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  1. couttsy

    Aberdeen Man of the Match

    Amazed to see votes for Long and Gallagher...... Long played a huge part in gifting the first goal and was generally ineffective all afternoon, Gallagher played well in general, however he made two huge mistakes, one in the 1st half that wasn’t punished and one in the 2nd half that was (2nd goal).
  2. couttsy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Feel a bit sorry for Tait, not been at his best this season, however he’s been (too) regularly played out of position over recent months due to our complete failure to sign a competent left back. Now we have a competent LB he’s found himself dropped from the RB position to accommodate Grimshaw, who as some have pointed out is a squad player at best. When Carroll returns I have no doubt that Tait should return to first choice RB and hope Robinson agrees.
  3. couttsy

    Hearts Man of the Match

    Tough call but went for Donnelly, very unlucky with his run and shot that hit the bar. Anytime Hearts forwards got in behind Gallagher or Hartley he was there covering. Mentions to for Campbell & Polworth who we’re both outstanding also. Have to admit, I was very worried about those three together in midfield being good enough against the better teams....glad I’m being proved wrong so far!
  4. couttsy

    Ticket prices for Motherwell fans at Hamilton Accies

    Went to the website to buy tickets for Tynecastle on Saturday ..£29 (plus £1 for delivery), so £30...WTF. Did we not used to get 2 ticket prices for Tynecastle (one that was a bit cheaper) or am I imagining that?
  5. couttsy

    Vs Hibs

    Surely Tait can’t be fully fit.......he’s not had a great start to the season but he’s a million miles ahead of Grimshaw as a full back. Also think we may miss Dunne’s pace at the back....
  6. couttsy

    Hamilton Man of the Match

    James Scott, set the tone early as he went past the right back at will. Maybe he’s better suited to playing wide rather than centrally at the moment.
  7. couttsy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    No doubt Gallagher has looked good so far, however as did Hartley when he first came..... Whilst I was as infuriated as most of the East Stand on Friday night with Dunnes passing, he actually defended pretty well and made a goal saving tackle in the first half. Bigger question for me is why we don’t have a midfield capable of coming and taking the ball off him to make the play. Unless Celtic are paying the vast majority of his wages then I think we’d be far better investing further up the pitch where I think we have far bigger issues to address......
  8. couttsy

    2019-20 League Cup

    Having had time to calm down a bit since last night and reflect on where we’re at after the first 3 games against teams at our level I think the goalkeeper and 1st choice defence will be fine this season, it clearly further forward where our issues lay. Gillespie has had a tough start to the season with a couple of mistakes (not terrible mistakes right enough) but let’s not forget he make a couple of decent saves last night that people seem to be forgetting and was man of the match at Livi in my opinion, far to early to talk about dropping him, manager needs to show some loyalty. Defence - Would be very surprised if a defence of Tait, Carroll, Gallagher and Dunne wasn’t good enough to keep us up. Midfield - Very concerning in my opinion, Campbell works hard and gets the ball but badly needs ball players alongside him to be effective. Polworth is a tough one, plays 3 or 4 nice passes a game but just doesn’t do enough in 90 mins. Donnelly is a trier but as I feared I just don’t think he’s good enough with the ball at his feet to play that position in our league. Sooner DT gets back the better, but unless Sloth is going to appear and be a presence in that midfield then we need a holding/passing midfield player. A big part of the reason we were watching Dunne shell passes over the midfields head last night was that none of them were good enough/confident enough to come and take it off him (in fairness to Polworth I think he did it once or twice last night) Forwards - Again, very concerning. There’s a player in Scott, as we’ve seen on occasions already, however it’s too much to ask at his age to play up there on his own against the experience/aggressive central defenders (like Berra). Should be making appearances off the bench or going out on loan until Xmas in my opinion. With Long and Cole it’s maybe a little early to tell give their game time so far, however neither looks to be the answer if we are going to persist with one central striker. The 3 wide players, Hylton, Seedorf and Ilic the early signs are not great. Hylton was truly awful last night and the other two have offered little more during their time on the pitch, however they need to be given a little time to adjust to our league and their new surroundings. I think we need to tweak the formation for Accies Away, playing with two under performing wide players would be very risky... I think we need a presence in midfield who can hold the ball and play passes, then make himself available again and build play and finally I think we need a strapping centre forward who can hold the ball up on his own and score goals. Can’t see us getting either on our budget but we can hope........
  9. couttsy

    2019-20 League Cup

    Tait was poor, agreed. However he’s been constantly asked to play out of position......and Tait is not the reason we lost tonight.....
  10. couttsy

    2019-20 League Cup

    Horrific 1st half. Where to start.....First pen looked dodgy, second looked a stonewaller. Hylton should be hooked at ht, (for Cole not Ilic) looks like he’s still going through a warm up. Donnelly like a missing person......Grimshaw awful....
  11. couttsy

    2019-20 League Cup

    Don’t agree re last season. Clearly not good enough to be a regular starter at this level in my opinion.
  12. couttsy

    2019-20 League Cup

    Consistently caught out of position, to the point I question if he knows how to play the position. Hopeless for Celtic's 3rd goal on Sat, a simple 121, Grimshaw sleeping. Regularly runs with the ball (usually in field) until he looses it......
  13. couttsy

    2019-20 League Cup

    Interesting to read the differencing opinions forming based on watching the same team over the same games!! As usual I suspect the truth is somewhere in-between finish 4th & 10th (7th or 8th would be my bet)! Agree with most that unless Cole can fill the number 9 role then we are going to struggle to put the ball in the net. Also, think we still have a weakness to our midfield that needs addressed and will be exposed by the better teams in the league. Just to finish the negativity, lets hope Tait and Carroll stay fit all season, Grimshaw is woeful at right back and will deffo cost us goals regularly in my opinion. Tonight will be tight and as usual the first goal in these games will be important, particularly with them potentially being a little low in confidence after their relatively poor start to the season. Whatever happens tonight I still expect us to beat Accies next week.......
  14. couttsy


    Struggling to see Long or Scot (yet) as being the answer up front for us this season, however the during the short cameos from Cole I think there may be a player there if we can get him fit enough! Agree with others in that I expect we'll see a striker coming in on loan later in the transfer window....Really hope we're also still looking for a holding/passing midfield player, as I don't think what we have will do, all be it that yesterday was more encouraging on that front with Donnelly, Campbell and Polworth all having very good 1st halfs......
  15. My take on today.....great 1st half and really unlucky to be behind. Polworth great for 1st Well goal....good strike from Donnelly.....Bain terrible..... Tait and Donnelly awful for 1st Celtic goal.... The free kick is very soft but he does hold him...stupid from Gallagher....Gillespie very poor Grimshaw terrible for 3rd goal (as he was for most of the game), then defence scared to touch Forrest in the box. Deffo hand ball in lead up to 4th, how the officials don’t see that is unbelievable ... then Dunne horrific. Donnelly awful for the 5th.... Bizarrely I feel more positive than I was going to the game, thought the midfield was good in the first half. Need to hope Cole can make the centre forward position his as Long doesn’t look good enough.

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