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  1. jo.mcr

    Michael Higdon

    Can only imagine he give the bouncers a bit of a hard time outside or something, because as far as inside Corinthian was concerned it was handbags, plus McCracken stayed inside. Nothing will come of it. Big man's aiming for 30 before the seasons out. And apparently a few of the boys think he'll stay. Randolphs away to Birmingham though i heard.
  2. jo.mcr

    Michael Higdon

    Completely blown out of proportion. Had just spoken to Big Higgy when McCracken of St Johnstone started giving him a bit of abuse (both pished). Both went to move closer to eachother, but were seperated by Hammy, Las, Hately, Bob Malcolm and Tuffey of St Johnstone (Who for the record is a top lad). A few verbals were exchanged, before the bouncers stepped in. Higgy offered to shake his hand, McCracken told him to F*** off and Higgy was asked to leave. Absolutely nothing in it.
  3. I can make it mate, think my brothers wanting to come as well, so add two for the bus from FP. Any idea how long it'll take to sort everything out?
  4. thanks for the help guys. internet connection in the dorm was too slow for the streaming, so had to make do with bbc text update. Andy, im in Nanjing for a programme called 'Study china', theres about 80 of us over from the uk for 3 weeks, im also spending a few days in shanghai either side of the programme. trying to get to the shanghai grand prix today, fingers crossed. again, thanks for the help lads
  5. cheers mate haha only other option is to get the parents to turn the laptop towards the tele and skype it to me
  6. As the name says guys, stuck in Nanjing, China, and need to get the game streamed. i'll be able to get myself through any firewalls or restrictions no bother, i just need a site that streams it, any help???
  7. jo.mcr

    Scottish Fitba

    read on the bbc that the new 10 league 12 league proposal will require a vote of 10-2, i might be wrong here but previously hadnt the voting to be 11-1 to be successful? if this is the case then the 11-1 was the barrier for the playoff for the league title as both old firm clubs were against it, now if it is 10-2 then it doesnt matter what the old firm want...?
  8. jo.mcr

    Ins & Outs

    He won promotion with toulouse at that point in time. And in his first few years at celtic was pivotal to their success, only in the last year or 2 was he playing in the reserves. My point was that this Collet guy has never been a regular for Standard Liege, and before them had only played at 2nd tier levels therefore isn't likely to be on filmstar wages.
  9. jo.mcr

    Ins & Outs

    I can't see Cedric Collets wages being that large. Before Standard Liege he has never played at a level higher than the Belgian or French 2nd tiers, and since joining Standard Liege he has only made 3 appearances in 18months. hardly the characteristics of someone on a big wage....?
  10. jo.mcr

    Accies V Well

    Don't know if i've missed something, but wasnt Jennings due back for this game?
  11. what are tonights prices? any student price?
  12. Couldn't help myself... Tam Hateley 1-0, 105/1.... Talk tae me!!!
  13. KernKraft 400. Spot on mate, cheers. can we get this played on thursday? for those not there on thursday fast forwward to 1.57.... Zombie Nation Chant
  14. does anyone know the name of the song that was played before kickoff on thursday? the one that had everyone dancing and going mental?
  15. Leaving from Glasgow airport at 12.05 to stanstead, then stanstead to billund in the evening. anyone else on these flights? Jordan

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