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  1. bobbybingo

    Big Dec

    "I think there was something at the start of the season that I wasn't privy to and when I came in [as manager] it was about keeping him here until the summer and having another conversation with him - and that hasn't changed." Quote from Alexander. Not sure how that confirms anything was bollox.
  2. Disnae look injured to me.
  3. You shouldn't be drinking while you're pregnant, Meghan.
  4. It's only right Scottish football pays its respects. Andrew's been a big fan of the Juniors for years, apparently.
  5. As someone said, Prince Philip never changed his plans when Rangers died.
  6. They got it in the neck from the usual suspects for having a complaints form, as this encouraged people to complain. Well, when you're at a loose end cos there's nothing decent on telly....
  7. There were 3 players involved in both finals. Wotherspoon was there the whole time, O'Halloran and May came back when their big moves didn't work out. Murray Davidson's been there for both finals, but played in neither because of injuries. Probably his injury record that's kept him there. He tried to leave as far back as 2013 and couldn't find a club. There are a few who played in the League Cup Final and were on the books in 2014, but they were kids who spent long periods out on loan before establishing themselves. The majority of our youngsters who go out on loan never seem to come back and make that breakthrough. Mibbe we don't give them enough time, mibbe they'll never be good enough. Have many of them made a career elsewhere?
  8. Tierney leaving provided the only decent laugh in Only An Excuse for many a year. Their rage when Turnbull follows suit will be fun too.
  9. Yeah, I think this is our world for the forseeable. One year at a time. Sweet Jesus. It's a depressing thought that we can't hope to hang onto decent players for much more than a season, if we manage to find them in the first place, but we may as well get used to it. Not much different for the bigger sides and the only testimonials at Celtic Park or Ibrox will be for the kit men.
  10. On paper there are a good few clubs with bigger supports, bigger budgets, better players, who should finish above us. But, as we learned this season, that means hee haw. Looking at their performances, given a half decent squad, a clued up manager and a break from injuries, there's no reason we shouldn't be competing with anyone outside the old firm. Avoiding relegation always makes it a relatively successful season, but a repeat next time round would have to be seen as a failure - unless Alexander starts building a side for further down the line, which we know won't happen.
  11. It's feasible they win and still go down. The negative response regards it being ok for us to lose. To anyone. If someone can explain how us losing any game helps our chances of moving up the league, I'm all ears.
  12. I'm not saying our season revolves around beating Accies, and honestly, I don't give a toss whether they go down or not. However, you want them gone, so the best way to help them along their merry way is to beat them. I'm talking about us, this season, not next season or any other. They're our next game and if we want to have any realistic chance of finishing 7th, we cannot lose. Same thing will apply when it's Kilmarnock. The point about losing 4 times to one team would stand against anyone outwith the old firm. But it's especially true at this particular time against Accies, who, if they do beat us again, will have won more games against us than they have against every other team combined. That's a measure of what we're up against, and why we should be beating them - we've been shite, they've been shitier.
  13. Apologies if I'm misreading your comment, but are you saying losing to them would be very acceptable as long as we finish 7th and they get relegated? I know Accies winning the 3 points might not save them when the season's over, but it would give them a decent chance and do nothing to help our chances of finishing 7th. If Utd won their game, it would basically finish them.
  14. It's not being Billy Big Baws to say 4 defeats against a team highly likely to finish bottom is unacceptable. Even one point would be a ridiculous return, for any team. It's only our incompetence that's kept them clinging on so long. The players need to show the desire against Accies and, more importantly, Alexander needs to prove he's capable of coming up with a tactical plan to beat them.

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