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  1. wellup83


    Hang around for another season pal. There's no rush and the offers will still be on the table in a years time. Plus you'll be better for the experience. Turnbull, Semple, Campbell! !
  2. Promises to be a good day at Fir Park tomorrow with a good crowd and atmosphere. Mon the well!
  3. wellup83

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I'll be sorry to see Aldred leave. He's given us his all while he's been here. The rest were to be expected. It'll be interesting to see where Cadden sees his future. I think he needs change of scenery and a fresh start.
  4. wellup83

    Robinson yer time is up

    Gillespie Grimmy Aldred Dunne Tait R Gorrin Hastie/Cadds Campbell Turnbull Ariyibi Main Our strongest team by far. Who's letting the side down? Bewildering statement.
  5. wellup83

    Dundee Man of the Match

    Got to be Turnbull. The boy's in a class of his own. Mention for Carl who I thought had a really good game when he came on.
  6. wellup83

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I'm worried about how I'm going to inform my 7 year old of his signing. "who's the new player da?"
  7. wellup83

    2018/2019 Game 34:Hamilton (A) April 20th 3pm Kick off

    Two points dropped! Hate flattering that mob with any points at all
  8. wellup83

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I's be surprised to see that happen, His dog won't like the heat for one.
  9. wellup83

    2018/19 Game 33: Rangers (H) April 7th 12.30pm Kick Off

    We all did stupid things in our teenage years, myself included. Consequence is how I learned my lesson though. I'd like the ban to last the rest of the season and hope that teaches him.
  10. wellup83

    2018/19 Game 33: Rangers (H) April 7th 12.30pm Kick Off

    This is true and the culprit needs to be made an example of. Sweeping it under the carpet will only give the OF ammunition against our club. We are better than this.
  11. wellup83

    St Johnstone Man of the Match

    Could have been a completely different outcome but for the pen save. Mark Gillespie penalty specialist!!
  12. Maybe worst is an exaggeration but his first touch wasn't there all day and his second was always a tackle. Certainly wasn't his usual assured self.
  13. Glad football prevailed and we put them to the sword in the end. Absolute guerrilla tactics from SJ. Three well taken goals but up until then we offered very little. Thought Richard Tait had his worst game in c and a until his goal.
  14. We need to get the ball on the ground and pass it quicker around these cloggers. They're only intent on stopping the play at every turn. How they've only one in the book is beyond me, the referee is having a mare. Was it a pen? Couldn't see great?
  15. wellup83

    2018/19 Game 30: Hibs (A) March 16th 3pm kick off

    Park looks heavy. The ball's travelling through treacle.

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