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  1. Hearts were absolutely shite, I fear beating Rangers and Hibs in a week means they've turned the corner...…...
  2. Same formation, Watt in for Hylton, Aarons on the left, Long on the right. Alternatively 3-5-2 with Tait, Gallagher & Hartley, Grimshaw, Campbell, Ohara, Polworth & Aarons, Long & Watt. I’d take a draw now......
  3. Thought Campbell had a great 2nd half but Mark Ohara totally bossed it tonight. Really drove us on, particularly in the first 30 mins when we needed leaders.
  4. To be fair to young Barry he’s not likely to be up against monsters of the ilk of Cosgrove very often. And if I remember rightly Cosgrove out ran him for his goal at FP rather than out muscling him... If O’hara’s not fit (and I hope to hell he is) who should we play in the defensive midfield role then? Most midfield players at our level are likely to look better when playing alongside Turnbull....
  5. Whilst Campbell gets stuck in he has little or no presence....... Put it this way, I’ve lost count of the amount of headers Ohara & Donnelly have won in front of our defence in that holding role in recent weeks, whilst I’m a Campbell fan he’s just not physically capable of that.
  6. Here you go...... https://www.eticketing.co.uk/motherwellfc/EDP/Event/Index/160
  7. It’s on the official site if you hit buy match tickets.
  8. Let’s hope Ohara’s fit for this one. A midfield without Donnelly, Ohara or Turnbull is likely to get rolled over in this league. Presuming he’s fit, I would go 3-5-2 with Gillespie, Tait, Gallagher (in the middle of the 3), Harley, Grimshaw, Campbell, Ohara, Polworth, Aarons, Long, Watt. Think Aarons might be more effective on the left given he’s left footed. Without Ohara we may need to start with Maguire in there to give us a physical presence, all be it that it would be a big ask given he has played in the 1st team for months.....
  9. I see Hearts are looking for £29 and £21 for over 65’s on Saturday. Shocking pricing for any game in Scotland.
  10. Donnelly is suspended for the next 2, we better hope O’Hara is fit or Davie might need to play more than we’d like.......
  11. So so much wrong I’m not sure where to start.....With the defence, Gallagher literally playing right back, why not Donnelly out there Gallagher in the middle of the 3 and Hartley (given he’s left footed) on the left. Then when Donnelly goes into midfield Tait moves to centre half but on the left not the right where he played so well against Saints in the 2nd half last week........ Midfield, Campbell and Polworth both terrible, if O’Hara is out as well as Donnelly in the next 2 games we’re in even more trouble. Going forward, why not even try swapping Aarons and Hylton at any point so that they’d be on the foot they kick with when they get to the bye line? [email protected] even more raging with that tonight that I was last week. 180mins against Accies & St Mirren without a goal from open play. Just as well we have enough points to stay up.
  12. Thought at the time the challenge on Aarons was a red and that it wasnt given because it was so early in the game, haven't changed my mind since seeing it on TV. Anyone else noticed that the timing in the game bizarrely makes a difference to how referees apply to rules!? Long was an idiot and as others have said almost looked hell bent on getting himself sent off......However, the yellow for kicking the ball away, whilst correct is just not applied constantly at all. In the 2nd half an Accies played (Gogic I think) took a throw it that he blatantly knew was our ball just to waste time, yet was not carded. The Gallagher booking was the one that really got me on Sat. Clearly the ref thought a player with a small nose bleed was unable to walk 2 yards off the pitch for treatment, then yellowed Gallagher for asking him why not, and finally just to put the tin hat on it, asked the player to leave the pitch before the treatment was finished...…………...
  13. Bad news re Carroll, who is another that’s had a good season in my opinion, he also gives us that balance being left footed! Hopefully we’ll have Dunne and Turnbull back in a few weeks. A midfield of Campbell, Ohara and Turnbull, with Dunne, Donnelly and Gallagher at the back and Watt & Long up front sounds appealing. Add Aarons who has done well and you have more than the makings of a good team. My feeling of doom after Tue is finally starting to lift... Life as a Motherwell fan, eh....
  14. Agree with much of what you've said re Hylton, Aarons and MacIver, although our options at full back without Carroll are really poor. Grimshaw has been terrible for weeks in my opinion, with Tait being almost as bad when he has come in at RB. Dropping our goalkeeper for throwing the ball out to defenders under pressure when he's been instructed to do so because we have no physical presence up front is harsh in the least! Hopefully with Watt (and maybe MacIver) coming in we're back to having better options for him to hit with throws and kick outs. Who has or hasn't signed contracts beyond this season cant come into our thinking at this stage. Maybe if we are secure in top 6 and not getting into Europe then that becomes a consideration. I think the inclusion or not of Gallagher tomorrow could swing this game one way or the other......Lets hope he's fit and ready to go!

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