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    91 CUP FINAL

    I hated John Clark back in the 90s when he was at Falkirk. Him and Stevie Fulton in the same team was horrible.
  2. Hearts becoming Barnsley's feeder team would be incredible. We are safe from this kind of shite due to fan ownership.
  3. Hopefully he remembers he is a footballer and not a weightlifter/crossfitter! I think his dip in form was definitely down to too much non football training. Having him back on form recently was a big boost. Hopefully he gets a new contract sorted.
  4. Celtic and Rangers also got £395,000 so I don't think it means much from that perspective. 4-12 all got £157,500. My prediction is the season will be void and there will be no European competitions next season. They will possibly try and finish this seasons.
  5. The EPL will hopefully call their bluff and say they pay in full or they go to Amazon or even a direct service. Then we get our cash as well. Sky desperately need football.
  6. The TV companies are probably trying to wriggle out of paying.
  7. I haven't bothered with a Season Ticket for the past couple of years but I'll definitely get one when they are released to support the club through the spring and summer so hopefully we can get back to playing this year.
  8. Being deputy Chief Economist at RBS in 2008 surely isn't something to brag about. It only cost taxpayers £24 billion and led to austerity.
  9. It's strange because they have a high percentage of season ticket holders so they won't be losing much gate money. Budge is probably just applying the techniques that made her a multi millionaire. Why pay people more than you have to?
  10. There are still big problems with how clubs would budget to sign players in June if they don't know what league they are going to be in after 8 games. It will also be difficult to sell season tickets when we are still on 19/20 which will again impact budgets.
  11. A reporter on 5 Live (Roddy Something) is saying that the SPFL are keen to follow whatever decision the EPL make as they feel it will protect them from criticism from clubs who want different outcomes.
  12. www.newscientist.com/article/2237259-why-dont-children-seem-to-get-very-ill-from-the-coronavirus
  13. I'm fairly relaxed about it and enjoyed how quiet the gym was this morning but even with a 0.5% it's a big threat to auto immune compromised people and the elderly. No one wants to infect their family or friends. People just need to weigh up their risks and do what they can to support vulnerable family members. The good thing is it doesn't effect children which is hugely fortunate and has probably stopped out right panic.
  14. The one thing that has to be done is to split the prize money equally between the 12 teams to help cover losses.
  15. Every employer has that but the vast majority of people were still at work today and will be throughout. The strain on services argument makes sense but not right now when there are less than 100 confirmed cases. It's been put off for PR reasons.
  16. A lot of clubs won't be able to afford to play with no income.
  17. There won't be fewer cases than there are currently for a long time. The peak is supposedly 12 weeks away. Even if we get back at the end of May that's a longer break than we have in the summer so teams will presumably need some preseason.
  18. There's no god forbid. 70% of people will get it this year it doesn't matter where from. You can't beat this kind of virus. The government didn't advise them to put it off either.
  19. They have obviously called it off due to fears about public perception rather than the actual risk factor involved. 60 confirmed cases in Scotland with an upper estimate of 1000. The chances of coming into contact with it at Fir Park tonight (or even Ibrox on Sunday) would be miniscule.
  20. Pubs are still open! Trains and buses were full this morning and will be again on Monday.
  21. As I said I don't see how it's safe to open Ikea - as an example - but not Fir Park. Football matches are drop in the ocean in terms of total contacts.
  22. Sturgeon said yesterday that games aren't unsafe at all. Buchanan Galleries, Silverburn, Braehead, every supermarket, every gym, every school, every work place all open. But 5000 people in the open air at Fir Park is far more dangerous. It's nonsense.
  23. Game off. Have to copy everything England do. Absolutely pathetic.
  24. The talk is that with Euro 2020 being suspended they might try and finish those tournaments in June. Finishing leagues looks extremely unlikely so we can expect a full Celtic meltdown and Accies survive again. Dundee United will be screwed as well which is nice.
  25. It hasn't stemmed the tide in Italy at all.

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