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  1. 6:20 for those who haven't seen or would like to again. Outstanding save. RIP Goalie.
  2. There's only so much that can be done with the amber top with claret band. Personally I'm happy to see that we've shaken things up a bit. New strip, new pitch are looking great. We just need to get things right on the park now. No pressure Mr A.
  3. Yes to a maximum of 6 months I believe. (interest free)
  4. It won't put me off renewing but I've always found the ticket site to be really frustrating and over complicated. I'm trying to renew for myself and child (under 11) but I'm getting an error when I attempt to checkout. It's telling me I can only purchase a junior ticket with a family adult? Pulling my hair out. Probably end up just going down to the office.
  5. wellup83

    Need help

    I'm getting the same. It seems to work fine if I go incognito. No idea.
  6. wellup83


    Not if Neville stumbles over this forum
  7. Great team performance but I went for Cornelius. He covered every blade of grass last night and I saw glimpses of Campbell in his performance. Happy days.
  8. Aye the County defense are strolling this so far. Matching them elsewhere tbf.
  9. Just going through the motions now and the season can't end quick enough. Getting recruitment right in the summer is now crucial. With the bulk of this squad intact we'll be fodder next season.
  10. Other teams play football and we play ping pong, ball never under control or out the air. Absolute garbage. Ojalas done for good, Watts got Mugabi on toast and Shields is a headless chicken. Alexander better have a master plan because this won't do next season. Not at all.
  11. The idea being Cornelius would play the defensive role of protecting the back 3 and with the best of intentions try and get O'Donnell and Carroll further up the park in order to create. This is the best course of action imo.
  12. Win the midfield battle - win the game Kels Bev. Sol. Rikki Sod? Deano. Slatts. Jake Woolery. Tierney Shields
  13. Same old story. Wee bit of promise coupled with the usual arse collapse. It's the hope that kills you indeed.
  14. I can't make Saturday due to work but otherwise would have been there. Part of me is gutted that I'll be missing a home match and losing my 100% attendance but on the other hand I'm a bit relieved that I won't be putting myself through the ringer to the same degree as is the norm when they come to town.

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