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  1. GIMFC

    Chris Humphrey

    hope everything ok
  2. GIMFC

    1 Turnstyle Open

    a joke mist the first 10 mins
  3. you cant blame 1 player its the whole team . well turn it around next week. and give gannon a chance
  4. what you think about that
  5. where are scotland in the fair play league
  6. GIMFC

    In's And Out's

    crags has another year in him. bring in the winger from hamilton corrcoran hes always caused us problems.
  7. hes shite same long ball eveyweek.thinks hes to good for motherwell get shot of him bring in saunders.
  8. doesnt matter now ill give u it
  9. am keeping it in my car so no one gets it.
  10. gordon mair is ma uncle thats why hes there was good with notts county.
  11. the 1 after clarksons goal bt am sure it was the same ball that sutton scored first with cause the steward threw the ball back on when it went out in the first half
  12. sieb kaiser mckinnon buff van der gaag gordon mair o' donnell faddy lambert coyne porter

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