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  1. Yes we’re in the top 6 but that was more a relief so we couldn’t be drawn into the play off equation. But serious thoughts to next season must already be taking place by the board? We’re in end of McCall, Robinson era form here. The players aren’t reacting to Alexander anymore and we look like we run out of ideas about 3 months ago. It’s becoming harder and harder to justify letting this play out next season the way it’s inevitably going to go.
  2. Fully onboard the Alexander out train now. There is zero defending him now.
  3. Make a sub, honestly. What are we fucking waiting on?
  4. It would be fair to say looking at our form you’d be worried. But what’s more worrying is you’d say we look further and further away from winning a match each week. I wouldn’t say Alexander has lost the dressing room. But it’s clear to see that the players either ain’t buying into what he’s asking or whatever he is asking them to do is the problem. It’s easy to say that we’re one point of Europe. But so are more than half the league. The worrying trend is that we’re looking less and less settled and confidence is draining from the team at an alarming rate. I know Alexander likes to keep his cards close to his chest. But unless he comes out and starts explaining to the fans the likes of what he sees in Donnelly, why Slattery isn’t starting. The fans are turning quickly on him and tbf who can blame them. No win in 10 games which is over 1/4 of the leagues actual games is a horrifying stat. One that’s only getting worse each week. Serious questions on his future can only be round the corner. Maybe a cup run will be the saviour?
  5. It’s inexplicable when you see Slattery come on and be the best midfielder on show time after time. That every week we see Donnelly on the team sheet. The stubbornness to leave him on week after week is killing us. The midfield unit isn’t working and none of the answers to that include Donnelly.
  6. This long throw patter can also GTF
  7. Now would be the time to make some positive substitutions as opposed to waiting till Dundee score again.
  8. The Refs must fucking hate Alexander. We just don’t get those decisions go for us. But consistently against us.
  9. Persistence with the same wrong players is getting pathetic now. You’d be as well subbing off O’Donnell now. Taking the stuffing out of us and you’d struggle to see us recovering.
  10. Just as I’ve seen this line that we’re joint 4th a few times. We are 5th as that’s how a league works. We are 5th because our GD is pretty dire for a team in the top half of the league. If the league finished today we wouldn’t be going round saying we finished joint 4th. But as you say, the fact we are 5th is more an equally damning statistic on the rest of the league. The fact that United, Hibs and Aberdeen have rookie managers in charge is the only reason we are where we are in the league at the moment. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s something to be celebrating. But we are still in the hunt somehow, but it’ll count for nothing if the form doesn’t seriously turn around.
  11. Not spending any of the banked £3million to leave Watt playing with the juniors for the rest of the season is seeming like the wrong call at this stage. He’s absolutely done our club a kipper and we’ve bent over and taken it without so much as a whimper.
  12. This Ref wanna shag Watt? How many fouls has he let this cunt away with?
  13. Honestly just take Efford off, looks a downgrade on Woolery which is saying something on recent form.
  14. Reckon the formation could be with an eye on the upcoming tough fixtures with a view to trying to shore and tighten things up at the back and midfield. Make us tougher to break down. But doesn’t look like much excitement on the cards. We needed to try something different, so why not.

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