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  1. Carson Odonnell. Gallagher. Lamie. Grimshaw Campbell Ohara Polworth Hastie Long Watt
  2. Willie Miller's seeth and straw clutching is truly delicious.
  3. Judging by how shite we've been recently I fully expect us to take all three from this one. 2-1 to the good guys.
  4. It'll be fine, John Boyle knows a guy that'll fly us over.
  5. Didn't expect anything from today but frustrating none the less. How can we pass the ball in nice little triangles when under immense pressure on the edge of our own box yet when under no pressure at all we can't control, pass or resort to knocking the ball aimlessly out the park? We limited them to very little yet in the end of looks like a drubbing.
  6. How can Grimmy pass the ball every day for a living and still be shite at it? Absolute cronic
  7. He'll be replaced by Polworth. Turnbull at present is firmly in the shop window.
  8. We have no real leaders in the side either. No one to give other players not performing a shake. Hate to dredge up the past but Hartley was that leader. Willing to get hurt for the good of the team and lead by example. Ruined ma weekend completely this.
  9. Slow, predictable, lethargic and not good enough. We have absolutely no penetration on the final third. This team needs a rocket up their arse. Really poor. And I have no idea what match Jock and Lewis were watching. Abysmal!
  10. I genuinely think the days of the traditional knock it and run winger are numbered. Ours in particular are nullified pretty easily by fullbacks with pace. On a positive note, we passed it a lot better today and with a bit of a break in the box might have taken 3 points home. Much better performance and I'd have taken a clean sheet before the game with both hands. COYW
  11. How far away is Dunne from a comeback?

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