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  1. unknown

    Big Dec

  2. Richard Tait sent off for St Mirren today
  3. Sound on, Hastie off.... What will folk moan about now?
  4. I think maybe they are accessing it via PPV and not via season ticket option
  5. Sleeve "sponsor" https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2020/07/31/were-working-to-tackle-suicide/
  6. Hopefully Turnbull will also be adding goals like he was previously.
  7. Only on loan https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2020/07/29/callum-lang-signs-for-motherwell/
  8. And Columbus lose 5-3 on penalties....only person to miss penalty .... Chris Cadden
  9. Stewart Kerr also featuring in this game as he is the Goalkeeping coach for Minnesota these days.
  10. Cadden came on in the 75th minute of the Columbus vs Minnesota game tonight - going into penalties now.
  11. You don't get access to away games in person if you have a season ticket, so it's not going to be any different with this new model.
  12. Rangers B v Dundee Utd
  13. Campbell, Polworth, Long off. Turnbull, Hylton and Gallagher on

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