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  1. Happy with a point against a team we've struggled against in recent times. No shortage of effort which is all I'll ever ask. Just as others have said, we just need to be a bit more refined up top. Agree 100% that Campbell is most effective in the middle to front role. The one thing I don't get is the dislike for a Maguire. I don't think he did much wrong at all. Assured and composed on the ball, a good reader of the game and that daft freekick/miscontrol aside he rarely gave it away.
  2. Clancys been an absolute midden the night
  3. We need to be more streetwise and downright dirty. Roberts running down a blind alley on the edge of their box, if he goes down under the challenge we've got a freekick 20 yards from goal.
  4. I just got that. Slow as a week in the jail. Belter
  5. Relegation for me is an unthinkable scenario. The bragging rights that would give the likes of Accies etc. would make me want to crawl under a rock and die. I'm sure financially we would get by as the board have stated but would it be that easy to come back up and then reestablish ourselves as a Premiership club? I'm not so sure. I'd feel a massive sense of shame if we were to go down, deserved or not.
  6. You can always roll it in glitter but i think even that is beyond us.
  7. At least the other teams have defenders playing badly. We look look we have not one defender on the park.
  8. I knew when I saw the team we'd be up against it but fs this is like watching a poor Sunday league side. Absolute disarray right through the side. I've never seen us look so disjointed. If we survive this season with PL status I'll be astounded and amazed.
  9. Scarily bad at back. Absolute makeshift. Surely Maguire at centre half would have given us more stability than that bombscare Magloire. And likes of Semple in midfield?
  10. The longer I watch the highlights the more I think we thew this match. We're nowhere near any anyone the whole 90. It must be beneficial for us to have them in the league surely. For clarity, i don't believe this hapoened but fs, shite
  11. Campbell scores against Killie because he found himself supporting the front. Today he plays in front of the back four and is totally ineffective. He did nothing but pass the ball backwards. We need Donnelly back and Campbell in a more advanced position imo. Edit. I know your post was about McGuire but he was in a midfield full of passengers today. I think he's got something to offer.
  12. They only turn up against the big teams
  13. Give the boys a run out. They'll give us more fight for sure
  14. Absolute guff. Made worse 10x by the fact it's against this mob again. Heroics on Wednesday night completely undone by a complete no show today. Sickening.

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