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  1. Bevis having the worst half of football I've seen from him in a long while.
  2. The Chief is back and has signed for StJ on a short loan. Not sure they have the time for him to get up to speed, took him a while with us.
  3. Jamie Semple on the scoresheet for East Fife at the weekend. Good to see him getting game time.
  4. Dundee have turned this match into a shitfest and we simply don't have an answer. That coupled with abysmal defending and we're doomed. Turned off now.
  5. Yea he's clearly been sniffing the glue with that mashed beak of his. They had the offside where McGinley had it covered then the Lamie defensive masterclass. Absolute folly
  6. Brilliant performance from everyone today. You could toss an 11 sided coin for motm and every side would be just. Thought Lamie was outstanding and it was really pleasing to see him wrap up the points. The whole first half played in the hertz half and i don't think they registered a shot on goal til the 57th minute. Performance of the season so far and I'll look forward to Sportscene tonight. COYW
  7. Between Watt and Kelly for me but I think the latter is culpable for the first goal.
  8. Ryan Bowman, heart scare one week hat trick the next.
  9. You can take your pick between the two. Ohara comes in for either. Take your pick. Then there's the grimmy issue....
  10. We need to go 352 imo. We're overrun in midfield every week. We've got to start stifling games and get harder to break down. I expect to see changes in personnel next week. Ohara, Lamie, Carroll and possibly Shields in and mcginley, woolery, mugabi out.
  11. That's how you play a dead ball into the box. Deplorable defending again right enough. Get Lamie back in there next week. Theres something I never thought I'd ever say.
  12. Really poor first half, no cohesion and we look like we've never played together before. Injection of something required at half time, nowhere near the standard required to compete.
  13. How long are we going to persist with the short corners? Good possession up the park and we piss it away time after time. Really poor.

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