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  1. Crawford was neat but Gallagher holds us together at the back. Would hate to see what our defence would be like without him.
  2. Both McNamara and McCann’s challenges could easily have been reds. Remember Lang’s red at Ross C in the 1st game of the season? Not much difference in those 2 today.
  3. What a horrible team they are, 3 awful challenges today, not to mention Davidson’s kamikaze act.
  4. Lamie on for the last 15min, what could possibly go wrong?!
  5. Been a little surprised at how just how poor we’ve been so far, struggling to string 2 or 3 passes together. Good move for the goal and then a couple of chances in the last few mins but apart from that St Johnstone have dominated. Suppose we need to cut them a break given how many we have out. Carson, Carroll, Dunne, Donnelly and Campbell would all improve this team...
  6. Needless to say, the move for the goal apart we have been absolutely woefully.
  7. If we had VAR that would be a red....Typical St Johnstone, dirty [email protected]
  8. Presuming it’s Grimshaw that’s out, I hope we go back to the 4-3-3 today with Carson, O‘Donnell, Gallagher, Lamie, Mcginlay, Campbell, O’Hara, Polworth, Cole, Watt, Long. Fancy us to get a narrow win.
  9. The push on Campbell would have been soft but would 100% have been given at the other end..
  10. couttsy

    Big Dec

    There’s no doubt that he’s not played as well this season after setting very high standards last, however anyone suggesting he gets dropped needs to take a good look at the alternatives..... He’s still by far our best defender and will come good, just need to find a stable back 4 with the right partner for him. If Dunne can ever regain his fitness he may be the best fit we have. If all were fit I’d like to see a back 4 of O’Donnell, Gallagher, Dunne and Carroll.
  11. Yip, we never seem to learn. On reflection though, they had 2 or 3 players that were a step above us, they were playing in their country, the heat suited them and they have much more European experience, let’s be honest the odds were stacked against us. Just very frustrating that we give away 2 goals from set pieces and the thought of what might have been if the ref sends the boy off when he should have in the first half. Also, one other thing I didn’t think of at the time was, after giving the pen does he really need to dish out a 2nd yellow for that ‘foul’? Putting aside the first yellow, which could have been red, is that grappling a yellow card anywhere else on the pitch, don’t think so....
  12. My thoughts exactly, could easily have been sent off for the tackle but in the box they’re both at it!
  13. Yip, should have been all round the ref at the Watt incident in the 1st half. Must pressurise refs, particularly in Europe. Then if touched in the opposition box make sure you go down as hard as possible. Wouldn’t be surprised if we finish with 9...
  14. What a joke. That’s a red on a public park!

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