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  1. Only in Scotland would the guy who flew off his feet after taking a terrible touch think he was hard done by here.
  2. The worry with Lamie is that he might be one of those players that steps up his game when his contract is running out. Grimshaw mugged us twice by doing it.
  3. I suppose it depends on the options, I was hoping for Slovenia but that's probably not possible. I think we might struggle against a League of Ireland team, they usually do well in the qualifiers.
  4. There are plenty of Irish themed teams in Lanarkshire and Glasgow if that's your thing. Hopefully we actually need our passports.
  5. You can't move a UK tax liability offshore. I don't know anything about Boyle in particular but it's pretty obvious from Accies, Livi and St Johnstone that owning a Scottish football club has financial upsides beyond P/L.
  6. For it to change there would have to be public demand which won't happen without some initiative. There are three fan owned clubs in the league now who should be working together on this.
  7. The club haven't said a word about SPFL voting since the Well Society took over so we seem to agree with Aberdeen.
  8. United pipping us after selling our best player to them for buttons is annoying. We should have told Watt to play the PS5 for a few weeks and then let him decide if he fancied playing again this season.
  9. Hearts got gubbed off them last week despite having a far more expensive team out. You need to get a lot of things right to get a result away to the OF and we aren't going to manage it with Efford and Shields wandering about aimlessly up front and some joker from the Malaysian league at wing back. Hearts are getting gubbed at home to Rangers B at the moment for some perspective.
  10. Aye it's mindboggling how we end up signing these guys.
  11. Liam Donnelly giving us a nice cameo before he hopefully fucks off for good.
  12. Half the officials will still give that onside with VAR. We're not dealing with incompetence here.
  13. That linesman was guaranteed to give them an offside goal.
  14. Is Shields there for the title party? He's not kicked a ball.
  15. So many stupid errors. Niernold swinging at the ball like he's a bam drinking Bucky down the park. Dean getting the ball stuck in his feet. Carroll letting the ball drop over his shoulder. Failing to do the absolute basics.
  16. Why is Carroll not heading that? This will be 7 or 8.
  17. Cornelius made an arse of that. Disappointing as Celtic seemed to be slowing down a bit the last 5 minutes.
  18. Niernold is utter pish, surprise surprise.
  19. We are just soaking up pressure here until KVV comes on after 60 minutes and we spring into attack.
  20. steelboy


    Our first half formation made it easy for Hearts to keep possesion. We were limited by who was available and creating a few good chances with Efford and Shields up top was relatively impressive. Van Veen playing the second 45 made a big difference to the game as well. In the summer we will be looking for quality over quantity so we should hopefully see an improvement in the standard of play.
  21. Where we finish in the league only effects seeding in Q3 in terms of being above or below Dundee United. I think when I looked last night we were worse case scenario 32nd highest rank in Q2 out of 90 teams. In Q3 there are 54 teams so 27 seeds but a maximum of 9 higher seeded teams coming in at that stage. So we would need 14 higher rank teams to lose in Q2. But our coefficient will go up further if Rangers win next Wednesday and it could be as few as 6 higher ranked teams entering Q3 so it could be more favourable to us scraping a seeded spot.
  22. I don't think that's how it works. If we get knocked in the Q2 we get 350,000 EUR, if we get knocked out in Q3 we get 550,000 EUR. So entering at Q3 is more guaranteed money.
  23. steelboy


    The bizarre team selections, a style of play and tactics that that made it impossible to believe that training was going well and the lack of subs which gave the impression that we were less than fully committed during matches. The January signings weren't great either and Alexander must have known they were not what we needed. Whenever we have went off form to that extent in the past it always comes down the manager no longer being focused on the job. This squad aren't world beaters but they should never have been that bad either.
  24. Jordan White scored a belter at Ibrox last night.
  25. steelboy


    There aren't really many youths missing out. Cornelius has had his breakthrough season and is a real first team player now and Max Johnson has been playing for QOTS. Sam Campbell on the bench last night is only 18, it's not like we have 19 ,20, 21 year olds kicking their heels, most of our best prospects in that age bracket left for transfer fees. Dundee United have been played a few teenagers recently and hopefully we will take that approach with the next crop of youths who the club rate very highly. Since the January restart I had the impression that Alexander was less than 100% committed to the job and might have been looking back down south. The next few months are vital in terms of bringing in the correct quality of players, doing our best in Europe and being ready to compete for top 6 and Hampden from August rather than the transitional start we had to put up with this season. Hopefully he is focussed on that.

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