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  1. Are we always awful the first game back after the winter break or is it my imagination?
  2. History says when we’re bad under Alexander we’re very bad, just living up to that….
  3. Do we have any subs?! Been crying out for fresh legs in the middle of the park.
  4. Thought it was a yellow to be honest. Very harsh red, wouldn’t have be happy if it had been for us!
  5. A lot more to do with Roberts giving the ball away and selling O’Donnell in the process.
  6. Roberts bloody awful. Get him off at HT
  7. Cracking goal from the wee man! Very very similar to his strike at Fir Park against St Johnstone at the end of 2020!
  8. Thought Donnelly controlled the midfield and had an excellent game given how long it’s been since he started in the Premier League. Cornelius and Van Veen both took their goals really well, however had to go for one of the centre halves as they were both outstanding. Sol shades it from big Bevis.
  9. Was sceptical of Alexander before this week, despite his record being good on paper. Now I’m finished with him, constantly picks the wrong team i.e all of Carroll, Donnelly and Van Veen would improve that first 11. Leaving us outnumbered in midfield every game, not stopping crosses, allowing teams all the space they want until they get in the box, short corners, long throws, everyone back at corners etc etc
  10. Lose midweek and we’re bang in trouble. 2 or 3 players starting week in week out that should be no where near this level of football. Add to that our “best” players playing poorly and we’re only heading one way. Agree with others that 3-5-2 is the way forward with Lamie or Solholm and Carroll coming in at the back and Ohara into midfield (on the right) with McGinley, Grimshaw and Woolery making way.
  11. Grimmy is going to complete this game. Not only that he’s going to complete it in the middle of a midfield 3……Unbelievable…
  12. Good god that’s never a pen! For once we get a soft one for us :-)
  13. Anyone else feel like we have all 3 midfield players playing in the wrong positions? Surely the balance would be better with Grimshaw right, Slattery centre and Goss left?!
  14. We have made 1 change so far tonight with 2 mins to go! After this performance how is that possible?!

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