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  1. Completely unprofessional, thought the game was won at HT and switched off. Fully expect us to lose this in ET.
  2. Bemusing that we haven't made any changes yet....
  3. Looked a very soft pen but BBC pictures so poor it’s hard to tell. Polworth absolutely anonymous, Lamie terrible. Now being dominated, matter of time before a scrappy equaliser goes in....
  4. Phew.....A wins a win but still a massive amount wrong.
  5. Great strike from the wee man! Knowing our luck it’ll be 1-1 by the time they get the stream back up.
  6. I know I’m biased but that is a red all day long nowadays....
  7. That’s right at the managers door.....Game changed when Campbell went off and we ended up with too many forwards on the pitch..
  8. Midfield has been good again. Front 3 have been awful. White off at ht surely....
  9. Think the back 8 will and should remain the same as last Sat. I think the front 3 are likely to be Hastie on the left, Lang on the right and White through the middle.... 2-0 (Lang & White) :-)
  10. Football was in short supply from either team, but the better passing moves were absolutely Livi’s.
  11. Said the same, the only time we didn’t punt it was exactly when we should have! Argghhh....
  12. Can’t quite believe how bad that was again. Not a single player with pass marks, punt punt punt, clueless.
  13. Given the options open to us I'd expect to see the same back 8 as Sat with 1 or 2 changes to the front 3. I'd go with , Carson, Grimshaw, Mugabi, Gallagher and Lamie, Campbell, Turnbull and Ohara, Long, Watt and Hylton. With Long on the right and Hylton left, Watt in the middle. Seedorf appears to be a better sub and Hastie has been poor so far.
  14. 170 mins with barely a shot on target......
  15. 2nd half has been worse than I could possibly have imagined. Not a single player with pass marks so far. Tony Watt playing wide left, do me a favour....

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