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  1. As Joe Pesci said "Funny how?" Kiddin on mate it is a fuckin laugh sometimes.
  2. Theres a good few "supporters" who turn out for the european games at fir park - in other words there Rangers or Celtic fans who stay in the surrounding area! I'd estimate about 400 plus of our fans last night were Rangers or Celtic fans. Obviously you get part time fans turning out for the big games (add 1500 - 2000) and last night was a golden opportunity to sustain that for the european games at least. Game on sundays on the box so I'd be surprised if we can manage more than 4000 fans!
  3. Never got to see the game but from what I've heard no one could access it on the internet anyway! Tbh I'm glad, from match reports and the summary of the game from fans on here it sounded like a pretty frustrating performance! Aw well shit happens! Got the Celtic game to look forward to on Sunday!
  4. What if I was hingin oot her like a claret n amber jobby? I quite like claret n amber it sets us apart from most teams, i dont wear colours much although I do have a few tops, brought last years away one over here wae me which ive wore but back home id probly just wear it kickin about the house or playin fitba! Ive got a pair of mainly amber suede gazelles wae claret stripes n laces av wore them once, mainly cos there a fuckin mile oot but hey they were 20 bangers, there gazelles AND there claret n amber!
  5. Its on Danish TV so ul be able to watch the stream mate... http://www.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=...8∂=sports THANK FUCK!!
  6. take an oxo cube wae ye
  7. Anno thats been ur display pic for ages but whose that burd wae the cans?
  8. Our most significant european game since Dortmund n I'm not gonna get to see it. Baws. What about internet radio?
  9. But how come we got to see the first leg? Or was that broadcast on danish tv?
  10. I don't see how the club can assure that the game won't wind up on the internet.... I understand where there coming from as they obviously want Fir Park to be mobbed though. Hope to fuck it is on the net cos its a huge game for us and I'd love to see it!

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