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  1. But having said that selling your best player for less than half a million while fighting relegation would be crazy.
  2. Campbell is definitely slow. He's got a great engine but he's extremely one paced. I think he would struggle in the championship tbh. He didn't cover himself in glory on Sunday there against Kamara and Davis.
  3. Lamie wanted nothing to do with Itten there. Robinson needs to bin him. Jordan White as well. Pay them up and save the club more embarrassment.
  4. We've not scored a second half goal! Robinson using his subs well.
  5. The ball has travelled 15 yards before Mugabi handles it. He is fucking hopeless.
  6. That's 8 penalties we've given away now.
  7. Definite pen. He ran out to meet it.
  8. Polworth, Lamie, Mugabe and Grimmy all need dropped. Our squad is a disgrace.
  9. You better give your 'simples' advice to Angela Merkel because Germany seem to be working from different assumptions.
  10. Looking at the first goal in the highlights we have four players lined up on the 18 yard line then Gallagher and Lamie two yards behind them. Shambolic.
  11. Pointing out that a government are influenced by upcoming elections isn't political. It applies in any country.
  12. How am i being political by acknowledging that the Scottish Government are the ones making the choices about what is allowed? Are you one those lunatics that think the SNP don't bear any responsibility for anything that happens in Scotland? Your second paragraph is just meaningless guff. People will have to self isolate for many reasons, that's part and parcel of the pandemic and a sign that the test and trace is working. The bottom line is many other countries have fans in games yet we don't.
  13. Also there are plenty of lower level English games going ahead with fans that are comparable to Highland League and Junior but I don't expect that to matter to the Scottish Government either regardless of the results.
  14. I don't think you can compare football fans coming into the stadium for 2 hours to 17 and 18 years olds leaving home and moving into halls of residences after being couped up for 6 months. The only reason that happened is because the universities need the rental money.
  15. I don't think it's irrelevant and I think there is importance and value on us all being able to do the things we enjoy and care about it. Again you say it has no value to the club but every match that is closed doors is a free match to season ticket holders when the gates reopen. We can already write off 20% of our season ticket income for 21/22. I agree that the club obviously aren't bothered about getting fans back in but considering that they have sold tickets for the fixtures they might want to try a bit harder. If football attendance started back up and there were regular clusters linked to games then there would be an argument for closing them down but making the argument before any danger is proven is once again the Scottish can't do attitude shining through. We will have plenty of evidence from Germany, France, Holland etc about transmission in stadiums soon but sadly I don't think that will make any difference to the Scottish Government as everything is about simplistic messaging with an eye on May 21 rather than evidence
  16. Aye if you take the attitude that everyone is an idiot and things are guaranteed to go wrong then there is definitely no point in trying. Typical Scottish IM Jolly attitude.
  17. I still think the biggest thing is mental. We have guys like Long and Gallagher who just can't control themselves and will let you down. You could hear them on the touchline after they came off last night as well and it's pretty obvious they aren't willing to take any responsibility. The Israelis were vicious but they clearly targeted several players and did it in positions that weren't dangerous. European games are where this gets exposed the most but it happens domestically as well. Grimshaw cost us two goals in a Scottish Cup Final and faced zero consequences. If you set low standards you'll get the results we get. Standards in terms of fitness have increased greatly since McCall and McGhee and last night and sunday showed we could hold a defensive shape but individual players still let us down with daft errors and poor decisions. The two free kicks in the first half were criminal, the ball has to go in the box to play the percentages, a well coached team doesn't make errors like that.
  18. University's going back isn't comparable at all. There aren't many similarities between sitting in the East Stand and a house party full of students. Football should be a safe activity because it's outside where transmission rates are extremely low and we can have allocated seats to ensure people are distanced. As for people moving around the country so what? It's a tiny amount in the total amount of people that are on the roads/railways for work or leisure every single day. An Old Firm season ticket holder might get a home game every 6 weeks, it's irrelevant in the scheme of things.
  19. Hopefully we are more competitive than in that preseason shafting.
  20. Robinson confirmed no reserve side this season so this boy Sam Campbell will surely be off.
  21. I'm fairly certain I made some positive comments as well. There was a lot to criticise even for a mad happy clapper like yourself.
  22. We had three chances at 11 Vs 11 which was the same as them. Considering we have guys like Grimmy, McGinlay, Lamie and Polworth playing we are doing very well to compete.
  23. It's surely that we are dumb than every single other team being street wise. We got done by part timers last week.
  24. The club should auction Jordan White's minutes to the fans to raise some money. Couldn't be any worse.
  25. Our players just don't have the mental discipline not to make stupid errors. It's piss poor coaching through the age groups through into the first team. We have done some things well but shot ourselves in the foot as we always do in Europe.

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