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  1. He’ll be a happy man today then. Grrr…
  2. We now have 3 forwards and Tierney on the pitch, is he genuinely trying to lose by as many as possible?
  3. Can anyone put up a reasonable argument for us having 3 forwards on the pitch, it’s ridiculous…
  4. Tactics horrific again. Constantly giving good players 10 yards of space results in only one thing.
  5. Last 10 was a horrible watch but well done to the players for digging in and seeing it out! Hate to think where we’d be without Liam Kelly!
  6. I think he’s much better than the usual!
  7. Not sure we started that way but Donnelly deffo playing on the right side of a back 3 now.
  8. It appears so, assume Woolery & Mugabi both injured.
  9. KVV & Slattery on the bench and Woolery & Mugabi out all together. Another defeat beckons :-(
  10. Very frustrating afternoon. Bizarrely we played better than I expected, just didn’t take our chances and lost a horrible deflected goal. Whilst theres no doubt we’re very poor, Utd aren’t any better. To end up having to play Mugabi up front for the last 15 mins shows how poor we are in that position. He’s not a world beater but where is Roberts?
  11. £25 and predictable I’m already regretting it. The way we’ve set up was ok when it was 0-0 but now we’re behind we have to change it and try and get more possession.
  12. Still showing tickets online but they all seem to be restricted view (the seats that are half orange when you look at the seating plan online)
  13. I just got one online (against my better judgement) but it says it’s restricted view as that looked like it was all that was left. Although I very much doubt we’ve sold out!
  14. Hope I’m wrong, but with that starting 11 if Rangers play reasonably well I fear we’re getting another hammering! How he can possibly start the same midfield that started at Livi beggars belief. Also, the one player who has caused them problems in previous games is on the bench, unbelievable.

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