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  1. Wish there was footage of the Airdrie semi final cutting about (no the replay!), my first Motherwell game. They guys must've been sick signing autographs for me.
  2. Any chance Robinson's arrest and upcoming trial has had any part to play in this collapse? Must be playing on his mind - and others.
  3. 1984/85, year McAllister scored against Celtic in the semis. Wasn't at the Dumbarton game, but I mind their manager raging about how they should be beating teams like Motherwell after the game. So sad they got relegated.
  4. Raymond Blair, sitting left of the manager. Goalkeeper Tom Carson, Joe's brother? And one of Owen Coyle's brothers in there, mibbe two.
  5. As did Coyne. You're not gonnae get strikers with both pace/mobility and great footballing skills in our league. Or players in any position, for that matter.
  6. I'm NOT comparing their ability levels, but Tommy Coyne was never the quickest or most mobile of players, and how many times would he be caught offside in a game? He could come up with stuff nobody saw coming though. Or even Stevie Kirk? They could frustrate the hell out of you, but they were entertainers. Two workhorses up front is fine if you're not looking for that something out of the ordinary now and then.
  7. I'm one of the dropped away regulars who'd love to go back more often, but I'd miss so many games due to work that a season ticket is a non-starter, and spending the best part of 30 quid every time can be hard to justify. Saturday was our wee girl's first game, so the £3 per game entry next season is a great move that might make a wee difference, though the £20 season ticket for kids was already a fantastic deal. Days like Saturday get you fired up, but when it's pissin down and your teeth are chittering in November, even those wi tickets might think twice. I remember that Dundee Utd game and the deals they were doing, like bring a friend for a fiver or free. It worked, up to a point, but it just ended up pissing off folk like me who'd already shelled out (think they offered us a voucher for considerably less than the difference that could only be spent in the club shop). If you love the club, you never lose that feeling, but the longer you're away the harder it is to go back regularly, like everything else in life.
  8. And yet, Harri Kampman gets a pie stall named after him.
  9. Did wonder if there was something like that, but the fact that we don't know if they exist or not kinda shows how low key a tribute that is/would be. I suppose you could argue the case for loads of players and mibbe one or two managers, but for a guy to have been so successful as both is unique.
  10. The usual talk of 'Time for new legends' in the run up to both finals this season got me thinking about one old legend, George Stevenson, and wondering why the club has never named a stand in honour of him. When you read the statistics, you've got to wonder if anyone else (other than Sailor Hunter, mibbe) could lay claim to being our greatest/most successful servant. As a player: 573 appearances in 16 years. Played in the side that won our only League Championship in 1931/32 and finished runners up 4 times & 3rd on 3 occasions. Scottish Cup runner up 3 times. In a 9 year spell as our manager, 4 finals, including our first Scottish Cup win and only League Cup success to date. To put that into perspective, we've only made 5 finals in the 63 years since then. He also led us to a 2nd Division title. It's unlikely anyone living saw him as a player, and there won't be too many left who saw the teams he managed, but come on, the South Stand's sitting there waiting....
  11. Nae problem. Definitely yours if you want them. I'll pm you my number in a wee while.
  12. They're 7 quid each, but call it a tenner for the pair. We're going on the hospitality deal now, so I could give them to you about 11 o'clock on Saturday down there if that's any good to you. Think the 100 Club opens at 11 anaw.
  13. Yoshi 1991, you looking for a ticket for a bus? I've 3 going begging for one of the 100 Club buses if you need one.

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