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  1. I see the Stephen Robinson thread's gone. Was it sacked or did it resign?
  2. Man Utd tried our bye kick routine today. And Liverpool scored.
  3. I remember a few games where we were lucky to register more than one or two shots on goal, but I can't argue with their 'modest' goal scoring career records.
  4. Though it's hard to judge any forward too harshly with a non existent supply chain behind them.
  5. There's the problem. We may have decent young guys at the club, but are we likely to get the chance to develop them into first team players before they're off? Not that it matters when it comes to keeping us up this season. No sure how we can dismiss getting a short term fix from the Old Firm on the basis they might reap the benefit long term.
  6. The more I see the penalty that should've been, the worse it looks from our point of view. I don't buy that our players missed it - anyone watching the game saw it straight away and Alexander was chirping at the fourth official - so why the feck were they not screaming at the ref? If that's how bothered they are about things, the game's up.
  7. If an appeal fails, do they still double the suspension?
  8. From Pie & Bovril, 2016, as Craig Napier was leaving the Juniors for professional fitba: The man is an embarrassment to referees ! Quick story when I was "briefly" in charge of Craigmark last season he booked me for a light hearted comment? I was putting a sub on (14) and he asked "where is no14? I replied.... "Somewhere between 13 and 15!!!! Booked for being a smart arse????
  9. Mibbe he called Ferguson a **** Lionel Hutz could get him off on that.
  10. I'm optimistic for Wednesday, but in the event we lose, some folk are gonnae need to be realistic. It's a cliche because it's generally true, the table doesn't lie. How good we think we are or how bad our luck's been means nothing if there's no upward movement. Alexander will know this and if any players are in denial about our predicament, they need wised up, sharpish. Wherever our next win comes from, it'll be a surprise. Might as well get started this week.
  11. Where's Max von Sydow when you need him?
  12. Blackpool are interested in Seedorf. They're gonnae play him between the South and Central piers.

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