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  1. Just when you think you can’t hate this team anymore.....
  2. Anyone else really wishing they’d done something else with their Friday evening?! Should have charged Motherwell £12 to make me watch it!
  3. Over 75 mins of this and still no changes. Really?
  4. This is torturous....how Alexander hasn’t made any changes yet, after 65 mins of this crap beggars belief. And the constant noise on the mic is nearly as annoying....
  5. Awful 1st half. I’m almost at the point where I’m thinking if we lose it’s at least one less game I’ll need to watch this team.
  6. Agree with Kelly as MOM, one good save in the first 10 mins and the penalty save. But have to take issue with O’Donnell having played well, could and should have cost us 3 goals!
  7. Brilliant by Kelly. Alexander must make a change as it’s only going one way. Midfield has been awful and not being helped by having 3 forwards on the pitch.
  8. Depressing watch so far. Been out worked and out played by St Mirren at home. Grim stuff.
  9. Confident we’ll get a narrow win today and put any fears of relegation to bed. Would like to see Carroll, Lamie and Watt for McGinley, Magloire and Long.
  10. Whilst I agree with most of that, you can’t say that a fit Gallagher wouldn’t improve that defence.
  11. Gallagher should have been straight back in the team as soon as he proved his fitness. Playing a lad with about a dozen professional appearances over an experienced international is madness. The same reason Johnson dropped out for O’Donnell a few weeks again, despite playing fairly well. You play your best players.
  12. Gallagher is a our best defender, the fact he’s not playing is ridiculous.
  13. Get Gallagher on. Shambolic defending.
  14. Kelly awful..... Lamie not much better.

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