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  1. Aye Hibs are horrific at crosses. Porteous is the most over rated player in the league.
  2. SOD actually gave up during that game. Took no responsibility on the ball and let cross field passes he could have tried to control go out. Never a captain. Second season in a row we have had an imposter with the armband.
  3. He played Goss on the right which is weak side and Slattery on the left which is his weak side. Grimmy has two weak sides so he naturally goes in the middle.
  4. He showed last season he can be a good keeper for us but he seems like he's struggling mentally just now due to all the errors. We are stuck with him anyway so hopefully he can sort it. That goal he seemed more interested in claiming for something than saving the shot.
  5. McGinley is one of the worst players we've had. Liam Kelly is pish.
  6. We deserved that. 4 decent set piece deliveries in a row put major pressure on. We can't afford to waste them.
  7. O'Donnell needs to GTF. He clearly doesn't want to play for us.
  8. Carroll needs to be in the team just for set pieces.
  9. Grimmy actually ran away from making tackle near the centre spot there.
  10. Grimmy is a complete joke of a footballer. He plays as if only his only aim is to hide how shite he is.
  11. O'Donnell and Kelly maintaining their good form. Nathan McGinley is doing absolutely nothing in attack or defence.
  12. 10/11 from last week. Grimmy and Goss must been good boys during the week.
  13. I'll take a point on Saturday. If Big Sondre is fit get him in the team. Get Carroll back in because McGinley is a headless chicken when he steps over halfway and we need set piece delivery.
  14. Big Bevis. Our top performer this season but I'd put him back to right back bring in big Sol and give SOD some time on the bench.
  15. He either charged out aimlessly when they had the ball near the halfway line or hid beside the back 4 when we were under pressure. Second game in a row we've improved massively after he went off.
  16. The penalty decision confirmed Celtic getting away with murder. I didn't think I'd ever see a worse decision than the previous Bolingoli handball at Fir Park but there you go. We were pish but the pair of shitebags in black made a two goal swing in a 2-0 game.
  17. Not sure how Grimmy stays in the team after Tynecastle. More of a natural 4-5-1 which should suit us better as KVV was useless on the left against Hearts. Hopefully Liam Kelly makes up for a fortnight ago with a clean sheet.
  18. Either you conclude that this shite Celtic team are by far commiting the least propotion of bad fouls in the whole of Europe while also commiting a large number of fouls per game. Or you conclude that refs are letting them away with murder. Which do you think is more likely?
  19. I was shown some stats at work today that Celtic are being treated far more leniently than other teams by the refs. When Collum previously reffed them this season they managed to commit 18 fouls and the solitary booking they got was Soro in the 86th minute. They are averaging 14 fouls per card against 8 fouls per card for teams playing them. We on the other hand are the most harshly dealt with team in the league. To compare that to something outside of Scotland West Ham have the highest fouls per card in the EPL at 10 fouls per card then it's Chelsea at 8. Italy is AC Milan on 9. Spain is Sociedad on 8.4. Germany is Bayern Munich on 12 then RB Leipzig on 10.
  20. Grimshaw kept on running over to right back in the first half yesterday which left us two men short in midfield rather than one. He stayed more central in the second half so he obviously got pulled up about it. I saw SOD giving them pelters as well at the start of the second half.
  21. Not getting it. Set up a wee advice stall outside the Roseburn tomorrow.
  22. You need photo ID to activate the app. The Scottish Government said the app would be available. It's on them.
  23. The issue is the app doesn't work for a lot of people and you can't use it unless you have photo ID.
  24. I'd bring Carroll in tomorrow but apart from that same team. It's my first away game since the St Mirren cup tie in the pouring rain, cannot wait. Hearts have said everyone with a ticket gets in tommorow regardless of the disaster app. Good decision otherwise it would be chaos outside. The genuises that decided to launch an App largely for football and nightclubs on a Thursday night no doubt earn a small fortune.
  25. Strachan could be the first man to work for three different clubs in the bottom six at the same time.

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