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  1. Would normally agree with that sort of post. But last night wasn’t about being street wise. The Lang penalty claim early doors was exactly the same as he gave against Mugabi and sent him off for. In fact Lang was trying to be ‘street smart’ at the start of the game and got zero from the ref. Some of the heavy contact some of our players took and not so much as a foul. The ease of which we were carded for nothing yet there players again escaped punishment for some heavy tackles. Tommy Wright even mentioning that’s good refereeing for not carding the boy, that may be but not when it’s totally inconsistent with the way you’ve ref’d the other side. Sometimes in football the ref just seems to favour the underdog team. Last night was a shocking display from the officials. We can all talk and agree with the standards of our own teams performance 2nd half where I don’t think anyone on here will disagree with. But simply put, there would’ve been no come back last night without two non penalties given against us. The shouts that it was a stonewall penalty at the end because Mugabi got the wrong side are about as wild as I’ve seen on here. You don’t get penalised for being the wrong side. You get penalised for fouling an opponent. Which Big Bevis didn’t do.
  2. The players you mention all went onto better leagues and teams. With the exception of John Sutton who went to Hearts a lot later in his career most likely getting a hefty bump in pay. He wasn’t a world beater and nobody could deny that he should take that move. McKinstry has went to a team that’s looked like promotion contenders each year to reach the English Premiership. So again, these are examples of players showing actual ambition. Thinking that joining Rangers in this day and age is “ambition”? I think that’s where you lose a lot of people. They aren’t what they once were. You’re playing (or not in Hastie’s case) in the same league as Motherwell. The anger would still be there if he went to Hibs or Hearts or Aberdeen. It’s about Rangers and Celtic buying emerging first team talent from the same league and benching them, stinting development. Yes responsibility of these decisions lay with the players as well as those clubs. But people are perfectly entitled to call out these practices. Yes, people are angry because it’s Rangers, that doesn’t make them a bigot like has been mentioned in the past by another poster. Or some angry, irrational fan. They are just sick of the way that the old firm will hoover up young talent from our league and bench or farm them out on loan. Fans are right to call out in my opinion. That being said I’m sure Jake will get more support as the league start nears. People are just desperate to see the team play. A signing like this was always going to split the fans initially, after 4-5 months of no football this situation has probably been amplified a bit more. He’ll still get the support of the majority of the fans that aren’t happy with the saga when he’s on the pitch. Hopefully he comes with the mindset of proving these people wrong. If he screws the head, we’ll have a player on our hands.
  3. Assuming that we end up in the same half as Rangers post split. Before a ball is kicked, not withstanding any injuries, dips in form etc. A player won’t be eligible to play in over 10% of our league matches. That would indicate to me this isn’t a deal that is beneficial to our football club or building a team for the season. Also I am sure Hastie is no doubt good mates with many of the current team. But unfortunately like it or not will not be accepted by most likely at least 50% of the fan base. Just creates a poisonous atmosphere with team mates/ manager having to come out in the media to back their teammate etc. Puts the clubs fans in a bad light in the media and in the ground (whenever the crowds are allowed) etc. Would he improve the squad/ team?Perhaps yes. Worth the baggage? I would say a firm no! Perhaps the club gambling on the fact of a closed door start to the season. If he were to get off to a strong start before crowds are allowed back, it may have softened some people’s stance by then. Ultimately I think its a hard sell for all parties and I don’t think the lad is worthy of the effort.
  4. What a horrible bit of publicity for the club and the manager himself. However with the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise nothing will come of this until the process is complete. But the serious question is, where does the club stand on this issue if he’s found guilty? Is this a sackable offence? With securing our highest sponsorship deal for this season and the profile of being a fan owned family club. Would we be able to morally justify having a manager at the forefront of everything that we do and stand for as a club being found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend? Could be a horrible dilemma for the board come the end of this, potential to effect the rest of the season?
  5. It’s quite simple to fix next game. Cut the allocation and border off the whole front section of the 2nd tier. Anybody tries to stick a flag over the board it’ll be easily removed and won’t put stewards or police at risk with the crowd further back.
  6. Sitting in the crowd wishing the drum would gtf!
  7. Bert the Sailor

    Vs Hibs

    Just part of a new social media strategy that’s being tried out no doubt by SO. It’s all very complicated mathes of course. So wouldn’t want to bore your silly little mind about it....
  8. Aye cos bringing in players to our club to actually play in our first team is exactly the same as laundering a player through a third party team to avoid paying a fee.
  9. He may not be soley to blame for this. But to exonerate him of any blame here is also far off the mark. Hiding behind blaming agents and owners is far too easy. Turnbull showed that you can politely decline the ‘advice’ given. Cadden has allowed this to happen to a club he has been with for over 10 years. The whole move stinks and he could have quite easily put a stop to it at any time. This shouldn’t be Motherwell’s fight alone. The SFA and SPFL should be involved to protect the interests of Scottish clubs. They want to push Project Brave as the saviour of Scottish football? Well then you’ve got to back your teams.
  10. Crying out for an actual midfielder in the ‘Gorrin’ role. Shoehorning defenders into that role is killing the creativity in the middle.
  11. Yeah, was confirmed on Tuesday that there would be a pay at the gate option.
  12. Although losing Hastie would be a blow. The money we're going to get for Turnbull is gonna build us a new stadium. So it’s all swings and roundabouts really. You win some and you lose some.
  13. To be honest the club would do well to clarify the situation as soon as possible. If he has signed a PCA with Rangers, we’d be as well dropping him. Two fold, players we need to give players like Frear a chance at consecutive games in a formation that finally suits his style of play. Even Cadden to an extent, can he take up that role. See if they are worth the new contract etc. Also Jake is just gonna receive absolute venom from the stands until May from our supporters. I’m not gonna say that’s right, but the lad can’t be stupid into thinking our support is gonna somehow be happy with this decision. He hasn’t helped himself with all the media stuff where he’s said he knows this is the place to be and he wants to stay etc. Should make tomorrow’s game interesting to see what kind of reaction he gets.... So aye, if he has chosen to move elsewhere I actually think it’s the sensible move rather than the toys out the pram approach to leave him out for the remainder of the season (injuries and suspensions aside).
  14. Fantastic gesture and a PR win for the club. However those that can afford it should seriously consider whether they need to take money out our own club to attend the game.

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