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  1. Unfortunately, you can't have what I had. I drank it all.
  2. Great results. A win tomorrow and we go top.
  3. The fact the original comment was Wee Krankie, not Nicola Sturgeon.
  4. If the stats are right, Dijkstra played surprisingly few games during his career, other than his time with us and Dundee Utd. Obviously, wee Tommy rated him far higher than his other managers.
  5. The important distinction, for me, is between additions to the squad and guys specifically brought in as first team players. They've got to be the latter at this point.
  6. 2 'brilliant' additions on the way. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/motherwell-boss-graham-alexander-hopes-24600291.amp
  7. Jordan Roberts not getting much time in the cup games and making a few noises about needing first team football.
  8. It's all in your mind..... Try harder, compete, try harder. Short corners. Right lads, out you go.
  9. Is Carroll looking for another holiday?
  10. The League Cup is a nothing tournament?
  11. Yeah, always think our colours, especially the claret, struggle to stand out against black. Nothing about that strip says Motherwell to me, except the crest, and even then....
  12. He was playing for the B team the other day. Probably a mile out here, but if he's registered as part of that squad, and they're playing in the lowland league, would that not make him ineligible to play for the first team? Either way, he's clearly on the road out.
  13. Would be. Also be the end for Trevor Carson with us, surely.

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