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  1. While I agree that today has been utterly rotten I am certain the guy will not be under any pressure at all, disappointed at the result obviously but we are currently 5th . If we beat United midweek that would be 9 points from 12 that are available from Novmeber fixtures.
  2. I think we had been unbeaten in ten league games against them before today, decent record tbf.
  3. Hit the post. Its going to be one of those days.
  4. That was awful, struggled to battle against the wind, would hope we can take advantage of that in the second half but doubt it, hopefully see double V on.
  5. Ref spots an elbow from a Dundee player. just a yellow.
  6. Honking set piece from Slattery
  7. Kelly could have perhaps could have done better with that. Making one of the worst teams in the league look like Brazil. After a tremendous display last week to this.
  8. Three defenders standing in a line and the Dundee guy just shot low through them with all the time in the world. A tad frustrating as we have performed well defensively in recent weeks.
  9. Looking forward to the game, first time heading to Dens in many a year. It's a great headache for Alexander to have with all the forwards putting in a great shift last weekend and Van Veen having come off a double against Aberdeen, same defensively as Lamie seemed to drop out the team after playing well but certainly deserves to retain his place after his last showing, but that being said Ojala has been great. Three points would be most welcome as it would be nice to have a 14 point cusion over them. When they visited Fir Park earlier in the season we seemed to just let Adam pull the strings and pick his man out but when he went off injured it benefitted us, it will be interesting to see if we stick to last weeks approach as that was a joy to watch. I wouldn't be surprised to see the winner scored from a set piece in a tight game.
  10. I had to go back and check that as it seemed wrong to me, but outwith the 2017/18 season you were right in that the past decade has been really pathetic in regards to cup runs, just one omission though we beat Hamilton in a SC tie in January 2018 when Scott McMann scored a lovely own goal. However you look at the nature of some of the losses and it feels so much worse looking back, without going into too much detail but losing a QF to ten man Aberdeen then in a similiar time period then papped us out the Scottish Cup by them then days later in a league game a makeshift defence of Page/Cummins easily records a 1-0 win. Exits to Albion, Rangers and Morton down the leagues not to mention the late McManus show at Ibrox where he gifted them a passage to the next round.

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