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  1. First touch letting Watt down otherwise he was thru one on one
  2. Came out sleeping. Great save by Kelly
  3. Faddy was suggesting on the BBC that Watt was fouled just before he crossed the ball which went behind Campbell and Roberts, had he went down it could have been a penalty, would be interesting to see that back. It's nice to have some creative options on the bench, hopefully see Lawless later on.
  4. 0-0 at HT. Much better performance on the last two not that would be hard to achieve.
  5. Just a shame our freekick was diven off the wall and run out of play lol
  6. Much better today but the set pieces have been poor.
  7. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/74173/St_Mirren_vs_Motherwell.html The hesgoal link for anyone who is interested. Its working atm with pre match stuff.
  8. Starting Line up - Kelly, Carroll, Lamie, Magloire, O'Donnell, Maguire, Campbell, Crawford, Roberts, Watt and Cole.
  9. I seen that as well and was quite surprised by it, I mean after tomorrows game we will have played a game more than two of our rivals and this fixture presents us with a great chance as this is our game in hand over Killie, it would be massive if we could get a positive result. This has been a massively frustrating season and its been full of dramas for all the wrong reasons, I'm fed up with my wife asking why their is skid marks on my Y fronts its been that strenuous. Obviously I hope we win by any means necessary but the whole Covid stuff would make it all the sweeter as these points were already in the bank.
  10. We have had previous for that in recent years, Andy Rose for instance was allowed to move to the MLS mid season and it was his old American side that would benefit with a fee for his services and the same with Pearson in regards to his move to India before he returned looking injured, if players don't want to commit then just don't sign them. I know its all hear say about Gallagher's situation but I do find it strange that he was an ever present for the side but an injury occurs just before the match in which he would initiate a contract extension.
  11. In the space of a week we have been bossed at home by two rank rotten sides (seven conceded), I know we are just as putrid but we had a real opportunity to draw them back into the relegation mix today but we were well off it, I can accept getting beat but when you are fighting near the bottom you would at least think they would care. I think most fans seemed scunnered when they seen the side pre match, obviously we knew we had massive injury problems but its quite ridiculous the numbers that are out, a wee bit of transparency wouldn't go a miss. Least Accies and Killie slipped up but I can't help but worry that we are heading back down the way. Anyway same again Wednesday then sadly.
  12. McGinley and Hastie on for Carroll and Long

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