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  1. Though it is St Johnstone commentary
  2. I was also surprised at how the Hearts TV commentators were. Were actually decent to listen to, instead of the bias of say Celtic or Rangers TV commentators
  3. Motherwell are starting to look like a feeder club for Dumbarton these days. Their site has David Ferguson, Brian McLean, Stuart Carswell, Iain Russell, Ross Forbes and Dom Thomas listed in their squad
  4. Giles Coke signs two-year Oldham Athletic
  5. Yeah they switched it on the day to be an English game
  6. I think it's on German channel Sport1+ (https://tv.sport1.de/player/player.php?id=s80614451) if you can find a stream of it online
  7. Managed to get a bar in Thailand to put the game on for me. CMWellFan is here
  8. unknown

    Dom Thomas

    It's on their site now http://www.kilmarnockfc.co.uk/Article?id=5902 and ours http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2017/07/12/dom-thomas-departs/
  9. From the interview of Robbo before gateshead, Did he not say Bira went back south to deal with some family stuff? Which could explain also why theres a delay in any decision.
  10. Wimbledon sign George Long from Sheffield United on a season-long loan deal.

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