness or such during pre-season but nothing was really mentioned in great detail. From what I heard was that McGhee wanted to punt both Laing and Kennedy due to the sizeable wages they were on, even Wes Fletcher seemed to be having a go at the treatment he had received which seemed at dig at the club. Anyway good luck to the guy always seemed to give 100% to the cause.
  5. I do enjoy the banter at football, but none more so when it comes to bite you back in the rectum.
  6. My good friend (its not shitey arse btw) currently plys his trade with the Accies these days, was chatting to him earlier about the game and he was saying they were absolutely pishing themselves at the decisions they were getting away with hence why imrie and co ripped the crap in the 2nd half more so. Still beeling from the penalty decision, looking back at the game at NDP earlier in the season a similar scenario happened around the 90th min where an Accies player handled echoing what happened at the weekends game and we got heehaw. The standard of referees in this country really is pathetic.
  7. I thought those stutter step ups were supposed to be stopped, rule change was introduced just before the World Cup, mind you prob just be made to retake. Just stomached the highlights again, really harsh pen to give, noticed that Thomson didn't bother blowing the whistle until after it was saved and cleared, was in the Stevie O'Reilly book of refing that performance. After Grimshaws shot hit the bar just felt like it wasn't going to be our day seeing that they seemed to be getting there share of good fortune. Also don't get the Vigurs love in on here. Fantastic goal no doubt, but it seemed each week people were discussing what a marvelous player he can be, still waiting to see that. Surprised he never treated to us to his usual pirouette which was generally followed by losing possession.
  8. In fairness though I reckon the worst goalies always make the best coaches, just a case of teaching them what not to do, Woods will have a bag of tricks in his locker. As for the game itself, I am confident we can pick up all three points if we can carry on how we have been playing. St Mirren and County have tricky ties so it could be a massive weekend.

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