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  1. 6 or 7 I found really easy but found if difficult to leave out, Murphy, Humphrey, Higdon, Kipre, Randolph Tait Craigan Hutchison Hammell Turnbull Lasley Jennings Law Moult Sutton
  2. Agree, when Hartley and Seedorf came on we deffo changed to play a 5-3-2, with Seedorf and Long in a 2 up top, which just didn't work.... Thought we were crying out for an extra body in midfield, not another a centre half. McGuire for Hylton looked the obvious move at the time.....Campbell and OHara looked knackered and Polworth had dropped out completely, missed Donnelly massively. Scott, whilst ineffective and getting grief from the East Stand was the only out ball we had, so when he went off the ball was never going to stick up front and just kept coming straight back. Desperately need to find a 6ft plus centre forward who is mobile and can put the ball in the net, unfortunately on our budget that is a tall order!
  3. Thought the right back in particular played very well. Attacked every ball and played Hylton as well as I have seen over recent weeks, not to mention scoring the first goal and assisting the second.
  4. Shocker of a performance, got exactly what we deserved....Played well for 15/20 mins, after that we were a mile off the pace. Massive fan of Robinson, but thought at the start of the 2nd half it was crying out for another body in midfield. McGuire for Hylton was the obvious change....Scott was terrible in the 2nd half but when he went off it left us with no height up front at all and with Accies stopping us playing out it left us with no out ball....... Tough one to take....
  5. Think this will be a tough one and wouldn't be too upset with a draw presuming we win on Sunday. 4 points should hopefully keep us in 3rd place going into the break. As many have said Polworth will come in for Donnelly presuming he's not fit, with O'Hara or Campbell playing the Donnelly role. I would also bring in Cole for Long.....
  6. Went for Gillespie, but could easily make an argument for Gallagher or Carroll as both were excellent.
  7. Some of chat on here is mental.....drop Gillespie, really?! I thought he was our man of match and has had a great season.... We won three on the spin without losing a goal before today and sit in 4th place, 1 point off Aberdeen and 8 ahead of Killie in 5th. Did we play well today, no, were we playing a team with a vastly bigger budget and as a result better players, yes. Cut them a bit of slack lads....
  8. I thought Donnelly had a great 2nd half to be fair. Scott and Hylton unplayable at times, Cole put in a good shift and Gallagher & Mugabe solid. A great night, particularly given other results :-)
  9. Tough competitive game as usual against Saints. I'd go with Gillespie, Tait, Carroll, Hartley & Gallagher, Campbell, Donnelly & Polworth, Hylton, Cole & Scott. 2-1 Well (Scott & Cole) :-)
  10. I think the opposite....in their predicament they’re more likely to go for tried and tested at this level.... Hopefully right that the compo scares them off. Think his contract is until 2022 so not likely to let him go on the cheap. Incidentally he’s now the 7/4 favourite with Skybet...
  11. I see Robinson has gone from 18/1 to 5/2 with Skybet in the last hour and half or so.....
  12. Would be crazy to go there and think we can play with a 3 man midfield and 2 wide players given the amount of possession they’ll likely have..... If all but DT are fit and available I’d go with Gillespie, Tait, Carroll, Gallagher & Harley, Campbell, Donnelly, Polworth & Grimshaw, Scott & Cole in a 4-5-1. Long, Seedorf and Hylton ready to add fresh legs if we are still in it when the game starts to get stretched. Hate myself for saying it, but I would take an undamaging 2-0 with no injuries/suspensions and move on to the massive home double header with Killie & Livi. Regardless of what happens at Ibrox, if we can get 6 points from the 2 home games we stay right in about 3rd place.
  13. Amazed to see votes for Long and Gallagher...... Long played a huge part in gifting the first goal and was generally ineffective all afternoon, Gallagher played well in general, however he made two huge mistakes, one in the 1st half that wasn’t punished and one in the 2nd half that was (2nd goal).
  14. Feel a bit sorry for Tait, not been at his best this season, however he’s been (too) regularly played out of position over recent months due to our complete failure to sign a competent left back. Now we have a competent LB he’s found himself dropped from the RB position to accommodate Grimshaw, who as some have pointed out is a squad player at best. When Carroll returns I have no doubt that Tait should return to first choice RB and hope Robinson agrees.
  15. Tough call but went for Donnelly, very unlucky with his run and shot that hit the bar. Anytime Hearts forwards got in behind Gallagher or Hartley he was there covering. Mentions to for Campbell & Polworth who we’re both outstanding also. Have to admit, I was very worried about those three together in midfield being good enough against the better teams....glad I’m being proved wrong so far!

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