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  1. His expression did literally look pained most of the time.
  2. Alexander obviously knows more than us, but I can't see what Ojala will offer us next season, even as cover. He could easily have been hooked early on in several games and moved with the ease of a guy waiting on a hip replacement.
  3. 2 year deal? Glad he's staying.
  4. The 4 months thing was in an interview, so I assumed they knew what they were talking about. These stats show he wasn't out injured for that entire time, it was a mixture of injuries, being on the bench and not being in the squad. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/steven-davis/leistungsdaten/spieler/28973
  5. Yeah, it's just my opinion. Might be utter shit, but I don't think being concerned about the ongoing fitness of a guy approaching 38 makes it a wild one. He's undoubtedly got a fantastic record behind him, and 41 appearances is some going for a guy that age - though I don't think that stat tells the full story. He's had a strong finish to the season, but here's my worry - since playing against us in September, he only featured in 6 SPL games until the split, and only 4 of those were for more than an hour. Europa League, very similar. Played in the group games until September, then didn't kick another ball till 75 mins into the Final. I've seen some great players do a real turn for us in their mid 30s, but we've seen what happens when they suddenly hit that brick wall (McClair). If Rangers think he can still play a bit part role, he'll undoubtedly stay there. He's got nothing left to prove, and I wonder if he'll fancy going somewhere else and being expected to play a major role, week in, week out. But if he signs for us, I'll be delighted to be proved utterly wrong.
  6. Good for him. They've got their work cut out there.
  7. Sorry, I didnae realise I had to agree with you. I thought voicing different opinions was half the point of a fans forum. Anyway, if Davis stayed fit he'd be a great signing. But a 37 year old, who was basically out for 4 months, is a big risk. How much football would you be expecting to get out of him if he did come here?
  8. Davis played about an hour of football in 4 months this season because of injury. At 37, it's surely more likely than not something similar might happen again. Last thing we need is a good player who's hardly ever fit.
  9. Maybe St Mirren will start signing future Motherwell players once they've run out of former ones.
  10. Has part of the problem not been that most of those players have come from that area and haven't really settled down here?
  11. Other than the play-offs, I think that's right. They both piss me off, cos most of us probably remember beating at least one of them pretty much every season. The thought that this is as good as we can realistically hope for now is bloody depressing.
  12. Aye, it's generally been pitiful, including today, but you don't need to ignore the 2 or 3 great results to make that point.
  13. Beat them twice in a couple of months in 2013.

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