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  1. Fair enough, I just can't remember that guy being impressive all to often when he played us and I'm generally one to give oppostion players the credit they deserve. Getting hooked at half time, scoring an OG, giving a way a pen are few of his highlights off the top of my head while playing against us, I can imagine him being dominant in the air against Campbell if not much else. As Kmcalpin pointed out, I do remember that 2019/20 fixture well, I would argue however it was more Hamilton as a unit that bossed us in general in the second half of that game, we had played really well in the first and got the lead early and we eventually paid the price for not taking our chances. Should the guy sign he will get my full support in a 'Well jersey but I'm hoping he isn't really on our list of targets.
  2. Did he not play more or less as a centre back for Accies before moving into a midfield role with Hibs? Generally my memory of Campbell in these games was that he was generally always one that got pass marks outwith last season of course. In derby games you tend to notice the passengers when all is not going well for instance in a New Year fixture in December 2017 we were winning 1-0 cruising, Campbell was playing great and he got injured and taken off just before half time and we lost 1-3. While Hamilton did beat us a numerous times, Gogic always seemed to be a player we got some joy from as he was quite erratic, the Scott McMann own goal game Gogic had a stinker and not to mention the game where Hastie, Turnbull and Ariyibi had them on toast and we were 3-0 up after 30 odd minutes and he was hooked at half time as he couldn't cope. Just looking at the head to head record when the players actually played against each other in the matchday squad, Gogic didn't come out on top often at all, they met in 8 fixtures where Campbell won 5, Gogic 2 (one being the tie above where Campbell went off injured at 1-0 up) and one draw.
  3. Ticket purchased for this. Glad we're all getting the chance to go back to see the footy live. Potential banana skin this, as the poster above stated, they got off to a flyer under Dougie Imrie in a season where they have been very poor and the fact they have been playing the last few weeks keeps that match sharpness, I remember us being rotten in a Scottish Cup game against County after the break a few seasons back and hope we don't replicate a performance like that. Tough tie but I think we'll do enough to progress. Does anyone know if we're following the FA cup rules in regards to replays? Is it just a one off fixture that goes to ET and pens if necessary?
  4. Stephen Robinson is also interested in taking him to Morecambe but I had also seen the Daily Ranger mentioned a trio of Scottish clubs including us were interested. I was never a fan tbh, always seemed to stoat about the pitch like a headless chicken in the Lanarkshire derbies.
  5. May - Ciftci - Kane what a strikeforce.
  6. 2 mins added on. Bet that would have been 5 if they weren't winning.
  7. Shields and Donnelly on for Slattery and Van Veen
  8. I think Woolery has improved massively as of late but one thing about him thats frustating is that he has had many delicious balls pinged to him which he miscontrols, the one a short time ago would have been a great chance if he managed to control it.
  9. We have enjoyed a few good spells, frustrating to go in at HT a goal down, I actually thought the free kick for the goal was quite soft, springs back then falls forward defing physics. Not getting much from the ref as per. Hopefully get off to positive start in the second half rather than them getting that killer second which is obv the norm. Making the most of the black kit the last month or so.
  10. Great save by Kelly from a deflected Turnbull shot.
  11. According to the Daily Express, an English League One side is interested in Lamie. Sounds like a potential pre contract move could be on the cards opposed to a small fee should anything come to pass.
  12. While I agree that today has been utterly rotten I am certain the guy will not be under any pressure at all, disappointed at the result obviously but we are currently 5th . If we beat United midweek that would be 9 points from 12 that are available from Novmeber fixtures.
  13. I think we had been unbeaten in ten league games against them before today, decent record tbf.
  14. Hit the post. Its going to be one of those days.
  15. That was awful, struggled to battle against the wind, would hope we can take advantage of that in the second half but doubt it, hopefully see double V on.
  16. Ref spots an elbow from a Dundee player. just a yellow.
  17. Kelly could have perhaps could have done better with that. Making one of the worst teams in the league look like Brazil. After a tremendous display last week to this.

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