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  1. Well of the pace, wrong team selection. Penalty miss icing on the cake
  2. We've got a glut of talented midfielders and he's tried to accommodate them all. Clearly not working.
  3. Another good wee insight into life within the club and great to see and hear a bit from the gaffer's boy. Have to admit, I did find that enormous plook a bit of a distraction though
  4. The scoreline aside, why in a friendly match do we still insist in punting the thing 60 yards in the air, shiting ourselves like there's something at stake?
  5. Looks like it's gone into meltdown
  6. The St Mirren cup match was enough to make up my mind that he's nowhere near good enough at this level. Torn a new one and then that eye injury cop out.
  7. Desperately sad. No age at all.
  8. Bumped into Curtis Main at Strathy this afternoon. Disappointed with the game being off yesterday and believes the season is finished.
  9. No way Polworth will be out wide. It'll be O'hara, Polworth and Turnbull competing for two places.
  10. Could pick Gallagher every week but he has set a standard so high that everyone expects him to perform well each week and he didn't disappoint today. I went for O'hara today as I thought he controlled the midfield until he was displaced by Campbell coming on. Best game in a Well shirt for me despite his low appearances.
  11. Moving O'hara out right when Campbell came on was a strange one. Thought we lost bite and composure in the middle at that point. O'hara I thought was our best player up until then.
  12. It's Rashford til end of season
  13. We'll be missing Donnelly. Intelligent player that can draw a foul and slow the tempo when required.
  14. Sounds like we're riding our one goal lead luck again. Need to dig deep and manage the game out.
  15. Toss up between Donnelly and Grimshaw for me but went for Donnelly in the end. As mentioned before, he protected the defense superbly and his ability to draw the foul really took the pressure off at times. The hysteria that would have ensued had Grimmy's solo effort landed in the top bin?!
  16. Time yet Boys, not third for nothing COYW! Big 45 left!
  17. 3-0 the Well with the customary Lewis howler.
  18. If neither of May's penalty claims are given, why's he not booked for simulation? Not convinced by the actual pen either, as someone said earlier St J are falling over in the box at every opportunity. Great save again by the penalty specialist again though!
  19. Game on Alba at 6 Miss of the season from Cole at 15
  20. Good 3 points at a difficult ground for us. Wasn't there and doesn't sound pretty but 3 points is 3 points. Well done lads.
  21. Thought Hartley galvanised the team today and gave us the grit we've been missing at the back. Good to see him back in the side.
  22. wellup83

    Vs Hibs

    It's for days like this that I renew my ST every year. Every player giving their all for the cause. Polworth was the stand out for me, composure on the ball and can pick a pass. Thought Hartley bossed Camberi all afternoon and gave us the much needed steel at the back (no pun intended). Looking forward to the trip to Tynecastle!
  23. Couldn't make it today but I'll give it to Donnelly. Really taking his chance atm. #newturnbull
  24. Looks great. Well done to all involved. Looks like it has a good solid roof as well!

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