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  1. Just witnessed Tony Straker being sent off for H&W v Marine in the FA Cup.
  2. Crawford for his desire to get on the ball and try to make things happen. He's slotted in well albeit in a team that's underperforming on a regular basis.
  3. They should be well beyond that by now, those basics are taught at grassroots. These are pros we're talking about. If they can't do the basics like control and pass by now they shouldn't be playing the game, certainly not at this level anyway.
  4. Absolutely spot on! We look lethargic on and off the ball, lacking any idea of what we need to do. We have professional footballers who can't control a simple pass to feet. The amount of times the ball bounces off our man and into the possession of the other team is criminal. I never expect us to play like Barca but fs we're difficult to watch. We don't play football, we're turning up hoping the opposition will fuck up and gift us a goal.
  5. We're dredging up this type of performance far too often with a win or two in between papering over the cracks. I don't even feel anger anymore as I've become accustomed to this pish. Not good enough.
  6. Advantage played fair enough but he should be showing the cards more. Cynical fouls to stop the play constantly.
  7. This referee's lost the plot. How many times are they gony be allowed to wipe us out?
  8. Mugabi hasn't really put a foot wrong other than that dodgy passback. Lamie on the otherhand is garbage
  9. Second place in every challenge. We look like we've been on the sauce
  10. They're happy to let us have the ball because they know we only pass across our backwards
  11. The balls not sticking up top. We've created nothing all second half. Agreed Crawford has looked good but StJ look more likely to nick this I'm afraid
  12. Difficult for him in fairness when he can't control a simple pass to feet.
  13. Took the words right out my mouth. Hatchet man whenever we play this mob.

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