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  1. Ending the 3pm blackout would be a disaster for us.
  2. Long is a good signing for the squad. If we stick with the 4-3-3 it's going to be competitive for the centre forward position. Hopefully he starts scoring against the better sides as well as the bottom feeders. If it is 5 subs next season then there should be more game time for everyone and hopefully opportunities to blood Semple and Cornelius.
  3. Toilets are open in shops and have been a the way through. If people are worried about toilets don't scud 6 pints before the game!
  4. We have been overdue a switch from quantity to quality. £200,000 seems like a lot of money in terms of a one off payment but all the duds we have signed over the past few years will have cost us way more. Also when people are throwing around transfer figures from the 90s you have to remember inflation and that the clubs turnover has increased greatly since then. In real terms even if Lang costs that much it's still less than Andy Roddie. It's easy to think that it's still the 90s when you are in the East Stand listening to Oasis and the Stone Roses but it was 20+ years ago!
  5. 13 is normally a goalie. I don't think we've had an outfield 13.
  6. Given that he has been completely silent (unlike other board members) on the current controversy you'd have to guess that he doesn't have full confidence in their actions.
  7. If you are on 200 grand a year for four years you can probably afford to lease a nice motor as well as pay your parents' mortgage off.
  8. Hastie still outscored Hylton and Seedorf last season in league goals despite only making 10 appearances.
  9. Hastie confirmed. There won't be any fans to boo him untill at least October anyway and probably longer if Sturgeon has anything to do with it.
  10. Anyone in a neighbourhood WhatsApp chat is a complete ghoul. The club should help Jake move somewhere less bigoted than Larkhall.
  11. Americans aren't buying Scottish clubs out of the goodness of their hearts they obviously want to make some money out of it.
  12. O'Hara was superb when he got up to speed but I'd rather we spent whatever cash we have on guys who can play in our front three. We have four senior centre mids plus Cornelius and Semple. I don't want to be watching shite like Ilic and Manzinga again.
  13. Who would have thought that handing titles to teams who didn't win them and relegating clubs that didn't deserve to be relegated would cause problems! Burrows hasn't mentioned anything to do with this in months. He obviously knows the SPFL have fucked it.
  14. Having Mugabi under contract and releasing Tait is absolutely chronic planning. We have wasted a fortune on dross like Ndjoli and Manzinga and now we have to release good servants.
  15. That's terrible news. He seemed like a great guy. It was the Irn Bru cup but his goal and celebration against Ross County were superb.
  16. steelboy

    Season Tickets

    People with serious illnesses will have to self isolate for their own health regardless. There have been less than 700 Covid deaths of u45s in the UK (and only 2 u16s). Given the size of the u45 population the risk is effectively zero for those without underlying conditions. These are tiny numbers despite millions of people still being at work and no strict lockdown. You can pretty much guarantee that for u45s the lockdown will have caused far more issues in terms of suicides, mental health, alcohol abuse, poverty, domestic abuse than Covid. The general lockdown was necessary for the first outbreak but as we go forward with more data then it should be tailored to protect at risk groups.
  17. steelboy

    Season Tickets

    Looking at the stats there is close to zero risk for u45s without underlying morbidities so I think the government are going to have a hard time justifying extreme social distancing for 60 million people for an indefinite amount of time once the current curve flattens. We should be aiming to play as normal starting in August and change that if there is a second wave of infections.
  18. steelboy

    Season Tickets

    At least they are offering a refund unlike the robbing travel companies who can apparently just keep people's money if they want to.
  19. steelboy

    Season Tickets

    There is a lot of talk of playing behind closed doors. It won't be solely up to MFC but it would be better if they at least communicated a position on this and the impact on season tickets.
  20. The issue with furloughing players is that we can't issue them diets or training plans. If we furloughed them they could come back a stone overweight and we would just need to accept it. I don't think our current squad would rip the piss but I think with our ownership model they will be reluctant to furlough players while expecting them to stay fit. On the other hand I've no doubt that some clubs *cough* Livi *cough* Accies will be furloughing but still illegally keeping tabs on their players.
  21. I don't think anyone is furloughing players. I'm not even sure if you can as they are contractors?
  22. steelboy

    91 CUP FINAL

    I hated John Clark back in the 90s when he was at Falkirk. Him and Stevie Fulton in the same team was horrible.
  23. Hearts becoming Barnsley's feeder team would be incredible. We are safe from this kind of shite due to fan ownership.
  24. Being deputy Chief Economist at RBS in 2008 surely isn't something to brag about. It only cost taxpayers £24 billion and led to austerity.
  25. www.newscientist.com/article/2237259-why-dont-children-seem-to-get-very-ill-from-the-coronavirus

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