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  1. alanhutton

    Robert Jarvie

    No,different Jaffa.
  2. This whole 'Scotland needs Rangers' really does ma tits in.If a said 'newco' came about and they were put in the 3rd division,what's the problem? OK,we would lose the TV deal(the pitance,in comparison,it is) which the old squirm already take a hefty chunk.So a lesser deal,more evenly spread could benifit everyone apart from Celtic.Clubs would have to tighten there belts(something we have been doing for years) forcing young SCOTTISH kids into first team football.Rangers huge support also filltering through the 3rd division,possibly 2nd the season after etc.The SPL might have to take a hit standard wise for 5-6 seasons but could benifit everyone,including the SFL clubs and the national squad in the long run.Ultimatley leading to a better TV deal due to a more competitive league.Then follow the German model regarding pricing(56,000 at B,Gladbach v Shalke last week)then everthing's sorted.just like that.OK,i might be pished.
  3. Don't think it will happen myself but as long as we don't resort to knocking long balls forward over the top for our loan stricker to chase.p.s. well done Jamie!
  4. Don't think he's signing!I heard a whisper that Man City were ready to offer him £225,000 a week after reading this thread.
  5. alanhutton

    Game On Tv

    i think its 1-1. penalty
  6. alanhutton

    Game On Tv

    90 mins up. blow your whistle ref ffs!
  7. alanhutton

    Game On Tv

    sell out,my arse. 8,450. hopefully we can better that. well we can dream.
  8. alanhutton

    Game On Tv

    TBH I would have taken 1-1,even a 2-1 defeat before KO. But i'll take this just fine.
  9. alanhutton

    Game On Tv

    .i'll make do with my legal regal. just noticed i'm steelmens' no. 9 .my real name is Estaban Casagolda!
  10. alanhutton

    Game On Tv

    i'm doing the exact same mate.

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