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  1. Just for weakening the squad in January when we were aiming for Europe and a good cup run. Why? Having to play guys like Manzinga and MacIver is criminal.
  2. The January window killed us. Thank you Burrows.
  3. He's got a deal for next season! Too risky to offer Hastie a contract but that joke gets one.
  4. I think with Bowman he hadn't really done enough to justify a new contract so it was better to part ways. The only problem is that Robinson and Burrows forgot they were meant to replace him so we are up shit creek. He definitely improved during his time here so I wouldn't rule out that he has stepped up another level since leaving.
  5. As well as Murphy scoring big Hutchy got the winner away to Preston, Jutkiewicz scored against Brentford and Bowman scored the winner in 3-2 win for Exeter.
  6. We are playing Accies away next Saturday. Cup quarter is in two weeks.
  7. I've got the feeling that we will put more effort into getting the Cup game on.
  8. Watching another game in a storm would have been miserable. Good decision.
  9. It probably boosted our support at Dundee.
  10. Anyone can get injured at any time. Saying that Scott would be injured if he was still at Fir Park makes no sense though. I wonder what Ndjoli's injury is?
  11. I'm mixed up because I'm looking at Soccerbase and they have his card on the first day as a yellow but it was upgraded to a red. So last night was his 6th yellow and he'll miss the Ross County game along with Donnelly.
  12. I think Carroll is suspended for this. Going 3-5-2 for a home game against St Mirren would not be a positive step. We don't have the wide players for it.
  13. The wheels are well and truly coming off. Our January business was a disaster.
  14. 12 bookings in 20 league games for the bold Donnelly. He will be suspended for the Ross County and Hearts games.
  15. 3 goals in 5 games for Murphy at Burton. Going by the media we were obviously interested in him but Gerrard probably preferred getting him out of Scotland in case he outperforms his collection of duff wingers.
  16. It's listed on the official site as live video. I can see a nil nil here. The temperature is forecast to be freezing by kick off. Not exactly an enticing fixture.
  17. There is no way they actually cost us money. That was just Dempster talking shite.
  18. Having a look around people seem to think that due to other fixtures it's likely to be Hibs vs ICT Friday night, Hearts vs Rangers Saturday lunchtime, Us/Midden vs Sheep/Killie Sunday lucntime, Saints vs Celtic Sunday afternoon.
  19. This should be a good motivator for the replay. A home QF is a great carrot. I think I read that all four QFs are on TV so we might get the Saturday night slot again.
  20. He looks like Paul Hartley's love child so he should do well there.
  21. Gillespie made a great save in the first half to keep us ahead and even better one when the whistle had already blown.
  22. It was a decent strike in the corner. The issue was the time and space the guy had in our box. Donnelly the culprit I thought. Lack of quality killed us. We had a 20 minute period in the second half where we were dominating but didn't have any cutting edge. Taking off O'Hara rather than Polworth was a big error.
  23. I doubt he's on a huge deal more than he was here. Also Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.
  24. The site says that the signing bonus is included in that figure split across the contract. When you look at the wages of his teammates he is clearly at it. They have 13 players on more than $350,000 a year including 6 on more than 800k and Cadden goes and signs for relative buttons. Some agent he's got..... Oxford may have been paying him more but they aren't now.

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