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  1. Rory Bellows

    Motherwell V The Rangers Spfl Playoff Final 2Nd Leg 31/05/15

    All the stops will be pulled out to try to get the Establishment Club / Company over the line....somehow I'm old enough to remember some shockers in the past....pitch invasions..."honest refereeing mistakes" etc etc. not to mention the threats and intimidation Hope I'm wrong and we can tie this up easily, but expect the worst on Sunday... (IMO)
  2. Rory Bellows

    Leanne For Sfa President

    .. and what about the 5 Way Agreement fiasco, the Oldco / new co keep yer history p1sh, the transfer of licence switcheroo, the LNS "no sporting advantage" outcome and, of course, the super Sallary "who are these people" (when he already knew who was on the panel) which resulted in (yup, you've guessed it) threats and intimidation and police involvement. Plus loads more, obviously. Corrupt
  3. Rory Bellows

    Leanne For Sfa President

    Great stuff - agree with all the points above
  4. Rory Bellows

    Albion Rovers V Motherwell 30/11/13

    As a resident of the Greater Coatbridge area, I can offer Well fans excellent overnight accomodation packages (garden shed - prices available upon request) for anyone thinking of travelling and staying over.....
  5. Rory Bellows

    Motherwell V Aberdeen 30/10/13

    Yes.........BIG game 'Mon The Well !
  6. Rory Bellows

    Joe Wark

    And punk / alternative fans..... all good !
  7. Rory Bellows

    Joe Wark

    Ah, The Heathery .....
  8. Rory Bellows

    European Tour 2013

    Just to put things in perspective, latest betting odds for Thursday (Paddy Power) has the Russians as favourites at 10/11 with the Well at 11/4. Draw is 5/2 Also see that we are 66/1 for the 2013/14 title....
  9. Rory Bellows

    Peter Millar. R.i.p

    I also started watching the Well in the 70s and remember him as a key player in a great team RIP also sending positive thoughts to his family and friends
  10. Rory Bellows

    Well V Ross County

    The photo of the players in front of the fans at the East Stand is one of the greatest photos ever taken! I predict it will go on to become a famous photo of our clubs history. I'm half serious. ========================== Ordered a copy from sns yesterday
  11. Rory Bellows


    Loved the 70s at FP ....
  12. Rory Bellows

    Michael Higdon

    Motherwell legend.
  13. Rory Bellows

    Motherwell 2 Rangers 2 League Cup 1975

    Brilliant! Thanks so much for posting that BB......first time for me to see that since, well, uh, 1977 when I was there as a 13 year old (in the shed, down the front) As was said before what a crowd! To be fair, St Mirren brought a HUGE support. I think there were loads locked out
  14. Rory Bellows

    Motherwell 2 Rangers 2 League Cup 1975

    Is there any footage of the (I think) 1977 Cup Tie vs Fergie's St Mirren at Fir Park......that was the biggest crowd / best atmosphere I was ever in at FP...... epic game
  15. Rory Bellows

    The Well Society

    I didn't go tonite two 7s but I will likely continue my membership

Twitter @MotherwellFC