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  1. I heard they took £160 for a Europa package but took the money off the fans in 3 separate instalments thus charging the fan 3 separate booking fees. To the tune of £150k in total. Absolutely shameless club.
  2. I see Carson was subbed and replaced by Hazard. Hoping for him not an injury recurrence.
  3. Is it all the performance of the 3 mids or is there an element of them being outnumbered and overrun? Could a 3 5 2 not be the answer?
  4. Not for me. There's a player there but he looks a bag of nerves every time the ball comes near him. Think he'll improve though as he gets more games in.
  5. Poor, poor goal to lose but we're easy to play against all over the park. We have zero creativity in the final third and every pass in there is 90% hope. Nowhere near good enough against a piss poor livi side. I'm not blaming the park either we're just shite.
  6. Disappointed by this. Had high hopes for the boy and he's turned out to be another Scot gone south and failed. I can't help but feel he's not given it his best shot be that at Hull or elsewhere.
  7. This would be remarkable if true...
  8. In fairness to the fans and the bois in particular, all I saw whilst there was the fans getting right behind the team. No missiles, no piros, just singing from beginning to end. I'd rather the stewards dealt with the drunk/high/both- weapon that was behind me who did nothing but curse and swear at our players all game. We don't need 'fans' like that and I use the term fan very lightly.
  9. Popped down to FP this morning and collected tickets. All straightforward.
  10. Not nearly as nauseating as 'welcome to the mighty' Boak
  11. I've been a huge fan of the Macron kits since they took over but these are really cool. To have Adidas on board would be amazing.
  12. Personally I think Annan will give us a torrid time. I'll take a scrappy 1 nil all day long.
  13. A leader of a centre half and a midfield General the minimum required to create a spine in this team. Absolutely gutless.
  14. Usual lack of battle mentality when we come up against lower league opposition let alone a local rival. We can't attempt to play free flowing football against a dogged, battling side. We need to be able to outfight them.
  15. Can you imagine the scenario? Wants to see a bit of Scotland and agrees to play for free until his contract expires in December

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