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  1. Totally agree with all of the above. The club is being run by armatures and looks like it in every respect. The only part of the club that is working is the ground staff because the pitch looks great, or is that just because we have a sprinkling of shite on it every couple of weeks!
  2. Graeme Barnstaple is the worse "commentator" on Mixlr. After the red card today he says that he does not understand modern football, well then don't try to commentate on it. For some of us who work and live out of the country this is often the only means of getting involved in the game and his patter is pish! and repetitive pish at that. I ain't no youngster but his constant harking back to days of playing in tackity boots wore thin ages ago. We tune in to listen to a commentary of the game but what we get is all our yesterdays from him. Not sure if he gets paid for this or not but even if he is doing it for nothing it is still pish. Talk about what is happening on the park, I don't care if his daughter calls sweeties candy!!! Anyway excellent resolve by the team to pull back a point when down to 10 men and excellent turn out by the well fans out numbering the Accies who must be one of the worse supported teams in the league.
  3. Can I just check on whether the game is on Sat the 7th at 15:00 as title of the thread says or Sun 8th as I put in my phone when the fixtures were announced or the impossible Sat the 8th as the official site shows? http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/matches/fixtures-results/
  4. Razz1074

    Craig Reid

    I am hoping that is why he "left by mutual consent" on the 1st of Feb.
  5. AndyRoss, I was at the Q&A night and it was pretty good. There were only 3 1991 players there Craig Paterson, Iain Ferguson and Jim Griffin, Stevie Kirk was a no show and not sure who the 5th was meant to be. I had heard there were also going to be some 1st team players there but there none. The night itself was pretty good and for £10 you got a pie and a pint which on its own covered half the ticket price. The sad thing about it was the number of punters that turned up. Not sure if its just apathy on our behalf or it was down to the poor advertising of the event but to give you an idea of the expected crowd everyone who was there had 2 pies and could have had more. So based on that I recon that it was less than 50% of the expected turn out. The quiz was a good laugh and the Q&A was pretty good as was Tam Cowan's running of the show. First prize in the raffle was 2 tickets to the 25th Anniversary Dinner which were worth £60 a head and there were loads of other prizes. Tam Cowan remarked several times about the low turn out even saying that he was at a similar deal at Dunfermline and nearly 500 punters showed up. Good night all in all but could have been better attended.
  6. Dont really see how the last 4 pages or so actually have anything to do with the origional topic of this thread! Getting back to that I saw at the ITC game notices from the club were posted on the barriers explaing the situation.
  7. What's the deal with the stewarding in the East Stand at the Cove Rangers game. There must have been over 20 if them implementing the "new" requirement to stand back 1 meter from the crash barrier. I got asked to move multiple times and stand behind the "yellow" line, I even got asked to stand behind the line by this little jobs worth when I was standing behind the line. He kept saying I am asking you nicely, your "fellow" supporters are complaining, I asked who? We have had 5 complaints about a child being burned by a hot drink at the Hamilton game. So I pointed out to the little chap, who obviously had wee man syndrome, that I did not have a drink on me hot or otherwise. One of his cohorts also came out with the same rubbish. So what's the score with this? If I was standing in the space where my seat is and I had a hot drink and I spilled it on the kid in front of me how exactly is that different? Not much chance of getting a hot drink anyway as the service in the East Stand is slower than a week in the jail.
  8. According to FIFA it is deliberately, but I cannot see where the deliberately is defined. FIFA Laws of the Game 2015-16 Direct free kick A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any of the following seven offences in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force: kicks or attempts to kick an opponent trips or attempts to trip an opponent jumps at an opponent charges an opponent strikes or attempts to strike an opponent pushes an opponent tackles an opponent A direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any of the following three offences: holds an opponent spits at an opponent handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area) A direct free kick is taken from the place where the offence occurred (see Law 13 - Position of free kick). Penalty kick A penalty kick is awarded if any of the above ten offences is committed by a player inside his own penalty area, irrespective of the position of the ball, provided it is in play. Read more at http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/laws/football-11-11/law-12---fouls-and-misconduct#06Q1aymIEQeTlJ4g.99
  9. Agree with all the comments about the ref being useless. First goal for them was never a foul. Skippy should have been booked for dissent. Never saw the hand ball for Skippy's second and its not clear in the TV footage, to me anyway. Imrie should have been booked for the deliberate hand ball and had a second for taking the piss out of the ref. Accies time wasting was a joke and he let them away with it time and time again as he also did with them stealing yards on every free kick and throw in. 1 min stoppage time in the first half with all their time wasting and when 3 goals had been scored does not add up at all. Crawford should have walked for the second trip on Lasley as we were about to break with speed. No doubt the ball hit Lasley's hand (he even admits it in the Sunday Mail) and its up high so it's a real tough one to argue that it was going to land in row Z of the South stand. However Crawford should never have been there to hit the shot as he should have been down the tunnel. Looking at some other aspects of the game that we should have influence over. Moult off and Robinson on makes no sense to me at all, firstly Skippy who had a great game and ran his socks off was blowing out his arse at that point. Robinson was totally and utterly shite, no control, could not hold the ball up as he could not get it under control and ran about like a headless chicken. Would have been better to hook Skippy and put Clarkson on to hold the ball up as at least he has the physicality to do that. And/Or hook Grimshaw or Lasley both on yellow cards and to me it was just a matter of time before one of them got a second yellow and stick Faddy on to hold the ball up. So then McGhee hooks Johnson and sticks on Cadden leaving us no out ball as the clock ticks down and we get deeper and deeper. The killer for me was when Tagliapietra gets injured and we get 5 mins added on and we lost momentum. At that point we should have played Accies at their own game and slowed the whole thing down, wasted time and frustrated them. Why when it went into to stoppage time did McGhee not stick on the 3rd sub to waste time?He could have stuck Laing or Faddy on in midfield as we were getting over run there at that point. Some bad decisions by the manager near the end IMHO. However the unbeaten run continues we scored 3 goals and could have had more. We look like we could give someone a real tanking at some point and we are slowly climbing the table. Feels much better than it did at this point last year.
  10. I hope the management team are reading this as their performance yesterday was worse than the teams, and I don't mean the coaching staff. We are a club struggling to make a profit and we are being begged to contribute more and more to the club through the well society and by spending more within the club. So why was there no half time draw tickets sold yesterday. That must have lost the club a good few hundred pounds which is a lot of £5 & £10 contributions. Now I know the money from this draw does not go to the well society but its still money into the club. Same thing goes for opening the South stand for this game to accommodate the huge travelling support of 100 people. I counted 6 stewards in the bottom of the South stand plus at least 3 catering staff as they left with about 15 mins to go. Why was the South stand open when we have successfully accommodated them in the POD before. Seems like a waste of money to me. So in these days of the club asking us give more cash they seem to be throwing cash down the drain. Not good enough IMHO.
  11. Razz1074

    Josh Law

    By no means our worse performer yesterday.
  12. Good result but not an entirely convincing performance. However that is thew sort of game we would have lost or only drawn near the end under Bara. Thought Ripley looked suspect at the goal as again he came for the ball and never got to it and his reaction for his booking was a bit over the top. Grimshaw get the right back position over anyone else based on that performance not cos he was great but he is much better than the other options. Kennedy had a really solid game in defence but his distribution was shocking in the first half as he played 3 cross field balls straight into the East stand but still my M.O.T.M. Mick had a solid game no lapses of concentration and won most things in the air. Would like to see a replay of their goal though. Chalmers solid game if not spectacular and gets my vote over Hammy as he has more pace. Ainsworth had some great runs and 2 assists, was unlucky on a couple of occasions and had one run that if he had just picked his spot rather than blasting it could have been a contender for goal of the season. Lasley his effort cannot be denied and he had a couple of balls to Ainsworth that were only a yard away from being great but that's the problem he is a yard sort of pace and a yard long on the passes and he tries to make up for that by diving in. Straight after he was booked he was lucky not to get a second yellow for a tug on the shirt the ref did not see. Pearson really added some steel to the midfield but as expected he ran out of steam and I was surporised that the first sub was not to replace him with Leitch or Thomas. That siad you could tell he was match rusty as he made one really good challange in the first half in the left back position only to give the ball straight to Thistle. Johnson put himself about a bit but never really threatened. Skippy was frustrated and was frustrating as nothing seemed to come of for him, then he pops up and bags the second. Don't know what's wrong with him, lack of fitness or confidence, hopefully its confidence and that goal will help. Moult did not get any joy out of the big no 3 or the ref and never looked like he was going to. Leitch was a strange sub to bring on for Moult and if it was to shore up midfield it did not work. Thomas for Johnson I would have gone for that but earlier as Johnson was getting nowhare and he obviously injured his back when he got upended. Thomas never really got into the game as we were humping the ball up the park as far as we could bypassing the midfield by the time he came on. Fletcher looked to get more joy out of their no3 than Moult had but by the time he came on for Skippy we were playing 1 up front and just humping the ball up the park so when he did win the ball he had no one in support. Craigen set the team out well and I would say that this was his strongest team. The Leitch for Moult sub was a strange decision that early in the game as we ended up playing in our own half way too much for comfort. That said we did not fold as we have done under Bara. McLean utter shocking ref and gave us he haw in the first half, to be honest I am surprised we finished with 11 on the pitch and the penalty claim they had in the first half was about the only decision we got. All that said its a great 3 points and the same again next week please.
  13. Let's hope Fat Sally is not even being contemplated.

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